News - January - July 2004


28th of July

EIS'04 auction

As mentioned in the last update, proxy bids for the EIS '04 Auction can now be submitted.

All the items with the exception of the two 'Vince full size wooden cut-outs' can have proxy bids submitted. See the descriptions of the items here: (and select 'Auction Items' - please refresh the page)

And you can submit your bid here: (again please refresh the page)

Please read the terms of conditions of the bid process, which is at the top of the above page. Bids can be submitted until mid-day (GMT) 02/Aug/2004.

Please note that only people who subscribe to this EIS mailing list may submit proxy bids - any bids that contain an email address that is not on the EIS database will be void.


Erasure Information Service


23rd of July

Private Ear Issue 31

Many years ago I remember sending off a form to join something called the "Erasure Information Service" and receiving a magazine through the post. Now I find myself in the position of producing a new edition of the Private Ear magazine.

This new 28 page (full colour) edition features many interviews with people who are associated with Erasure, including:

- Dean Bright - Andy's costume designer, offers an insight into the design processes for the live tours.

- Daniel Miller answers a selection of your questions sent in via the website.

- The history of the EIS is examined, with candid interviews with Paul Hickey (and Andy offering his input!), Janet and Jonny.

And as a very special exclusive, Paul Hickey has allowed the EIS to publish in the magazine a brief synopsis and two excerpts from his forthcoming book "Happiness Is The Best Facelift" (working title - and his book is due to be released next year). One of the excerpts demonstrates the inspiration behind the forthcoming single 'Breathe'.

You will be able to buy this copy of Private Ear online in two weeks, and it will also be available to purchase at EIS '04.

Charity Auction Details

A few more items have been added to the EIS '04 Charity Auction, see: (select 'Auction Items')

In addition from Monday 26th July, you will be able to submit proxy bids for most of the items. Full details will be posted on the web-site on Monday.

EIS '04 Schedule

The schedule of events for EIS '04 has been put up online: (select 'Event Schedule')

In_Vox / Merchandise Orders

Apologies for the delay with those that have order merchandise in the past week or two, with having to finish the Private Ear magazine and sorting out last minute EIS '04 stuff, I've not had a chance to process the orders. However as soon as this email update is sent out I'll start processing them.

Until next time!!

Erasure Information Service


11th of July

Vote Vote Vote!!

VH-1 , the music TV channel (the UK version) are having a vote to find the best and worst number ones and the best songs that never were number one in the last 15 years!. Erasure have been nominated in the 'Ones that never were' category with A Little Respect. To vote for it, click here!. The Top 100 will be counted down in August. Unfortunately, you can also vote for them in the 'worst number one' category for Abba-Esque. I recommend you vote for someone else in that category, though! ;-)


10th of July

EIS '04 Auction Preview

As you may or may not be aware, the forthcoming EIS '04 event will feature a charity auction.

The EIS '04 section of the website has now been updated with details of the items that will be available at the auction. Each item has a thumbnail picture (click on it for a larger image) and a brief description. (and select the 'Auction Items' link - make sure you refresh the page)

But that's the point of putting all these items on the web if you're not going to the event I hear you cry?

Well with the exception of items 26 & 27, all EIS members will be able to submit proxy bids. Exact details on how this process will occur will be announced next week.

In_Vox Single - Pre-order this imported CD via the the EIS

The EIS has secured a number of the recent In_Vox (featuring Andy Bell single) "Will I Ever?" six track single to sell to EIS members via the EIS website.

Pre-orders are being taking now at:

(Again make sure that you refresh the page)

I'm expecting delivery of the CD's next week and they will be dispatched to those that ordered them as soon as they come in.

The prices quote on the order page are the provisional prices - if I get more orders that what I've budgeted for then the prices will be reduced - the prices will not increase though.

See EIS Update #22 or the EIS website news section for more details on this fab single and to hear a 60 sec clip.

Have a great weekend!

Erasure Information Service


6th of July

In_Vox Feat. Andy Bell - New Single

A new single from 'In_Vox' has recently been released titled "Will I Ever?" - a follow up to their first single "On The Highway" which was released over two years ago.

Why is this being reported in an EIS update? Well this new single from In_Vox features a duet with Andy Bell.

According to the press release:

"Andy Bell choose "Will I Ever?" among multiple other demos that are sent to him daily. It didn't take long after he heard the demo for him to personally contact in_vox and express his enthusiasm for them to record the track."

It has also been remixed by electro pioneers Marsheux as well as very popular Greek - American dj/remixer/producer, Chris "The Greek" Panaghi who has remixed artists such as Celine Dion, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson to name a few.

Track Listing: In_Vox feat Andy Bell "Will I Ever?"

1 - Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Radio Edit

2 - Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Club Mix

3 - Marsheaux Radio

4 - Marsheaux Extended

5 - A.M. Version

6 - Back To The 80's Mix

(Columbia COL 674985 2)

A brief audio clip (in Windows Media format) is available in the news section of the EIS site at:

Online retailers such as Discobole are offering the single for sale:

If you know of any more then please let me know or post a link in the EIS Forum:

Thanks to Sony Music Entertainment (Greece) S.A.

Billboard Interview - Andy Bell's solo album mentioned

The current edition of Billboard magazine features an interview with Philip Larsen of Manhattan Clique fame. The Erasure releases of 'Solsbury Hill' and 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' have featured Manhattan Clique remixes.

In the interview titled "Beat Box: Larsen More Than Sir Remix-A-Lot" Philip discusses (amongst other things) his work on Andy Bell's forthcoming solo album which will arrive early next year after the release of Erasure's Nightbird album.

The album features a "duet or two" with Claudia Brucken of 'Propaganda' and is "an eclectic mix of songs which encompass styles that people may not have heard Andy sing before".

Thanks to Glenn Kadansky for providing this information.

(You can read the article at Cactus's Yahoo Group here:- - Jackie).

EIS Competition Winners

The winners of the last EIS competition were:

1 Greg Black (USA)

2 Gavin Harriman (UK)

3 Niclas Carlenius (Sweden)

4 Peggy Dudek (USA)

5 Darren Coyle (UK)

The question that was asked was:

Which track from "Wild" was removed from the "Hits! The Very Best of Erasure" album (CDMUTEL10) after the first promos were produced?

And the answer was:

C) You Surround Me

After the Hits! promos were produced, the tracks "Lay All Your Love On Me" and "Voulez Vous" were added and "You Surround Me" was removed.

Until next time!


Erasure Information Service


3rd of July

'Nightbird' and 'Breathe' Release Dates Delayed

The release dates of both Nightbird and Breathe have unfortunately been pushed back to January 2005.

If the original release date of October 2004 was adhered to, it was felt that the band would not be able to give the album and single the promotion it deserves. This it due to the unavailability of Vince during the next couple of months as well as Andy recuperating from a recent hip operation.

By pushing back the release date, it enables both Mute and the band to give Nightbird and Breathe the full promotional support that these new releases deserve, as well as enabling it to be backed up by a tour shortly afterwards. (Further tour details to be announced at a later date).

However there will still be an exciting release to look forward to this year - again further details to be announced shortly.

For those attending the EIS '04 album launch party on the 7th August, this event remains completely unaffected by todays announcement.


PS. Last day of EIS merchandise sale is 30th June 2004:

Erasure Information Service


18th of June

Ask Mute - Daniel Miller Interview

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions for the Ask Mute feature that I mentioned a while back. I conducted an interview with Daniel Miller last week where he answered a selection of your questions.

Piney Gir - Interview

Another interview I recently (well 3 days ago in fact!) did was with Piney Gir (formally of Vic Twenty) where we discussed her fabulous debut album (Peakahokahoo), touring with Andy and Vince last year on 'The Other Tour', and working with Erasure's backing singers Val and Ann Marie.

Her album is definitely worth checking out - more details can be found at:

Both interviews will be published shortly in the forthcoming EIS Private Ear magazine (Issue 31) with excerpts published on the EIS web site later.

EIS Competition Time - Win Signed Copies of Hits!

I have 5 CDs of "Hits! The Very Best Of Erasure" (CDMUTEL10) to give away and each has been signed by Andy and Vince!

All you have to do is answer correctly the following multiple choice question:

Q) Which track from "Wild" was removed from the "Hits! The Very Best of Erasure" album (CDMUTEL10) after the first promos were produced?

a) Drama!

b) Blue Savannah

c) You Surround Me

d) Star

Send your answer (with your name and postal address) to the following email address ONLY:

* Rules *

- Competition is open to EIS mailing list subscribers only.

- Any EIS member worldwide may enter.

- Closing date for entries is 25th June 2004 at 13:00.

- Multiple email entries will be deleted.

- Winners will be contacted via email and announced in the following EIS Update email.

EIS Merchandise - Major Price Cuts

For the * next two weeks only * there is a major summer sale on at the EIS!

Many of the items have had major price cuts - for example the Hits! T-shirts have been reduced in price by £5.00.

This sale will last until the end of this month (June). In addition stock levels of some items are extremely low, in particular the Loveboat t-shirts, Cowboy Accessories t-shirts and the Tiny Tour programmes.

The EIS shop can be reached here:

* Please ensure that you refresh the page *

EIS '04 - Disco Requests

Message from Rod Kemble (DJ at EIS '04):

If you want to request a record for EIS '04, send me the name of the track, the band, your name and any particular reason why you want it.

Bear in mind:

a) It's a disco, so it helps if it's danceable - i.e. as much as we all love the piano mix of 91 steps, it isn't likely to get played!

b) It's "Erasure related", so it's more likely to get played if it fits this description - although I'm open to all suggestions.

c) I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of requests, so I can't guarantee I'll get to play them all. But I will try to be representative of what most people want.

Send the requests to

Thanks Rod!

EIS '04 - Food Tickets

I've had a few people email me asking if its possible to still get a food pass for EIS '04 - that's no problem - just email me and let me know.

EIS Update Emails

If you know of anyone who is having trouble receiving these email updates, please ask them to check their spam filters - a lot of ISPs are now introducing them.

There will be some major announcements over the coming months and it would be a shame for people to miss out on them.

By the same token - if you are receiving duplicate e-mails then let me know which email addresses you would like removed.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


28th of May

Nightbird - The brand new Erasure album!

The brand new Erasure album 'Nightbird' has been completed and is due for release in October.

Mixed by Tom Elmhirst (whose previous mixing credits include Busted, Kylie Minogue, the Sugababes and Goldfrapp) the album is classic Erasure sounding, yet with an evolved feel to it.

Breathe - The brand new Erasure single!

The fantastic new single from the album 'Nightbird' is titled 'Breathe' and will also be out in October.

(And to clear up any confusion - yes it is called 'Breathe' and not 'Breath')

October will certainly prove to be an exciting month!

Congratulation Messages

For those have you that have left congratulation messages for Vince and Tracy on the forum:

I will be forwarding them onto Vince next Tuesday - thanks for all those that have written a message.

No update next Friday as I'll be on holiday - so until next time!

Erasure Information Service


21st of May

Vince married!

Congratulations to Vince and his girlfriend Tracy, who got married last week!. You can read more about it and leave a message for them on the official EIS forum - click here.


21st of May

The Other Flower Show - Vince & Martyn

Ten Artists - Ten Sheds

Ten garden sheds have been transformed by a group of artists and designers all exploring the theme of flowers, gardens and nature.

The Other Flower Show takes art out of the gallery, flowers out of the greenhouse and creates an artistic alternative to the traditional flower show.

Artists include:

- Heather Barnett

- Tord Boontje

- Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware

- Tracey Emin

- Graham Fagen

- Fat

- Nilu Lzadi

- Andreas Oehlert

- Sarah Staton

- Chris Taylor and Craig Wood

Victoria and Albert Museum

South Kensington, London

28 May - 11 July 2004

See the EIS News section for further information:

An e-flyer can be viewed here:

A Dirty Little Business

Len Richmond recently contacted me to say that he recently wrote and directed a film called "A Dirty Little Business (aka Merchants of Venus)."

Quote from Len:

"Vince did the music and Andy acts in it. Just thought you might like to know that a Canadian film company, ThinkFilm, out of Toronto, is putting the film out on DVD in the US in a couple of months."

(To read more about this film, see the 22nd of July news from the 2002 news page - click here!).

Prize Draw Winners (Erasure Club 12" Promo's)

Congratulations to the following people:

Alan Possart (England)

Andy Cook (England)

Annemarie Steele (Ireland)

David Thomas (England)

Edwin Treend (England)

Eric Zmyslowski (USA)

Graeme Mason (England)

Jane Gimblett (Ireland)

Jim Nguyen (USA)

Jon Komar (USA)

Karen Henderson (England)

Leonel Benavides Jr. (USA)

Lisa Gordon (Scotland)

Maria Jones (England)

Mark Sligting (Netherlands)

Peter Corrall (England)

Phil Beasant (England)

Rob Felton (England)

Stephen Hladysh (Canada)

Steven Mitchell (England)

The 12" promos will be sent out Monday.

Erasure Information Service


15th of May

"On Public Display" - The Illustrious Company

Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware (The Illustrious Company) are currently composing an 18 minute piece for the Royal Ballet which incorporates the large section from Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No. 2

The piece is based on the Diaghilev ballet Petrushka and is about the secret life of puppets. It features 20 dancers from the Royal Ballet.

Andy Bell will be singing a 2 minute acapella piece at the end, accompanying the death of Petrushka.

Illustrious is going to install a very high quality 3D immersive surround sound system in the Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House especially for the piece.

For further information see: and

Erasure - The New Album News

Not much to report at this stage I'm afraid. At this moment in time the tracks are being reviewed with the aim of selecting a track for the single.

Vic Twenty Interview

Matthew Smith has just completed an interview with Adrian Morris of Vic Twenty.

According to Matthew "There's a witty anecdote about Vince from the tour last year" which sounds interesting!

To read the interview follow this link:

Yazoo Situation Prize Draw Winners

The 13 winners of the recent Yazoo Situation 12" promo prize draw were as follows:

- Angie Jackson - Doncaster (UK)

- Roberto Olivares (USA)

- Brian Woodford (Milton Keynes)

- Claudia Cooper (Wakefield)

- Kevin Timmins (Manchester)

- Laura Aagaard (Denmark)

- Greg Lehmann (Canada)

- Peder Mannelqvist (Sweden)

- Richard Toledo (California)

- M Hall (Cheltenham)

- Scot Kinsey (Cananda)

- Scott Stebleton (USA)

Congratulations to you all! The prizes will be sent out Monday.

This Weeks Prize Draw - Erasure Club 12" Promo's

I have 20 copies of Erasure Club (ERAS1) 12" vinyl promos to give away.

Track listing:

- Push Me Shove Me - Moonbeam Mix

- Push Me Shove Me - Catatonic Mix

- Senseless - Avalon Mix

To enter, please send your name and address to:

-Please Note-

- Only one entry per person

- You must directly receive these EIS emails (i.e. have actually joined

this mailing list).

- The closing date for entries is Thursday 20th May 12:00 GMT.

- Please use the phrase 'Push Me' as the subject of your email entry.

Ask Mute Reminder

This is a quick reminder about the 'Ask Mute' feature.

Shortly I will be interviewing Daniel Miller and this is your chance to submit your questions for this interview.

Please submit your questions via the contact section of the EIS website here:

Please select 'Ask Mute Question' in the drop down menu on that page.

Postcard Give-away Via The EIS Forum

Yes, the EIS office clearout is continuing. This time I have a collection of 320 postcards / stickers / old Phantasmagorical VIP passes to give away.

How is this going to work?

Well the 320 items have been divided into 40 sets of 8 items each. Each set contains a random selection of postcards and passes.

So how are these sets going to be given away?

Well next Wednesday (19th May 2004) on the EIS Forum, a message from myself will be posted in the 'EIS & Forum Announcements' section. This message will tell you whom to leave your name and address (via the forum) to receive one of these free sets.

Anyone who has taken part in the previous EIS Forum giveaways will be familiar with the way this will work.

Please remember that there are only 40 sets to giveaway, and they will be given out on a first come, first served basis - hence this advance notice. Anyone worldwide may request a set.

Why am I doing this via the forum?

Well it's a thank you to those that have registered on the EIS Forum and have made it the success that it is.

Thanks guys!

If you haven't already registered for the EIS Forum - you can do so by following the link below, and clicking on the 'register' link in the menu bar.

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service


8th of May

Erasure on TOTP2

TOTP2 will show an Erasure performance (Take A Chance On Me) on Tuesday the 11th of May at 7.00pm, on BBC2 (UK only). Visit TOTP2's website for more information... check out the Erasure microsite there too!.


30th of April

Thank you message from Andy

As mentioned in a previous EIS update, the Erasurette website (at has been collecting birthday messages for Andy (it was his birthday last weekend).

Jackie (who runs that site and organised this message collection) passed the messages onto me and I forwarded them on Andy.

I would like to thank Jackie for organising this, and Andy would also like to thank all of you that sent in birthday wishes - see his message below!

"Hi Greg would you please let all of the people that sent me e-mail birthday wishes & all the Erasure fans around the world that I have been absolutely staggered by the the sheer volume & wonderful wishes that they have passed on to me !

I am completely gob-smacked & promise to keep singing forever & ever. Honestly I don't know what to say except blow big sloppy kisses to you all.


(Aww!.. just like to say thanks as well to everyone that signed the guestbook (183 messages - definitely a record! :-) and to Greg for promoting the birthday book in his update - Jackie)

EIS Gallery Updated

Some interesting pictures from Andy Birthday party have been put online if you are interested!

Thanks to Alan (for taking the first picture) and James McWilliam and Philip Larson for the later photos. I'll see if I can get a few more put up online for a future update.

The New Album - Mini Review

Actual conversation that took place this morning:

(Greg enters office)

Colleague: What's that huge smile on your face for?

Me: I've just come down form the studio, we were listening to the new Erasure album...

Colleague: What was it like?

Me: Amazing - it was classic Erasure...

Colleague: What do you mean?

Me: Well Andy's voice sounded incredible, the chorus's on many of the song were quite simply beautiful and Vince was typical Vince!. Several of the tracks I could imagine myself dancing to very enthusiastically!

There wasn't a single track that I didn't think was great. I hope you don't think I'm just saying this?

Colleague: I think the smile on your face is genuine enough!

Prize Draw Winners

The winners of the 'Magic Moments' promo CD's are:

Sara Kilduff - Isle Of Man

Shameer Ladha - New York

Chris Smith - UK

Janne Bjerkeland - Norway

Nick Bradbury - UK

J A Oliver - UK

Linda Eng - California

Mary MacDonald - Massachusetts

New Prize Draw

I have 13 copies of Yazoo Situation 12" Promos to give away (PYAZ 4).

Track Listings:

- Situation (the aggresive attitude mix by youth)

- Situation '90 (remix by francois kevorkian)

- State Farm (play-doh dub remix by paul dakeyne)

- Situation (1982 u.s. remix by francois kevorkian)

You can win one of these Yazoo 12" vinyl promo's by simply emailing your name and postal address to:

IMPORTANT - please put 'situation' as the subject of your email.

(Anyone worldwide may enter)

Closing date is 6th May 2004 and 13 names will be picked at random from all the entries received.

Winners will be notified by email.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


28th of April

Abba's Greatest Hits - Thurs 29th April 20:00 - 21:00 (Five)

Documentary celebrating the pop phenomenon that was Abba with a countdown of their biggest selling singles. Featuring contributions from Elvis Costello and Dannii Minogue.

Apparently it also contains a contribution from Andy Bell , although it is not a recent interview (i.e. one filmed within the last 12 months) so I'm have problems confirming this.

TOTP2 - Weds 5th May 19:00 to 19:30 (BBC TWO)

Featuring classic performances from the Top of the Pops archives, including songs from 10cc, Depeche Mode , Alanis Morrissette, Jason Donovan, Pulp, Double Trouble & The Rebel MC, and Tavares. Plus new music from Norah Jones.

1992 Forever - Fri 7th May 01:35 to 02:30 (ITV1 LONDON)

A look back at the music of 1992, featuring Take That, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tori Amos, Shakespear's Sister, PJ Harvey, Stereo MCs, the Shamen, Erasure and Whitney Houston.


Erasure Information Service


25th of April

Birthday book

Thanks to everyone who signed the Andy birthday book!. There has so far been 182 messages, which has more than filled a whole dreambook (which only holds 150 messages!), so I've had to make a new one!. I've sent the first lot of birthday messages to Greg on Wednesday night, and I'll send the rest in a couple of days, as there's still lots of people signing. And Happy Birthday to Andy for today! :-)


25th of April

EIS Update - Paul Taylor Interview

Yes after a longer gap than originally planned - the second part of the interview with Mute's Art Director - Paul Taylor (with exclusive images of the concept artwork of 'Hits! The Very Best of Erasure') has now been published.

New Feature - 'Ask Mute'

Given the great success that the EIS 'Ask Erasure' has achieved - with a bit of 'gentle' persuasion Mute have agreed to take part in an 'Ask Mute' feature (thanks guys!)

So if there is anything that you have always wanted to ask Mute - well now is your chance!

Basically the questions I receive will form the basis of an interview with Daniel Miller.

Please choose your questions carefully - receiving 1,000's of questions in the vain of "why wasn't [insert song name] released as a single" may not produce the most interesting feature!

Please submit your questions here:

(Please select "'EIS Site > Ask Mute (EIS Members Only)" as the subject from the drop down list).

EIS Update - 'Ask Erasure' - Vince

Speaking of the 'Ask Erasure' feature - it has been updated with April's answers from Vince. See his replies to your questions here:

Please refresh a particular page in your web browser and / or clear your browser cache before emailing me to say a feature hasn't been updated - the updates are uploaded before the email updates are sent out.

EIS '04 Passes

The second batch of EIS '04 passes have been sent out today - please let me know if you haven't received anything by the end of next week.

EIS Forum Feedback

Thanks for everyone who has submitted feedback regarding the EIS forum - several changes have already been made in order to make the topics easier to find etc - further slight enhancements are planned in the next week or two.

Email Spam Filters etc

If you know of anyone that has stopped receiving the EIS email updates - can you ask them to check if their ISP has starting using a spam filter? Most ISP's who do filter emails will allow you to check your email online and see what is being filtered.

Last Weeks Prize Draw

I've extended the deadline for last weeks prize draw - here are the details again:

Here is your chance to win one of eight promotional CDs (produced by Maverick) of Erasure cover of "Magic Moments" (from the United Artists feature film "Lord of Illusions")

All you have to do is to email: with your name, address and the word "magic" in the subject line.

Closing date for entries is the 29th April 2004 at 1pm. Eight names will be picked out of the virtual hat at random and will win one copy each. Winners will be notified by email.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


17th of April

This Weeks Prize Draw

This week's prize draw gives you the chance to win one of eight promotional CDs (produced by Maverick) of Erasure cover of "Magic Moments" (from the United Artists feature film "Lord of Illusions")

All you have to do is to email: with your name, address and the word "magic" in the subject line.

Closing date for entries is the 22nd April 2004 at 1pm. Eight names will be picked out of the virtual hat at random and will win one copy each. Winners will be notified by email.

Prize Draw Winners

The winners of the previous prize draw to win copies of the Yazoo 'Situation' CDs and the Erasure Interview CD are as follows:

- Yazoo Winners -

Colin Tye (UK), Tracy Logan (UK), Rob Nelson (UK), Robert Moon (USA),

Graham Nisbet (UK), Natalie Caldwell (USA), Melissa Quirke (Ireland),

Gavin Harriman (UK)

- Erasure Interview Winners -

Andre Filardo (USA), Andrew Pach (USA), Angela Gregson (UK), Annette

Scherr (USA), Craig Money (UK), Adam Almond (USA), David DuBois (USA),

David Hawes (UK), Stuart Farina (UK), Frank Preuss (Germany), Karen

Wilson (UK), Gary Curry (USA), Glenn Higginbotham (USA), Harald

Waldrauch (Australia), Frederick Carbonneau (Canada), Janine Payton

(UK), Janne Bjerkeland (Norway), Ramona Gupta (USA), Sara Elliott (UK),

Mark Summerfield (UK), Michael Stoor (USA), Simon Day (UK), Stephen

Rogers (UK), Thomas Lilja (Sweden)

Congratulations to you all!

EIS '04 Passes

The first batch of EIS '04 tickets and dining passes were sent out today (first class). The second (and final batch) will be sent out next week.

Once these are all sent out then normal EIS service will resume!

EIS Forum Survey

Well the EIS Forum is six months old next month so now seems a good time to conduct a review. What do you think of it so far?

So here is your chance to take part in a survey that allows you to give anonymous feedback - see here for further details:

In a few weeks I'll compile the results and produce a summery and make any changes (if required).

Andy's Online Birthday Book

An online book for you to write your birthday wishes for Andy (who celebrates his 40th birthday on the 25th April) has been setup by Jackie (one of the EIS Forum moderators) on her "Erasurette" web site.

Further details here: (Yep, you're already here! - Jackie).

Jackie will compile all the comments and pass them onto me, and I'll pass them onto Andy.

EIS Merchandise

The stock levels for the following items are extremely low:

- Box Sets logo mug

- Tiny Tour programme

- Loveboat Logo T-Shirt (medium size)

Once they have sold out then they will not be made available again.

They can be ordered from:

Charity Event

EIS member Dennis O'Farrell will be participating in AIDS / LifeCycle fund raising bike ride in June 2004. It involves biking along the California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 7 days, and it's 585 miles in length.

Further details available here:

and donations can be made here:

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


3th of April

EIS Website Update - Studio Diary Updated

The final instalment of the popular studio diary (day 26) has been put live:

German translation:

I'm sure what Vince says about the champagne isn't true - but my recollection of that evening is a little hazy...

Many thanks again to Corinna and Janet from for providing the translations.

EIS Website Update - 'Ask Erasure'

This week it's Vince's turn to answer a selection of your questions - where he reveals that he is currently into experimental chamber music...

Prize Draw Time

Regular readers of the EIS Forum will know that I've been having an office clear out - with several vinyl promo's being given away via the forum. More will happen via the forum in the next few weeks - however for now the next batch of freebies will be given away via a prize draw.

There are two prize draws this week:

- Prize Draw One -

I have 24 copies of 'Erasure' Interview CD's (ERASSAY 2) to give away.

These interview CDs contain an interview (conducted by Mark Goodier 12.8.95 - although you don't hear his voice) with Andy and Vince that was used to promote the release of their self titled album 'Erasure' - back in 1995 for radio stations to air etc.

A transcript and audio stream of this CD is available here:

However you can win one of these CD's by simply emailing your name and postal address to:

IMPORTANT - please put 'Interview CD' as the subject of your email. (By the way anyone worldwide may enter)

Closing date is 8th April 2004 and 24 names will be picked at random from all the entries received.

Winners will be notified by email.

- Prize Draw Two -

I also have 14 Yazoo 'Situation' promo CD's (RCDYAZ 4) to give away.

The track listings is as follows:

1) Situation (deadline mix edit 2:39)

2) Situation (deadline mix edit 2:56)

You can win one of these Yazoo CD promo's by simply emailing your name and postal address to:

IMPORTANT - please put 'Yazoo Promo' as the subject of your email. (Anyone worldwide may enter)

Closing date is 8th April 2004 and 14 names will be picked at random from all the entries received.

Winners will be notified by email. You can enter either or both draws.

EIS '04

Last week proved to be an interesting experience, seeing half the EIS '04 tickets sell within the first 15 mins of going on sale - and the rest within the hour! Two weeks before I was convinced that the event would have to be cancelled due to lack of interest - judging the demand for events doesn't seem to be the most exact science...

The vast majority of the payments have now all been processed - and the EIS '04 passes are currently being printed and laminated. It's planned that they will be sent out next week.

There probably won't be an EIS update next week as I'm taking a few days off to recover from the (probably) toxic but not altogether unpleasant fumes from the laminating process!

So until next time!

Erasure Information Service


24th of March

EIS Website Update - Studio Diary

Day 25 of the studio diary is now live, where Vince discusses meeting Tom Elmhirst and Vince claims that on that day to be "feeling very despondent - think about splitting up" (!)

You may want to stop reading now and head over to the diary section to put your minds at rest (but please read the rest of this EIS Update afterwards):

and in German here:

With 25 day's worth of entries the page is a rather lengthy download - so please be patience while it downloads. I'll look at splitting it up into separate pages in the near future. Also please refresh the page in your browser / clear the browser cache if you don't see the latest entry at the bottom of the page.

EIS Website Update - Ask Erasure

The Ask Erasure feature returns this month - with Andy answering your questions.

Answers of particular interest this month include Andy revealing some details of his new solo project, his 40th birthday plans and his favourite toy...

Remember this feature can only continue for as long as the EIS receives your questions - please submit them via the website 'contact' page here:

(as noted previously the old email addresses are being discontinued).

EIS '04 Tickets

Tickets for EIS '04 will go on sale tomorrow (Thursday 25th March 2004) at 18:00 (GMT) via the EIS website here:

Details of the event hotel will be given in the confirmation email that is sent out when the EIS receives your ticket order.

If participants find that the event hotel is fully booked when they contact the hotel, then they should contact the EIS so that the demand for additional accommodation can be judged.

(Please use the website 'contact' page - url as above)

If the demand proves to be sufficient then attempts will be made block book rooms at a nearby hotel (to enable EIS members to get a discounted rate). This will have the additional benefit of enabling EIS members to stay together as much as possible.

EIS Forum - Free Rain Plus Vinyl Promo's

For those that requested the free 'Rain Plus' 12" promo's that were being given away free via the EIS forum late last week, the first batch were sent out Monday - the next batch will be sent out this Friday.

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

19th of March

EIS Website Update - Studio Diary

If you want to know what software synths Vince is using for the new album then check out today's studio diary entry (Day 24).



EIS Website Update - Private Ear: Revisited

An interview with Mike Hall (Erasure's keyboard technician) that was conducted back in 1998 for the old Private Ear magazine has been republished online.

EIS Website Update - Discography Section (Albums)

There has been a minor update to the albums section of the discography. Lyrics to many (but not all) of the album tracks have been published - simply click on the track name to view them.

EIS '04 Further Information

A new section of the website has been launched, with contains further details about the EIS '04 event:

This has been done for several reasons, the main one being that last weeks (rather long) email update was bounced back by quite a few email servers for being too large. Therefore I'm going to have to keep this EIS Update short! It is also easier to have a central resource will all the information, rather than have it spread across several email updates.

On the forum is a thread titled "EIS'04 Q&A's" - this is dedicated to answering your questions about the event, and questions submitted here will be answered by Alan, Ewan or myself.

This Q&A section can be found here:

(If you haven't registered for the forum simply click on the 'register' link in the menu)

EIS Merchandise

Just a quick note to say that if you want a Pop! mousemat - there are only five left in stock.

Several of the other t-shirts are running low in stock as well

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

11th of March

EIS Website Updates: UK Studio Diary Updated

Day 23 of the studio diary has been added - and there is even a brief mention of the new album!



Ask Erasure Feature

The next batch of 'Ask Erasure' questions will be forwarded to Andy and Vince shortly. To submit a question please use the web form located here:

Many of the previous '' email addresses are going to be phased out over the next month or two, due to ever rising junk emails levels.

EIS '04 Album Launch Party - Further Details

To take place in a hotel in central Leicester on Saturday, August 7th 2004, the planned schedule for the day (14:00 until approx midnight) includes:

- The first opportunity to hear new Erasure material.

- Rare video showings, including exclusive unedited footage from 'Cowboy' (as recorded by Maverick).

- A charity auction (featuring stage costumes amongst other items) hosted by John Marshall (from Lincs FM).

- A quiz, with a number of significant prizes.

- A full performance by the Erasure tribute band 'Eraser'.

- An 'Erasure themed' disco, hosted by Rod Kemble.

- Various exclusive EIS merchandise will be on sale.

Other planned events are to remain a surprise for now...

Tickets for the event will be £10 each.

Each EIS Update Subscriber (i.e those that subscribe to these email updates) will be able to apply for a maximum of 3 tickets. Tickets will go on sale via the EIS website at the end of this month.

Payment can be made by credit card (Visa / MasterCard / Amex / JCB), UK debit cards (Switch / Delta / Solo) or by cheque.

Tickets will be allocated on a strict first come, first served basis.

There will be a total of 250 tickets available.

Limited subsidised accommodation at the event hotel will be available for both the Friday and the Saturday night. No subsidised accommodation at the hotel should be booked until after a ticket has been obtained. A reference (to quote directly to the hotel when booking your accommodation) will be provided by email as part of the ticket confirmation process.

At least one bar will be open for the duration of the event (which will accept cash only) - which probably where you will find me...

In addition to the tickets for the main event, optional evening buffet tickets will be available at a cost of £17 per person (the buffet will contain a selection of dishes including vegetation - let me know if you have any additional dietary requirements.)

I should also mention that the hotel is fully wheelchair accessible.

EIS '04 Tickets Numbers

I have noticed on the forum that there is a concern regarding the number of tickets that are available. Well the figure of 250 was reached by taking into account several factors:

- The previous two Erasure fan conventions (ATTY and the EIS one 'The Circus') had 120 and 180 tickets available respectively. Therefore this is an increase in capacity over the previous two events.

- If EIS '04 was budgeted for a higher number of attendees but the tickets failed to sell out - well in all likelihood it would have to be cancelled. I would rather start off doing a smaller EIS event that sells out (and judge the demand) rather than making a loss and / or canceling EIS '04 and having to scale back the subsequent one.

- Did I say the next one? Well if EIS '04 works out OK, then I certainly don't have an issue with planning an EIS '05 event - and I'm more than willing to consider locations outside the UK. But lets get this one out of the way first!

EIS '04 Forum Added

I've noticed that a few EIS members on the forum has been offering to help each other out with accommodation / transport for EIS '04 - so I've created a dedicated forum to assist that process (so that the messages can be easily found)

Talking about the forum - it has passed the 2,000 subscriber mark - that's wonderful! Not bad for a forum that is just under 4 months old!

Until next week! (and next weeks update will be less EIS '04 focussed I promise!)

Erasure Information Service

5th of March

Twelve months this week...

Before I get started with this weeks EIS news update, I'd thought you would like to know that this week marks my first year at the EIS.

Yes I'm sure you're thinking it seems longer(!) If memory serves I think you guys have had to endure about 70 EIS email updates from myself in the past 12 months - its been a lot of fun writing them!

So I just wanted to express my thanks to all the EIS members, everyone at Mute and of course Andy and Vince.

The next twelve months from Erasure are going to be amazing - just wait and see...

Studio Diary Updated

Don't worry - there is some news this week!

If you have been following the Studio Diary this week, you will be aware that Andy and Vince have finished their work in New York.

So today marks the start of the UK Studio Diary - with Andy and Vince documenting their experiences at Mute in London.

The first entries can be read here: (Sunday / Day 22 at the bottom of the page):

with the German translation here:

For those of a sensitive nature, I should warn you that today's studio diary entry includes a picture of Andy in the bath. I really don't know why...

Private Ear - Revisited

I received a request to publish a specific article from the old Private Ear magazine - in this case Andrew Hopper's 'Fingers And Thumbs' video shoot diary.

I'm happy to help - and it can be found online here:

EIS'04 - Details Next Week

Just to let you know that next weeks EIS Update (to be published on the 11th) will contain full details of the forthcoming EIS'04 event.

Tickets will go on sale at the end of March.

Piney Gir

Had one of those 'random CD placed on my desk' moments today - and was pleased to discover that it was a collection of new tracks from 'Piney Gir' (formally of Vic Twenty).

Aside from being an extremely cool collection of songs, I thought you might be interested to know that the track 'My Generation' features Val and Ann Marie (who are Erasure's backing singers)

More details and clips are available at:

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

27th of February

New album information

Thought you might be interested in a bit of exclusive news regarding the forthcoming new Erasure album...

I can reveal that the album is to be mixed by 'Tom Elmhirst', whose previous mixing credits include Busted, Kylie Minogue, the Sugababes and Goldfrapp.

EIS Website Update - Studio Diary

A big batch of updates for Andy and Vince's New York Studio Diary. And with a further exclusive - they reveal the working titles of two songs...

English language version:

German language version:

EIS Website Update - Private Ear: Revisited

Back in 1997, the EIS hosted an event titled 'An Evening with Erasure'.

An interesting write-up of that evening was published in the old Private Ear publication, and has been reproduced online on the EIS website, with colour photographs from that night.

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

19th of February

Website Update - Paul Taylor Interview

I recently conducted an interview with Paul Taylor (who is Mute's Art Director) where we discussed the design process for the recent Erasure releases.

The first part of this interview is now online, which gives some background to the artwork used for the "Other People's Songs" album and related singles. A Plus+ Ltd (the design agency used for this project) has also generously provided some samples of the concept artwork.

The second part of the interview with Paul (which discusses the 'Hits! The Very Best of Erasure' artwork) will be published in the near future.

Website Update - Further Studio Diary Entries

Days 7 to 9 of Erasure's studio diary have been added.

EIS'04 - Leicester Travel

Since last weeks announcement of EIS'04, I've received a number of enquires regarding what transport links are available to Leicester.

The following links should be useful:

*Trains Services*

- Midland Mainline

Midland Mainline provides direct services to / from Leicester, including:

London St. Pancras (very frequent service), Loughborough (for East Midlands Airport), Luton Airport, Manchester Piccadilly, Nottingham, Scarborough, Sheffield and York.

There are many more destinations - see their website for full details.

- Central Trains

Central Trains provides direct services to / from Leicester, including: Nottingham, Loughborough, Nuneaton, Birmingham and Coventry.

Again they serve more destinations than I have listed.

*Other Useful Travel Links*

- National Rail Journey Planner -

- National Express Coaches


- Nottingham East Midlands Airport

This airport has a frequent Shuttle Bus to Loughborough (which is a 15min train journey to Leicester).

- Luton Airport

Train travel from Luton to Leicester takes approx one hour.

EIS'04 - Accommodation / Tickets

The number of tickets for EIS'04 will be limited as there is a restriction to how many people the venue can hold. The tickets will be sold on a first come / first served basis during March (exact time / price to be determined) and it will obviously be a good idea not to book travel / accommodation until you have confirmed a place.

A number of rooms (for accommodation) at the venue have been reserved (and a discount negotiated) for those going to EIS'04 - but the number of reserved rooms is limited. Full details on this and other accommodation options will be announced during March.

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

18th of February

Fatboy Slim and Erasure Vince join GarageBand

I found this article on

'Music samples from Fatboy Slim and Vince Clarke are now available in the Apple Loops format for GarageBand.

AMG have released Fatboy Slim's Skip To My Loops collection of 'legendary' samples and Vince Clarke's Lucky Bastard collection of 100 per cent synthetic sounds.

Fatboy Slim is best known for his sample-based hits such as Rockafeller Skank, though to us older rockers he is remembered as Norman Cook, bass player for 80s guitar pop geniuses the Housemartins.

Vince Clarke is the synth-toting tunesmith behind four different chart acts: Depeche Mode, The Assembly, Yazoo and Erasure.

Both Apple Loops collections are available on CD for £30 from, where you can also download demo versions.

Simon Aughton'

Erasure: Essential mix

Due to some connection problems during the first airing, The Erasure: Sex On Saturdays ESSENTIAL mix, that was posted on Feb 12th, to air on 15 FEB 2004 on the dance site WE DANCE AS ONE will be RE-broadcast on WDA1 on Friday 20 FEB 2004 at: 08:00 AM Mountain time [10:00AM NYC, 07:00am L.A., 15:00 LONDON GMT]

Thanks to Andrew Cannon for the info

13th of February

EIS'04 - Album Launch Party

To celebrate the launch of the new album later this year, the EIS will be hosting a special event - EIS'04.

To be held on the 7th August in Leicester (UK), preparations for the event are currently underway.

Planned attractions for the event include: video screenings, merchandise, a disco, plus Erasure tribute band 'Eraser' will be performing.

A few surprises are planned as well...

Full details such as venue, times, prices, how to get tickets, buffet details etc. will be announced later in March via another 'EIS Update' email.

Why do a launch party? Well I've had a few requests for another EIS convention: via email, the EIS forum, private messages, on the chat etc.

Hmmm - thinking about it there have been more than a few requests!

So with the release of a brand new Erasure album later this year, it seems to be the perfect excuse to do one.

A quick thank you to Alan and Ewan (both moderators on the EIS Forum) for helping out with organising things so far.

Website Updates - Studio Diary

The studio diary continues to be updated - read the latest adventures(!) of Andy and Vince here:

A German translation of the studio diary section will go up in the next day or two (thanks to Corinna and Janet from for providing the translations).

Website Updates - Discography

Details of Erasure's UK singles have been added to the discography section:

Sound clips and lyrics to follow.

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

12th of February

DJ Shortdawg presents..

ERASURE: Sex on Saturdays (the Essential Remixes)

On Sunday February 15th the free internet radio station will present DJ Shortdawg's ERASURE: Sex on Saturdays (the Essential Remixes). This is a 1 & 1/2 hour continuous mix of the best Erasure remixes (track listing and times below). DJ Shortdawg's Pet Shop Boys: Essential Remixed set a record number of listeners at This is an excellent opportunity for the Erasure community to show that our boys can beat that record.


11 pm GMT (London);

6 pm EST (N.Y.);

3 pm PST (L.A.)

Star (White Label)

Solsbury Hill (Mahattan Clique Extended)

In My Arms (Dekkard Vocal)

Always (White Label)

Freedom (MARKs guitar vocal mix)

Video Killed the Radio Star (37b)

Am I Right (WhiteLabel)

Cryin in the Rain (Mark Towns)

I Love Saturday (Beatmasters Club)

Rain (Blue Amazon Twisted Circles)

Waiting for Sex (Mark Towns)

Make Me Smile (Manhattan Clique)

Sometimes (John "00" Flemings Full Focal)

Oh L'amour (LMC 2003)

First Contact (Vocal Mix)

Moon and the Sky ( Sleaze Sisters Anthem)

Crown of Thorns (Mark Towns)

Run to the Sun (Runaround on the Underground)

Thanks to YoungOffender for the info.

30th of January

NEW - Erasure's Studio Diary

Andy and Vince are currently busy working on the new Erasure album - so how about a brief glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes?

Well exclusive to the EIS website is Andy and Vince's Studio Diary!

Written by Vince, the diary will basically feature... well I'm not sure to be honest! Whatever they wish to write and take photos of will be put up on the site - now there's a scary thought!

The first day's entry has been put up here:

And the plan is to update it every few days - so keep checking the site for updates!

Other EIS Website Updates

A selection of photos from the 'Fingers And Thumbs' video shoot (back in 1995) have been added to the fan gallery:

Plus a selection of web links have been added to the links section.

Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following people whose names were randomly pulled out of the virtual hat:

- Autographed photo of Andy and Vince.

Simon Barney (UK)

Jerry McCready (USA)

- Erasure Live '97 bubble blower.

Sarah Hullah (UK)

Stephan Menge (Germany)

- Rain Plus 12" promo.

Joao Batista Fontenele Neto (Brazil)

Tania Palmer (UK)

- 12" vinyl Circus four track promo.

Chad Fabruada (USA)

Iñaki Cortabarria (Spain)

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

23rd of January

Prize Draw

All you have to do is to email: with your name and postal address.

After the closing date of Thursday 29th Jan (12.00 GMT) eight names will be drawn out of the virtual hat.

The 1st pair of names drawn will win:

- an autographed photo of Andy and Vince. (see photo here:

The 2nd pair of names drawn will win: - an Erasure Live '97 bubble blower.

The 3rd pair of names drawn will win: - a Rain Plus 12" promo

The final two names drawn will win: - a 12" vinyl Circus four track promo

Multiple entries will be deleted, and please do not put any other queries / comments in competition / draw e-mails as the only ones that tend to be read are those that have won.

Winners will be notified via email on the 29th Jan and the names will be published in the subsequent EIS Email Update.

Website Update - Fan Experiences

Some additional Erasure related experiences that have been sent in by EIS members have been added to the site:

Website Update - Private Ear: Revisited

An interesting article by Ian Masterson who visited Vince's studio back in 1995 has been added (titled 'Dome Sweet Dome') complete with additional photos.

EIS Forum Poll: What is the best Erasure song - ever?

Well the EIS forum is continuing its rather remarkable growth - over 1,700 members at the last count. Thank you for its success - its certainly proving to be an interesting experience reading some of the topics...

Don't forget that the EIS Forum is running a poll to see what you think the best Erasure song is - see the main 'Erasure Discussion' area for details.

It is also proving to be an useful area to dicuss what features you would like to see added to the EIS site - there have been a few requests for EIS articles to be published in multiple languages - what do you think?

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service

16th of January

Ask Erasure

This month's answers from Vince have been added to the 'Ask Erasure' section, where he reveals what would have been the set list for the New Year's Eve Hogmanay performance and what sound technology will be used on the new album...

Discography - Album Section

The start of the massive overhaul of the discography section has began. Track listings for Erasure's UK albums have finally been added, as well as brief sound clips of each track (in Real Audio and Windows Media formats).

Singles, promos, non UK releases will follow, as well as the addition of lyrics and cover artwork.

Gallery - Fan Photos

A further 25 images have been added to the fan section of the gallery. I'll add a further 25 photos each week (well that's the plan anyway!) as I have received many excellent photos over the months that deserve to go up as soon as possible.

EIS Forum - What's Your Favourite Erasure Song?

The forum is currently running an interesting poll to determine what is the EIS members favourite Erasure song.

Register your vote now!

(If you haven't registered for the forum click on the 'register' on the toolbar)

Competitions will return next week - until then!

Have a great weekend!

Erasure Information Service

14th of January

Blood available on DVD

'Blood', a film Vince did the soundtrack for a few years ago, has been released on DVD in North America. More info about the film is available at the 'Internet Movie Database', here:- . It is available to buy for $16.75 from (click here to order). Please note, this DVD is in NTSC (American and Canadian standard), region 1. If you're in Europe or anywhere else, please check your DVD player or DVD-rom drive will play NTSC region 1 DVDs before purchasing. Also, if you don't like scary horror films, this might not be for you! (not that I've seen it, but it's sounds like it would be pretty scary! ;-).

I have no info about a PAL release of this DVD at the moment. If you see it anywhere, please let me know!.

9th of January

Edinburgh Hogmanay - Concert in the Gardens

Well what can say? I share everyone's disappointment regarding the cancellation of Erasure's Hogmanay live performance (as well as the fireworks etc) due to safety reasons.

However having seen the light riggings and speakers on stage swaying rather alarmingly due to the high winds, and narrowly avoiding being hit by park benches being blown towards me on the nearby path, I do appreciate why it was called off.

Regarding refunds, if you purchased tickets for the Concert in the Gardens event, refunds will be available from your point of sale from Monday 5 January.

If you purchased your tickets from Hub Tickets you will receive an automatic refund. If you have not received your refund by the end of January please contact your point of sale.

For further details please see the official Edinburgh Hogmanay website:

Some admittedly not too exciting pictures from the event can be seen here:

I'll see if I can get some 'behind the scenes' photos for a future update.

On A Brighter Note...

As mentioned by Andy in the recent New Year's eve interview, Erasure are progressing well with their new album.

Andy and Vince are currently finishing writing the songs for the new album (having already completed eight) and will be hitting the studio soon. There are also provisional plans for a tour this year - but it way to early to speculate where and when as of yet.

Is there anything yet I can tell you about the album? Well no as I don't know anything more about it than you guys at the moment.

I did subtly ask for some juicy info (e.g. "So what's the style of the new album?"), but everyone has their lips sealed at the moment! I'll try a different approach next time...

But what I can say is that there is an extremely enthusiastic vibe going around regarding this new album - and should certainly prove to be a truly exciting release!

Website Updates

The next couple of weeks will be fairly quiet of Erasure news whilst Andy and Vince are busy writing and recording, however during this time the EIS website will have extensive updates as I work through the website "to-do" list.

This process has began this week with the following additions to the website:

- Fan Experiences -

This section is dedicated to sharing EIS members favourite Erasure related experiences. The first ten have been published and can be viewed here:

If you would like to contribute to this section then please send your name, age, country, a photo (the last three are all optional) and your experience to the following address:

(There is no limit to the length of what you wish to write btw.)

If this section proves popular then the plan is to make the section database driven and allow people to update their own page themselves - but we'll see how it goes at the moment!

- Interview Section -

Several of the existing interviews with Andy and Vince have had audio streams added.

In addition EIS member Austin Kaister has kindly allowed the publication of an email interview that was conduction with Vince Clarke that was used for his musicology paper.

- Private Ear: Revisited -

There have been many requests for older articles from the old EIS publication 'Private Ear' to be made available on the website. Well this will begin shortly, and will allow the original b&w photos to be reproduced in colour where possible.

In addition older articles from the EIS website will be republished and it is one of these that kicks off this new section:

- EIS Forum Success -

And just a quick thank you to all the members of the EIS forum who have made it such a success - over 10,000 posts and approaching 1,500 members since the board went live in early November - my word!

Blue Savannah (Out Of The Blue Mix)

Erasure's Blue Savannah (Out Of The Blue Mix) is to get a commercial release on the upcoming "RetroActive - Rare and Remixed" CD.

Full details here:

This CD also features Book Of Love 'I Touch Roses' (Full Bloom Version) mixed by Mute's very own Daniel Miller.

Well I think this will do for this week!

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service

1st of January 2004

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. It's a shame 2003 didn't finish that well for people hoping to see Erasure in Edinburgh, but it's still been a great year Erasure-wise, I'm sure you will agree!. I hope everyone has a great 2004 and here's hoping they'll be more opportunities to see Erasure live this year!.

As always, thank you to everyone for signing my guestbook and sending me emails. I really appreciate all your comments about the site. Look out for lots more updates to Erasurette in 2004 :-)

1st of January 2004

Concert In The Gardens cancelled

As you probably know by now, Erasure did not perform at Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations last night, as the concert had to be cancelled due to atrocious weather conditions. According to news site

"First 8,000 ticketholders for a sell-out gig in Princes Street Gardens were informed that the concert, being headlined by pop duo Erasure, was cancelled as the strong winds had rendered the stage unsafe.

A spokeswoman for the event said: "The Concert in the Gardens has been cancelled because of the high winds. The structure is starting to disintegrate and it is a dangerous situation."

Refunds will be available to people who purchased tickets to the concert from the 5th of January. See for more details.

Erasure did appear on ITV1 Scotland's 'A Capital New Year' show, and performed a live acoustic version of Ship of Fools (Andy and Vince were both wearing kilts!) in a TV studio. The presenter spoke to Andy for a while - Andy said whilst they were doing the soundcheck he had had a feeling it was going to be a good show. He also said they would go back next year if they were asked. I'm sure Andy and Vince must have been very disappointed. Andy also mentioned they had finished 8 songs for a new album which would be out around September. So some good news, anyway!.


News - Sept-Dec 2003


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