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18th of December

Site Updated!

I've finally updated the site after a couple of months. I've had a few problems uploading things, but it's all sorted now. Hope you like the slight Christmassy update too!. Not as mad as a few years ago!, but it's nice to give the the site a more festive look!.


17th of December

Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' Preview #2

As promised, a second preview from the Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' CD release.

This week it's the classic Erasure song 'Stop!' and you can listen to it via one of the following audio streams:



Real Media

Windows Media


BBC Radio Wales 'In Concert' - Erasure

BBC Radio Wales 'In Concert' series is featuring Erasure on the Saturday 29th December edition at 18:30.

BBC Radio Wales is available via AM/FM radio (Wales only), Freeview (719), Virgin Media (931), Sky Digital (0117), DAB Digital radio and online.


Yazoo - Web & MySpace Sites

Currently under construction is an official Yazoo MySpace page and website. Check both sites early next year for updates.

Between you and me both, I strongly suggest that if you are a Yazoo fan that you sign up to the Yazoo e-mail newsletter (which is also launching early next year.) You can do so via the Yazoo website.

Yazoo Website:

Yazoo MySpace:

Yazoo 'Top Of The Pops 2'

The UK digital television channel 'Dave' is showing an edition of "Top Of The Pops 2" featuring a classic performance by Yazoo, and are repeating it quite a few times during December.

Times: 11:00 (15th Dec), 08:00 (16th Dec), 10:30, 14:30 & 18:00 (28th Dec).

'Dave' is available via: Freeview (19), Virgin Media (126) and Sky Digital (111).


Erasure Forum - Planned Maintenance

The Erasure Forum will be off-line on the 15th & 16th of December for maintenance.

Just to make it clear, you only have to join the forum if you wish to post / reply to messages on the forum - it has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to receive these Erasure E-Mail newsletters. Forum accounts which are not used for posting messages are deleted on a semi-regular basis.




Erasure Information Service



2nd of December

Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' Exclusive Audio Sample

The eagerly anticipated CD release of Erasure's performance at the Royal Albert Hall draws near, so it's time for a little audio taster...

The song for this week is 'I Could Fall In Love With You', one of the highlights from this years 'Light At The End Of The World' album.

You can listen to the song via one of the following audio streams:

Windows Media:

Real Media:


or by visiting the Erasure MySpace site:


You can also view the artwork for the CD within the news page at


The 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' DVD will be released next year. Both the CD and the DVD can be ordered from 'Live Here Now' online via:


A 'Thank You' from 'Valerie Chalmers'

And speaking of live shows, this brings us nicely onto a message from the delightful Valerie Chalmers, who will be familiar with many of you for providing backing vocals on many Erasure tours ('Light At The End Of The World', 'True Colors', 'Acoustic', 'Erasure Show', 'Other Tour', 'Wild!'.)

"I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU to Vince and Andy.

Every time I work with them, it always gives me such pleasure... It's an honour and privilege to work with the most brilliant musical geniuses on this planet, amazing people!

I always see that their music is not about rules, colour of one's skin, race, creed or sexuality, it's ageless.

It's about freedom of speech, peace and harmony or what you believe in... it doesn't discriminate, it's for the masses.

I have too many favourites, their music has so many textures and dynamics - it's colourful, harmonious, it's multifaceted - I suppose like a diamond!!! It touches every mood... I love it!

And secondly thank you to all Erasure fans I spoke to on the tour, lovely kind people. It was great seeing the fans who have followed and grown with Vince and Andy all these years and who now have families, young children who are also following the music - it's wonderful!

Thanks once again Erasure for giving me many musically glorious years!!

Val xxx"

Thank you Val!

Erasure Fan Gallery Updated

Several hundred additional photos have been added to the fan photo galleries.

Updated sections include Light At The End Of The World Tour, The Erasure Show, Red Hot & Dance, EIS'04 and Saturn Markt Signing.


'The Lee Mack Show Series 2' Now On iTunes

The previously announced series 2 release of 'The Lee Mack Show' on CD (which features various guests including Andy Bell and Alison Moyet) is now available via iTunes:

Andy is featured on the third episode, performing "Sometimes", "A Little Respect" and "One Way Or Another". Alison is on the fifth episode, whose performances include "Only You" and "Almost Blue".


Alison Moyet - 'The Turn'

And speaking of Alison Moyet, her latest album 'The Turn' was released in October, with the second single 'A Guy Like You' being released just the other day. Details of live dates are available on her official website and MySpace site.


Amazon UK:



By the way, did anyone catch the US Billboard magazine article ("Inside Track") a couple of weeks back which mentioned that it is the 25th anniversary of Yazoo's 'Upstairs at Eric's' album next year? Doesn't time fly? Well worth read if you can track it down.

Which Was Your Favourite 2007 Non-Album Release?

A poll has been setup within the Erasure Forum for you to vote on your favourite 2007 Erasure non-album release.

What does that mean exactly?

Well it is not a poll to vote for your individual favourite song, b-side or particular mix, but rather which of the three releases offered the best combination of b-sides / mixes / digital releases / formats for you. Did you prefer extended or club mixes? Multiple single formats or an EP. Did the exclusive mixes available via iTunes etc interest you? Were the formats value for money?

So give your opinions below as to what you liked and disliked about the releases and which was your favourite.


The poll runs for 30 days, so make sure you give your opinon soon.

'All Through The Years Again' (Unofficial Fan Convention)

--- Please note that the below is not an EIS event ---

Back in 1998 a die-hard bunch of 120 or so Erasure fans descended on the Gateway Hotel in Nottingham for "All Through The Years In One Night" - the first full-size unofficial Erasure fans convention.

In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this event, a second event is being organised in Nottingham to celebrate 'An Evening Of Erasure' and go 'All Through The Years Again!'

For further details see: www:

Or contact Ewan via:

--- Please note that the above is not an EIS event ---

Until next week!


Erasure Information Service



1st of November

'Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure' CD/DVD - Out Now

'Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure' 2 CD & 1 DVD edition is out this week.

This 3 disc set featuring 20 classic Erasure singles, a full-length megamix CD by Mark Towns plus a DVD containing 35 promotional videos.

Track listing:

CD 1 "Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure"

01 Oh L'Amour

02 Sometimes

03 Victim Of Love

04 Ship Of Fools

05 Chains Of Love

06 A Little Respect

07 Stop!

08 Blue Savannah

09 Chorus

10 Love To Hate You

11 Breath Of Life

12 Lay All Your Love On Me

13 Take A Chance On Me

14 Voulez Vous

15 Always

16 Stay With Me

17 In My Arms

18 Freedom

19 Solsbury Hill

20 Oh L'Amour (August Mix)

CD 2 "Mark Towns Megamix"

01 Stay With Me

02 You Surround Me

03 In My Arms

04 Solsbury Hill

05 A Little Respect

06 Chains Of Love

07 Take A Chance On Me

08 Love To Hate You

09 Stop!

10 Victim Of Love

11 Blue Savannah

12 Always

13 Freedom

14 Chorus

15 Oh L'Amour

16 Breath Of Life

17 Sometimes

18 Ship Of Fools

DVD "Hits! The Videos"

01 Who Needs Love (Like That)

02 Heavenly Action

03 Oh L'Amour

04 Sometimes

05 It Doesn't Have To Be

06 Victim Of Love

07 The Circus

08 Ship Of Fools

09 Chains Of Love

10 A Little Respect

11 Stop!

12 Drama!

13 You Surround Me

14 Chorus

15 Star

16 Chorus

17 Love To Hate You

18 Am I Right?

19 Breath Of Life

20 Lay All Your Love On Me

21 S.O.S.

22 Take A Chance On Me

23 Voulez Vous

24 Always

25 Run To The Sun

26 I Love Saturday

27 Stay With Me

28 Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)

29 Rock Me Gently

30 In My Arms

31 Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me

32 Rain

33 Freedom

34 Solsbury Hill

35 Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

This release should be available from most large music retailers - two examples are linked to below:

Amazon UK:

Mute Bank:

Family Fantastic - 'Wonderful' - Out Now

The highly anticipated second Family Fantastic album 'Wonderful' is available now as a digital download.

It stars Daphne Diamant, James Gray, Phil Creswick and featuring Vince Clarke and Nick Carter.

Track listing:

01 So Sentimental

02 Cargo Cult

03 Boom Boom

04 Falling

05 Hold Me

06 Shimmy Shimmy

07 Southern Hemisphere Girl

08 Somewhere

09 Wonderful

10 Lullaby

"Simple but beautiful melodies and so catchy...Divine!"

(iTunes Review)


'The Lee Mack Show Series 2' CD (Featuring Andy Bell)

To be released in November is the complete second series (six episodes) of the BBC Radio 2 series "The Lee Mack Show".

Taking part in the manic mix of sketches and stand-up are special musical guests former Spice Girl Melanie C, ABC's Martin Fry, Erasure's Andy Bell, Jamelia, Alison Moyet and Level 42's Mark King. Lee is also joined by comedians Andrew Maxwell, Phil Nichol, Jason Byrne, John Hegley, Mark Watson and Will Smith.

For further details and to order, see:

- BBC Shop:

- Amazon UK:

BBC Two - Mastermind

Erasure fan Katie Bramall will feature on an upcoming edition of the quiz 'Mastermind', with her specialist subject being Erasure!

"Host John Humphrys invites four contenders to answer questions in the famous black chair. Subjects for this edition are The Naval Career of Nelson and Collingwood, Life and Works of Primo Levi, Erasure and the Life and Career of Sir Richard Attenborough."

Date: Monday 5th November

Time: 19:30 - 20:00

Channel: BBC Two


Katie interviewed Andy & Vince back in 1999 for the original EIS 'Circus' Convention:


Erasure Website - Gallery Updated

Another 100+ photos have been added to the gallery. I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who has submitted photos over the past few months (and of course to everyone who has submitted photos since the gallery was introduced!)

There are still quite a few more photos to upload - these will be added in the next week or so.


Erasure Website - Snappy Dresser

Andy and Vince need to get ready for their live performance on stage - can you choose a costume for them?

Create a costume with all the correct items and you will be presented with a video clip of them wearing the costume on stage.




Erasure Information Service



5th of October

'Storm Chaser' - Out Now (North America)

The fantastic new Erasure release 'Storm Chaser' is out now in North America, and is available as a 9 track EP or as a 11 track digital download.

Links to several US retailers are below:

- 'Storm Chaser' 9 Track CD Release - ($5.97) : ($7.98) :

- 'Storm Chaser' 11 Track Digital Release -

iTunes ($6.99) : MP3 ($5.97) :

The UK iTunes digital release of 'Storm Chaser' has been doing pretty well. At the time of writing it has been in the iTunes Store "Top 10 Albums" chart for over a week:


Erasure Photo Gallery - Updated

The Erasure fan photo gallery has been updated with around two hundred additional photos.

Some of the photo categories are a little light on photos, particularly for recent events such as the 'Electric Picnic Festival' and 'The True Colors Tour', as well as older tours such as 'The Innocents' and 'The Circus'.

If you have any photos from these events then it would be great to include them within the gallery. Email them to: and include details of who the photos should be credited to and where they were taken.


Erasure European Tour Podcast - Updated

Vince Clarke has sent over the latest MP3 (number 10) for the European Tour Podcast:


EIS - Change Of Address

The paint is still wet, not everything has been unpacked (although Andy's gold codpiece takes pride and place on the shelf) and internet access won't be enabled until Monday, but it's good to be here. What am I taking about? Yes the Erasure Information Service moved into it's new (permanent) office this week. This means there is a new postal address from today.

Postal Address:

Erasure Information Service

1 Albion Place



W6 0QT



Erasure Information Service



28th of September

Storm Chaser - Out Now (UK / Europe)

Out now in the UK, Europe and beyond is 'Storm Chaser', the new Erasure EP which features new, extended and remixed versions of songs from the album 'Light At The End Of The World' as well as an exclusive track that features guest vocals from Cyndi Lauper. The North American release date for 'Storm Chaser' is the 2nd October.

It is available on three formats - a nine track CD, a two track 7" vinyl picture disc and as an eleven track digital download.

Track Listing:

- CD -

1. Storm In A Teacup [Single Version]

2. Sucker For Love [Extended Mix]

3. Golden Heart [GRN's 'Golden Glow' Radio Edit]

4. Early Bird-Feat. Cyndi Lauper

5. Storm In A Teacup [Koishii & Hush Club Mix]

6. Sucker For Love [DJ Manolo Remix]

7. Storm In A Teacup [Extended Mix]

8. When A Lover Leaves You [Oscar Salguero Remix]

9. Glass Angel [The Equalatrial Mix]

- Digital Bonus Tracks -

10. Golden Heart [GRN's Golden Glow Remix]

11. When a Lover Leaves You [GRN Remix]

- 7" Vinyl Picture Disc -

1. Storm In A Teacup [Single Version]

2. Sucker For Love [Edit]

The cheapest place to purchase the beautifully designed physical formats (CD and 7" vinyl picture disc) seems to be online via Mute Bank - follow the link below. High street stores such as Virgin Megastores, HMV etc are of course also stocking this release.

Mute Bank:


Storm Chaser - Digital Release

The eleven track digital download version of 'Storm Chaser' is *currently* available for an absolutely bargain price for £1.99 from iTunes and £1.50 from MSN Music.

No that is not a typo - that's 11 tracks (over 60mins worth) of Erasure material available for less than £2.00

If you have ever needed a reason to try out digital downloads, it is an absolute no brainer to buy 'Storm Chaser' at this price - seriously do it now!

The MSN Music store only works on a Windows based PC, however iTunes works on both a Mac and a Windows PC - and the downloaded 'DRM free' music files from iTunes can work on nearly all mp3 players / iPods / can be burnt to CDs etc. (Sorry for all the technical lingo.)


iTunes Software:

MSN Music:

Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' - CD & DVD

Erasure's recent live performance at London's Royal Albert Hall is to be released on audio CD & Digital Download from November and on DVD in the New Year.

You can pre-order these releases at a special discounted price online. Anyone pre-ordering the CD/DVD bundle will also receive an exclusive limited edition poster.

For further information visit:


European Tour Podcast - Updated

Vince Clarke continues to add more podcasts - download the MP3's here:


'Storm Chaser' - E-Card

A 'Storm Chaser' E-Card is available online:


You can here one of the tracks from this new release, and e-mail it on to people that you think might be interested in the release.

An additional track can also be heard at the Erasure MySpace site:


Stephen Fry - HIV & Me

There has been a change of plan to the television programme 'Stephen Fry - HIV & Me', which was previously reported to be featuring Andy Bell openly talking about his experiences of living with HIV.

As the series developed and the editing progressed, the series became much more about how everyday people live with the virus rather than being about celebrities, therefore Andy will no longer appear.

The series is due to be broadcast in the UK on BBC TWO at 21.00 on Monday 1st October and Monday 8th October.



Erasure Information Service



17th of September

Storm Chaser - 'Sucker For Love (Extended Mix)' Preview

Another Friday, another 'Storm Chaser' preview for you. I'm in the mood for love... so this weeks clip is taken from 'Sucker For Love (Extended Mix)'.

Windows Media:

Real Media:


 'Storm Chaser' is released in the UK / Europe on the 24th September (and North America in October) on CD, vinyl and download and can be pre-ordered from HMV and Mute Bank (amongst other retailers.)


Mute Bank:

MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 - Vote For Erasure

The 14th annual MTV Europe Music Awards is taking place on the 1st November.

One of the award categories is "Inter Act", where you can vote on which band you think has been most interactive with fans and online.

In the past twelve months there has been Erasure related blogs / podcasts / exclusive audio & video clips / remix competitions / fan photos included in an Erasure video etc, therefore it would be great if you could all vote for Erasure.

You can vote at the following site:


Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' CD / DVD

Erasure's forthcoming live performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 25th September is to be released on CD and download from November and on DVD in the new year.

You can pre-order both these releases now at a discounted price. Anyone pre-ordering the CD/DVD bundle will also receive an exclusive limited edition poster.

For further information and prices visit: www:

Erasure European Tour Podcast Updated

Vince Clarke continues to update the "Erasure European Tour Podcast" - or EETP for short!

You can download the MP3's here:

Or via iTunes: www:

"Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure" Re-Release

29th October sees the release of a re-packaged version of Erasure's 'best of' collection - "Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure".

 Containing 3 discs, it features:

 1) CD 1 - 20 classic Erasure songs

2) CD 2 - 18 Erasure songs mixed together (mixed by Mark Towns)

3) DVD - The first 35 Erasure videos

For the full track listing see: www:

There are actually two versions of this release, each having different packaging:

- Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure [DVD Packaging] - Cat No: XMUTEL10 / 5099950840526

- Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure [CD Packaging] - Cat No: LXMUTEL10 / 5099950838127

Both contain exactly the same contents of 2 CDs and 1 DVD - different territories / shops may prefer to stock one type of packaging over the other.

The DVD contained in the above "Hits!" box set is region locked to regions 2-6, however it is encoded in the NTSC (US / Canada / Japan) TV format. Although modern TV/ DVD combinations in the UK & Europe should be multi-standard and play back NTSC DVDs without problems, it can not be guaranteed. If I recall correctly, some UK / European game consoles play back NTSC DVDs in black & white, and older DVD players / televisions may also have problems.

Erasure Interviews

With the tour continuing in the UK, local press have been conducting interviews with Andy & Vince:

"Both myself and Andy were in very good headspaces so hopefully some of that optimism comes across"

[Lancashire Evening Post]


"This album is to show people that our pop isn't finished. It's saying we can still do it, we can still write great songs."

[Newcastle Evening Chronicle]


"There really ought to be pop's version of a blue plaque to mark Manchester's part in the pinnacle of Erasure's career."

[Manchester Evening News]


Erasure Concert Reviews

 ...and there have been many positive reviews of the recent live shows:

"And what a knees up it was: hit after hit was met by a wildly enthusiastic audience....Bell's voice has always been one of pop's strongest and he did deliver the goods..."

[Manchester Evening News]


"...the result was one of the best gigs, in terms of atmosphere and music, you are likely to see there in a long time..."

[Newcastle Evening Chronicle]


 "...Erasure easily proved they still enjoy what they do. More importantly, they still do it well. Just looking at Bell cavorting around the stage would likely tire even the fittest person, and his vocals remain absolute perfection."

[Edinburgh Evening News]


Plus an article in the 'Lancashire Evening Post' regarding Ray and Kath Sutton, who contacted the EIS with a wish to meet and thank the band:

 "Ray and Kath Sutton, from Cop Lane, Penwortham, were reunited with singer Andy Bell who supported the couple with kind words and sympathy as they waited for a flight to New York in 2005. They were revisiting the children's camp their son had worked at before a horrific 30ft fall from a building led to his death. Bell, 43, also phoned them personally to invite them to a USA Erasure concert.

They were so grateful and were desperate to meet and thank the popsters on their trip to Lancashire - and their dream came true last night.

They met Andy and synth maestro Vince Clarke backstage and told them about progress with charity Sutty's Shooting Stars, set up in memory of Carl."

[Lancashire Evening Post]


Onetwo - UK & Europe Tour Support

A few people have been asking who the support artist for Erasure in the UK are - they are "Onetwo" who comprise of Paul Humphreys (OMD) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda, Act). Onetwo released their superb debut album 'Instead' a couple of months ago. Further details on Onetwo can be found at their website and MySpace sites.





Erasure Information Service



12th of September

'Sucker For Love (DJ Manolo Mix)' Preview

Another 'Storm Chaser' preview for you this week. Clips are chosen to either represent the track as a whole, or to leave you wanting more... This weeks clip is 'Sucker For Love (DJ Manolo Mix)'.


Real Media

Windows Media

And of course the the above links are also within the 'News' pages:


'Storm Chaser' is released in the UK / Europe on the 24th September (and North America in October) and can be pre-ordered from:


Mute Bank:

'Sometimes - A Life Of Love, Loss & Erasure' - By Paul Hickey

This long awaited extraordinary book chronicles Paul and Andy's spectacular rise to prominence with Erasure's early hit albums and offers a vicarious look at the parties, glamour, and exclusive lifestyle it enabled.

But it was also a lifestyle of dangerous excess, which ultimately resulted in a potentially fatal episode for Paul in a luxury Los Angeles hotel. A massive stroke rendered him paralysed and unable to speak, and it was unclear it he would be able to recover.

Hospitalised, Paul was faced with an uncertain future, unsure which, if any, of his faculties would return. Unable to talk Paul had no choice but to reflect on his life and was reduced to communicating with typed notes.

Yet the more he typed, the more he recovered, slowly giving birth to this book. By doing so Paul re-engages the world world, celebrates in the love and support of his family, friends, and most importantly, Andy.

For further information visit Paul Hickey's MySpace site at: www:

Snoring & Vocal Training - Latest Podcast

Vince has made available his second tour podcast, where the band and crew visit one of the UK's first service stations, and we eavesdrop on Andy and the backing singers doing their vocal exercises.




Use the 'www' link for your browser and the 'rss' link for podcast capable software. In addition you can now find the podcast within the iTunes store - the link is also above.

'Wonderful' by Family Fantastic

Back in 2000, Family Fantastic released an album entitled 'Nice!', a pastiche of 70s disco classics which featured the talents of Vince Clarke, Phil Creswick, Jason Creasey, Val Chalmers and Emma Whittle.

Now sees the highly anticipated second Family Fantastic album 'Wonderful' nearing release, starring Daphne Diamant, James Gray, Phil Creswick and featuring Vince Clarke and Nick Carter.

'Wonderful' track listing:

1 So Sentimental

2 Cargo Cult

3 Boom Boom

4 Falling

5 Hold Me

6 Shimmy Shimmy

7 Southern Hemisphere Girl

8 Somewhere

9 Wonderful

10 Lullaby

Look out for it's release towards the end of October on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster, and you can see the artwork within the 'News' section of

Further details plus an exciting competition will be revealed soon...


Correction To Earlier News Story

Just a quick correction to an earlier news story. The visuals for Erasure's current 'Light At The End Of The World' tour were done by *both* Shaun o Conner ( and Steve Sleeve ( Check out both sites for updates and examples of their work.



Erasure Information Service



6th of September

Erasure European Tour Podcast

Whilst Erasure are touring the UK and Europe, Vince Clarke will be producing a podcast that chronicles each tour date. The first podcast (recorded yesterday before the Oxford show) is available now.

You can access the podcast feed here:


Use the above link if you have software that can subscribe to podcast feeds (such as iTunes).

If you don't use such software, then you can download the first MP3 directly here:


Download An Exclusive Free Track - Golden Heart (GRN's Golden Glow Mix)

We are giving away an exclusive extended remix of 'Golden Heart' - one of the new tracks from Erasure's latest album.

To download this free remix, simply sign up to receive the Erasure E-Mail Newsletter & you will be sent a link to download this track.

Of course if you already receive this newsletter via e-mail then simply register again to get the download (you can use the same e-mail address - you won't receive this newsletter multiple times.)

There is a big link on the frontpage of - or you can follow the link below.


'Storm Chaser' Preview

An exclusive audio preview from the forthcoming release 'Storm Chaser' is now available - this week it's a clip of the 'Koishi & Hush Club Mix' of 'Storm In A Teacup'.

Audio streams in QuickTime, Real Media and Windows Media formats are below.


Real Media:

Windows Media:

Or you can access the links here:

Erasure Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following people who won the recent Erasure E-Mail Newsletter competition to meet Andy and Vince:

- Sara Elliott

- Darren Coyle

- Andrew Smith

- Claire Locke

- Scott Retter

- Tracy Dyson

The answer to the question was 'C', there are 13 tracks on the iTunes digital release (LiSTUMM285) of 'Light At The End Of The World'.



Erasure Information Service



27th of August

'When A Lover Leaves You' Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone that took part in the recent 'When A Lover Leaves You' remix competition - the standard of mixes was extremely high, as indeed many of you who have listened to the audio streams (which have now ceased) can testify.

But as they say, there can only be one winner, so (insert drum roll...) I am delighted to announce that the winning remix is mix #16 - the "Oscar Salguero Remix".

This mix was described by Vince Clarke as "Outstanding!!", and will feature on the forthcoming CD and Digital Download releases of 'Storm Chaser' (see below for further details.)

And here are a few words from the winner himself:

"I really enjoyed the original track, and began to visualize how else it could be produced, with a different tempo, rhythms, what sounds to use and where to put them and what a fan would enjoy. Basically... what it takes to have another top 10 :)

That was my intention, to try and create a better track than what it was already. To judge the result, it's up to you! There were many good remixes out there.

I'm honoured at being chosen for this.

Thank You

Oscar Salguero"

Congratulations Oscar!

'Storm Chaser' Track Listing

The track listings for the forthcoming 'Storm Chaser' release are as follows:

- Compact Disc -

1 Storm In A Teacup (Single Version)

2 Sucker For Love (Extended Mix)

3 Golden Heart (GRNs 'Golden Glow' Radio Edit)

4 Early Bird featuring Cyndi Lauper

5 Storm In A Teacup (Koishi & Hush Club Mix)

6 Sucker For Love (DJ Manolo Remix)

7 Storm In A Teacup (Extended Mix)

8 When A Lover Leaves You (Oscar Salguero Remix)

9 Glass Angel (The Equalateral Mix)

- 7" Vinyl Picture Disc -

1 Storm In A Teacup (Single Version)

2 Sucker For Love (Edit)

- Digital Download, With Bonus Tracks -

1 Storm In A Teacup (Single Version)

2 Sucker For Love (Extended Mix)

3 Golden Heart (GRNs 'Golden Glow' Radio Edit)

4 Early Bird featuring Cyndi Lauper

5 Storm In A Teacup (Koishi & Hush Club Mix)

6 Sucker For Love (DJ Manolo Remix)

7 Storm In A Teacup (Extended Mix)

8 When A Lover Leaves You (Oscar Salguero Remix)

9 Glass Angel (The Equalateral Mix)

10 Sucker For Love (Edit)

11 When A Lover Leaves You (GRN Remix)

Catalogue Numbers:

- Compact Disc: CDMUTE384 / 5099950768028

- 7" Vinyl Picture Disc: MUTE384 / 5099950768059

- N. American Compact Disc: 693692 / 724596936924

The version of 'Early Bird' that is featured on 'Storm Chaser' is the original one and is not the same mix that is featured on the recent "True Colors" album.

'Storm Chaser' audio previews will be available at from next week.

'Storm Chaser' - Special Offer From Mute Bank Mail Order

Our friends at Mute Bank have a multi-buy offer for 'Storm Chaser', where you can pre-order both physical formats (CD & vinyl) for just £5.99

The normal price for each individual items are £3.49 for the CD and £3.49 for the 7" Vinyl, so that's a pretty good saving.

For further details visit Mute Bank online:


Meet & Greet Competition

Competition time!

The prize is an meet & greet session for you (and a guest) with Andy & Vince before one of the forthcoming UK tour performances of your choice in September.

To enter, all you need to do is to answer the following question:

Question: How many tracks are present on the iTunes digital release (LiSTUMM285) of 'Light At The End Of The World'? Is it:

a) 10 tracks

b) 12 tracks

c) 13 tracks

E-mail your answer (A, B or C) with your name, contact details & venue choice to:

The names of six people (who have answered correctly!) will be drawn out of the virtual hat and will be contacted shortly after the competition has closed.

- Closing date is 2pm Friday 31st August.

- You must include your full name and telephone number in your e-mail, as well as the venue that you wish the meet & greet to occur.

- You can pick a venue that you don't already have tickets for, or one that you are already attending.

- Only people who are on this mailing list (i.e. receive these e-mails directly) may enter.

- Multiple entries will be deleted.

Erasure 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall' Releases

Erasure will be recording and filming their final UK date of their current tour at the Royal Albert Hall (25th Sept 07) and making it available to buy on CD and Digital Download from November (a 'Live Here Now' audio release) and on DVD in the New Year. Further details will be announced shortly.



Erasure Information Service



17th of August

New Release - 'Storm Chaser' EP (CDMUTE384)

Erasure release their 'Storm Chaser' EP, available on CD, limited edition 7" and download on 24th September 2007 (UK).

The nine track EP features new, extended and remix versions of tracks taken from their recent album 'Light At The End Of The Word'. The package also includes the song 'Early Bird' (which features both Cyndi Lauper and Andy Bell on vocals), plus the winning entry of the recent 'When A Lover Leaves You' remix competition.

'Storm Chaser' continues the series of stunning artwork that has graced the album and two singles, and you can preview it here:


The exact release dates for Germany (September) and North American (October) will be confirmed shortly.

Erasure's UK & European Tour Support

 The support artists for the UK & European leg of the 'Light At The End Of The World' tour is Onetwo, who comprise of Paul Humphreys (OMD) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda, Act).



Claudia of course featured on Andy Bell's 2005 album 'Electric Blue', where she duets with Andy on the songs 'Love Oneself' and 'Delicious'.

Onetwo released their superb debut album 'Instead' a couple of months ago, and is available from many retailers such as Amazon and iTunes:


Exclusive - The 'I Could Fall In Love With You' Original Video

Many months back, the EIS provided exclusive behind the scenes clips from the filming of the original 'I Could Fall In Love With You' video, which featured Andy and Vince in a futuristic shopping complex.

Well now you can see the video itself! Visit the Erasure MySpace or YouTube websites, or visit the 'News' section of the Erasure website to see the original video.






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14th of August

It seems ages since the last Erasure Newsletter doesn't it? Here's a quick rundown of the past few weeks of news that has been posted on the web site, plus some new bits.

Andy Bell On BBC Radio 2

Andy Bell is to appear on "Celebrity Popmaster Quiz" on the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2 this Wednesday 15th August between 10:30am and 11:00am.

One can listen to BBC Radio 2 via the Internet, Freeview CH 702, Sky Digital CH 0102, Virgin Media CH 902, DAB digital radio and 88-91 FM.

Ken Bruce Show: www:

BBC Radio 2 Live: www:

New Photos Added To Gallery

Many photos sent in by Erasure fans have been added to the photo galleries, including photos from the recent 'True Colors' tour, the 'Light At The End Of The World' tour and the San Diego Pride Festival.

If you have any Erasure related photos you would to send in for possible inclusion within the Fan Galleries, the e-mail them to with details of who they should be credited to.

True Colors / Light At The End Of The World Tour: www:

San Diego Pride Festival www:

"When A Lover Leaves You" Fan Mixes

Thank you to everyone that sent in mixes for the "When A Lover Leaves You" Remix Competition, over 200 mixes were received, and many were of an extremely high standard (yes I have listened to them all!)

Audio streams (QuickTime / Real Media / Windows Media) of each mix is available here:


So far the mixes have been listened to 55,959 times, and these are the top 5 mixes based on the number of times they have been listened to:

1) 064 - Last Dance Mix - (Mats E. Sjöblom) 10.2%

2) 001 - The Jolly Club Mix - (Joseph F. Jolly) 5.1%

3) 016 - Oscar Salguero Edit - (Oscar Salguero) 2.1%

4) 002 - Jurassic Mix - (Sean Ellis) 1.9%

5) 124 - Markymix - (Mark Towns) 1.8%

If you wish to post comments / reviews for any of the mixes, then you can do so within a dedicated area of the Erasure Forum:


Although it was made clear that the poll within the Erasure Forum has zero influence on the choice of winning mix, that did not prevent over 100 (clearly from the same few people) forum accounts being opened within a 48 hour period to vote for their own / friends mixes. Therefore the ability to open new forum accounts has been suspended for the duration of this poll, and it's unlikely that further polls of this nature will be run in the future. - Tour Visuals

PrickImage are the company behind the visuals featured on Erasure's 2007 'Light At The End Of The World' tour. Available on their MySpace site is the full version of the Oh L'Amour video (staring Jonny Woo) that is played back via the screen on the stage during the performance.

Keep an eye on their MySpace site for additional videos.

PrickImage: www: - Tour Costumes

Erasure's costume designer Dean Bright has posted pictures of the costumes he has made for the current Erasure tour on his MySpace site. In the future exclusive 'making of', first night backstage, rehearsal pictures as well as a large back catalogue of exclusive backstage pictures will be added.

Dean Bright: www:

UK Tour Dates

If a ticket agency has sold out of tickets for a particular venue, then contact the boxoffice of the venue directly (where possible), as they will often have tickets still available.

Boxoffice telephone numbers have been published on the website since the tickets went on sale, and links are provided to the venues online ordering systems.


The next newsletter will reveal more about 'Storm Chaser'...


Until next time!

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19th of July

"Sunday Girl" Out This Week - North America

The North American Maxi CD of "Sunday Girl" is out this week!


1 Sunday Girl (Radio Mix)

2 Take Me On A Highway

3 Sunday Girl (Extended 12" Mix)

4 Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Club Edit)

5 Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Dub Edit)

To hear the 'Radio Mix' simply visit the homepage (which doubles as an e-card.) Feel free to send it onto friends!

The single is available from all the usual large online retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes etc.

iTunes (US):


Cat # / UPC: MUT9359 / 724596935927

Cancelled Shows

Due to illness the "Arena Monterrey (Monterrey)" performance scheduled for the 19 July has had to be cancelled, as was the "Teatro Metropólitan (Mexico City)" show yesterday (the 17th).

Unfortunately neither show can be re-scheduled. Please contact the ticket agency where you purchased your tickets for refunds.

Erasure to Headline San Diego Pride Festival

This summer's San Diego LGBT Pride festival will feature an unprecedented number of performers and attractions from throughout its 33-year history, with more than 100 artists, 300 businesses and an expected audience of 40,000 gathered to celebrate equality, freedom and diversity in the LGBT community.

Specially featured in the roster is a lineup of local, independent bands and musicians who are passionate about supporting the LGBT civil rights movement.

In addition to this year's sturdy menu of local talent, the acclaimed English "synth-pop" band Erasure will headline Pride weekend, at 6 p.m., July 22, on the festival's Jack FM Stage. The group, which features Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, is currently on a national tour promoting their new album, "Light At The End Of The World."


Fan Photo Gallery

Thank you to everyone that has sent in photos for the fan gallery - another selection has just been uploaded:


There are now 2,585 images within the fan gallery, but I think it could do with a few more! If you have any photos you would like published, then please e-mail them in.

Please include details of the location and to whom the photo(s) should be credited to.


Vince Clarke and Martin Gore

And speaking of photos, thought you might like to see this photo of Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, taken from the last 'True Colors' gig in Los Angeles:


"When A Love Leaves You" Remix Competition

Just a reminder that the closing date for the competition is Friday 27th July 2007.

Everyone that has submitted a mix so far should have received an e-mail from me confirming that their mix has be received. If you have not received this e-mail, then please send your mix again.

Further details are available here:


EIS Holiday

I'll be on holiday from the 23-30th July, so responses to e-mails etc will be delayed during this period.

For anyone going to the Milwaukee gig on the 28th July, I'll see you there!



Erasure Information Service



22nd of June

Site Up to date!

Apologies my site's been out of date the past couple of weeks. I was on holiday and had no internet access for a while. But it's all up to date now.


21st of June

'Light At The End Of The World' Tour - Additional Date

An additional date has been added to Erasure's 'Light At The End Of The World' Tour:

4th August - Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey.

Tickets are available via the boxoffice (732 842 9000) or online.


online tickets:

address: Count Basie Theatre, 99 Monmouth St. Red Bank, NJ 07701

'When A Lover Leaves You' Remix Competition

A few people have asked if one can create and use your own samples & sounds for use in the remix competition. Yes that's fine - do whatever you like! However you can not use any material that is copyrighted or owned by anyone else.

There are some useful bits of technical / software advice from fellow Erasure fans within the 'Garage Band' thread on the forum: (skip the earlier moaning posts though)




Erasure Information Service



21st of June

When A Lover Leaves You - Remix Competition

How would you like to remix an Erasure song and have it officially released?

Well this competition may just interest you...

Erasure in conjunction with Apple have teamed together to bring you this exclusive competition.

Using the Apple software GarageBand (part of Apple's iLife software suite for the Mac), you can download instrument & vocal loops for the Erasure song "When A Lover Leaves You" (taken from their new album 'Light At The End Of The World') and use this to create your own remix.

The winning remix (chosen by the band) will be available as part of Erasure's third single release later this year.

The instrument and vocal loops can be downloaded from the Apple website as a GarageBand project file here:

www: (approx 164Mb)

This competition closes on 27th July 2007. After this date the band will be given all the submitted mixes and will choose a winner.

For further information on this competition, please visit:


(For a sneaky listen to one of the audio loops, go to and ensure your speakers are switched on)

"Sunday Girl" - UK Chart Position

The single "Sunday Girl" reached number 33 in the UK singles chart.

Billboard Magazine - Erasure Special

The American magazine Billboard (which is targeted towards music professionals within the music industry) features a special Erasure feature in their current edition (which has an issue date of "June 23") and is out now.

If you can't find a copy in your local store, individual issues of the magazine can be purchased direct from Billboard at:


(You will need to order the edition with the "June 23" issue date)

The Independent - "My Home - Erasure's Andy Bell"

Andy Bell is interviewed by Tessa Williams-Akoto in The Independent, discussing his home in Highgate, North London.


Future Music - Vince Clarke Interview

There is a two page interview with Vince Clarke (which is part of a 'Mute Audio Documents' feature) in the current edition (issue date "July 2007") of the magazine Future Music.

There are also interviews with Daniel Miller and I Start Counting / Komputer.



Erasure Information Service



21st of June

Virgin Megastore In-Store Signing

On Monday 18th June, Erasure are to conduct an in-store signing at the Virgin Megastore (Times Square), New York between 6:00pm - 7:00pm.

Address: Virgin Megastore (Times Square) 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036


Sunday Girl "Riffs & Rays Radio Edit"

The "Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Radio Edit)" exclusive digital download mix is now available from several download stores:

- iTunes:

- MSN Music:

- Virgin Digital:

- HMV Digital:

Prices vary between 79p & 99p.

Out of interest the UK midweek chart position (at the time of writing - Tuesday) of "Sunday Girl" is 17, although the stronger digital sales of the other artists will see the chart position fall over the rest of the week.

Erasure Interview On "ITV Central Tonight"

At the recent HMV Birmingham in-store performance, Erasure were interviewed by the ITV Central television crew.

The interview will be shown on Friday 15th June at 6pm in ITV1 (Central region) during the "Central Tonight" programme. The extended interview will also be available on the ITV Local website within the "What's On" section.


"True Colors" Tour Reviews

"True Colors tour a five-hours dance party for a worthy cause"

The Salt Lake Tribune:

"Crowd applauds music, causes"

The Denver Post:

"True Colors: They all bop to Lauper's brand of fun"

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"Erasure: The (dance) beat goes on with tour, new CD"

Daily South Town:,113ENT1.article

Interesting "Northwest Herald" Quote

"Fans, however, won't have to wait long for more new music. By the end of the year, the duo plans to start writing songs for a new record.

"That record should come out the middle of next year, I think," Clarke said. "We love the process. While we enjoy doing it, we should keep on doing it. It's great to be in a job that you like doing."

Northwest Herald:



Erasure Information Service



21st of June

Sunday Girl - UK / Europe Release

The new Erasure single "Sunday Girl" is out now in Germany and released on Monday in the UK. Available on three physical formats: 2 CDs and 7" vinyl picture disc, a scan of the beautiful picture disc can be seen here:


From Monday an exclusive mix - the "Sunday Girl (Riffs & Rays Radio Edit)" will be available via iTunes and is certainly discotastic! Approx 79p for an exclusive mix is a bit of a bargain. Remember that Erasure songs purchased from iTunes are now available higher quality and "DRM Free" meaning that they will play back on a far wider range of devices than before.


Last but not least, a "Sunday Girl" e-card is available for your listening pleasure - feel free to forward it onto friends that you think might be interested:


"I Love 'Take Me On A Highway'... The best B-side song ever!!!!" - Quote taken from the Erasure Forum today.

Exclusive Acoustic Performance Video

An exclusive behind the scenes recording of an acoustic rendition of "Sunday Girl" which the band performed during a recent Capital Gold interview can be seen online:




Thanks to Robert Marlow for the original video footage.

"True Colors" Album - Featuring Erasure

A new album titled "True Colors" is due for release on the 12th June 2007 by Silver Label, which includes songs from artists who are performing on the "True Colors" tour.

Erasure are represented by the "DJ Manolo's True Colors Mix" of their song "Early Bird", featuring a duet with Cyndi Lauper.


1) Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (Morel Mix)

2) Erasure - Early Bird (DJ Manolo's True Colors Mix)

3) Debbie Harry - What Is Love

4) The Dresden Dolls - Shores of California

5) The Gossip - (Take Back) The Revolution

6) Indigo Girls - Rock & Roll Heaven's Gate

7) The Cliks - Oh Yeah

8) Rufus Wainwright - Gay Messiah

9) Jeffree Star - Plastic Surgery Slumber Party

10) Cazwell - Watch My Mouth

The album can be pre-ordered from www:

You can listen to an exclusive clip of "Early Bird (DJ Manolo's True Colors Mix)" here:


A digital download release of the "True Colors" album is currently being worked on, and the album will be on sale at the "True Colors" venues. However as the CD has only just gone into production they won't be on sale until the Atlantic City show at the very earliest.

Sunday Girl - North American Release

The North American release date of "Sunday Girl" is 17 July, and will be available as a CD Maxi single and digital download.


1) Sunday Girl - Radio Mix

2) Take Me On A Highway

3) Sunday Girl - Extended 12" Mix

4) Sunday Girl - Riffs & Rays Club Edit

5) Sunday Girl - Riffs & Rays Dub Edit

Dominican Republic - Tickets On Sale

Tickets for the Altos de Chavón - The Amphitheater (Dominican Republic) Erasure performance (14th July) are available now from Ticket Express.


"Light At The End Of The World" Party

On 28th June there is to be a party at the 'Blondie Discotheque' in Santiago de Chile to celebrate the release of the new album.

A flyer can viewed here: www:

and further details are available here:


Thanks to Germán Ramírez for the above information.

"True Colors Tour" Starts Today!

The "True Colors" tour starts today in Las Vegas - have fun everyone who is going! Would love to publish on the website any pictures that you take - see the bottom of this newsletter for details.

By the way if you post reviews on the forum then please remember that not everyone wishes to read a tour setlist in advance, so please be considerate where you post such information.

Ask Mute Feature

There has so far been a pretty low response to the 'Ask Mute' feature announced last week - please feel free to send in your questions! See last weeks newsletter for further details.


Erasure Information Service



3rd of June

The Times Music Podcast Featuring Erasure

Andy and Vince feature in an exclusive Times Online podcast, where they discuss various topics such as fatherhood and touring misadventures with Beth Ditto.

The interview also features several exclusive acoustic songs.

The podcast (a standard MP3 audio file) can be downloaded from the Times web site, or via iTunes. The file size is approx 23Mb and the total length of the interview and songs is just over 28mins.

Times Online:


Sirius Radio - Erasure In-Studio Performance

A special Erasure mini-concert in support of their new album "Light at the End of the World" will be broadcast on "OutQ In The Morning" with Larry Flick Friday, June 1st at 9am on the US Sirius Radio channel "OutQ" (channel 109).

If you miss the first broadcast then it will be repeated during "Feel The Spin" at the weekend.

Sirius Radio:


Erasure - Regional Radio Interviews

Erasure have been interviewed by many UK local radio stations in the past two weeks. If you missed any of them, or indeed were unable to receive any of the stations, then fifteen of the interviews may be listened to again via the Erasure web site. How's that for service!

The links can be found within the 'News' section:


Note: The audio originates from the recording studio rather than the broadcasts themselves, so the audio quality of the DJ's conducting the interviews can be variable.

iTunes Plus / DRM Free Digital Downloads

This news had been reported on many online news services, however its significance means it's worth reporting here.

All Erasure music (as well as all other Mute/EMI artists) sold via iTunes is now (optionally) available without DRM restrictions. DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" and is what locks music files purchased from iTunes (and other digital music stores) to a particular playback device.

As Erasure music from iTunes can now be purchased "DRM free" this means that the songs can now be played back via a large range of music players (e.g. iPod, Zune, Sony PSP, Nokia Nseries phones, Sony S Series Walkmans, Playstation 3, various Windows / Mac media software etc) and not just restricted to Apple devices (or burning songs to a CD and re-importing them etc.) As a added bonus, the audio quality has been increased for these "DRM free" tracks with the bit rates being doubled from 128kbps to 256kbps.

So now the exclusive Erasure mixes from iTunes are available to a wider audience of Erasure fans, as will be the case for future digital only singles (when that day arrives.)

For further information on this long overdue development, see the iTunes web site:


Further Photos / Fan Mixes

A few new fan mixes have been uploaded, as well as approx 100 photos to the various sections of the gallery.



"Sunday Girl" Radio Edit

No audio clip of a mix from the forthcoming "Sunday Girl" single this week - instead the complete radio edit can be heard via the official Erasure MySpace site:


Add it to your profiles and just melt away! **



** I'm not sure what I mean by that either.

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