News - March-Aug 2003


29th of August

"Oh L'Amour" - The New Single

Erasure will release their new single "Oh L'Amour" on the 13th October 2003 - and some details of this anticipated release can now be exclusively revealed!

This new version of their classic song will be available on 2 CDs and DVD single. A selection of the singles contents is listed below:

CD - Oh L'Amour (remix) plus 2 exclusive brand new songs

LCD - Oh L'Amour remixes including mixes by LMC and Shanghai Suprize

DVD - Oh L'Amour remixes plus exclusive footage of Erasure live from "The Other Tour"

More details will be announced shortly!

Oh L'Amour Slipcase

As with the two previous releases this year, a free slipcase will be made available to UK fans to keep the Oh L'Amour CD and DVD singles in.

If you received the prior slipcases (for 'Solsbury Hill' or 'Make Me Smile') then your details are already on the database and you don't need to do anything to receive the Oh L'Amour one.

If you didn't get the previous ones and would like the new one then you can add your UK postal address to the mailing list here:

If you would like more than one slipcase then please email me *only* at the following email address:

Please include your name and postcode so your address details can be matched up and say how many slipcases you would like.

Exclusive "Love Me All Night Long" Sound Clip

What's this I hear you ask?

Well as mentioned above the Oh L'Amour single features two brand new songs, and "Love Me All Night Long" is one of these tracks - and yes, you get to listen to an exclusive clip of it on the EIS website!!!!

The links to the sound clip (available in Real Audio and Windows Media formats) is on the EIS homepage at:

Prior Hits! CD / DVD News

The previous details about the new 'Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure' CD, bonus Megamix CD and DVD release can be read in news section of the EIS site at:


There are now over 300 brand new Mid Price titles available from Mute Bank from just 6.99 GBP (or 5.95 Non EU) to 8.99 GBP (or 7.65 Non EU)

This massive selection of back catalogue CD's will be available at these prices for a limited period only (till end October 2003)

The MID PRICE MADNESS campaign features a huge selection of Mute artists including back catalogue from Erasure plus Vince Clarke and Martin Ware's 'Pretentious' and 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle'

To view a full list of titles available and to place an order please click here:

Note: all titles are subject to availability so to avoid the possibility of shortages please give alternative choices in the comments box provided when placing your order.

Erasure Information Service


22nd of August

EIS Update- 'Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure'

Erasure release their new greatest hits album - 'Hits! - The Very Best of Erasure' on the 20th October 2003. As well as being available on CD and a Ltd CD edition, there will also be a DVD titled 'Hits! - The Videos'.

'Hits! - The Videos' - DVD content details

This superb DVD will comprise of two discs:

DVD - Disc One

This will feature the long awaited collection of all the bands videos:

- Who Needs Love Like That?
- Heavenly Action
- Oh L'Amour
- Sometimes
- It Doesn't Have To Be
- Victim Of Love
- The Circus
- Ship Of Fools
- Chains Of Love
- A Little Respect
- Stop!
- Drama
- You Surround Me
- Blue Savannah
- Star
- Chorus
- Love To Hate You
- Am I Right?
- Breath Of Life
- Take A Chance On Me
- Lay All Your Love
- Voulez Vous
- Always
- Run To The Sun
- I Love Saturday
- Stay With Me
- Fingers and Thumbs
- Rock Me Gently
- In My Arms
- Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
- Rain
- Freedom
- Solsbury Hill
- Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

A few clips from some of these videos can be seen on the EIS website at:

DVD - Disc Two

This will feature over two hours(!) of extras including:

- Alternative videos
- Live performances
- Exclusive interview footage
- and a few hidden surprises...

I know what your asking yourselves - why isn't he releasing the full details of the second DVD? Well we would like to leave you guys with a few surprises to look forward to!

'Hits! - The Videos' - Release Details

Although the international release dates are still to be confirmed, 'Hits! - The Videos' will be released commerically in NTSC format via Warner for Canada, Mexico and the USA. Additionally EMI will release the DVD in PAL and NTSC formats (the particular format being country dependent) for the rest of the world.

'Hits! - The Very Best of Erasure' - bonus Megamix CD

Thanks for all the great feedback I've received about the Mark Towns Megamix CD. The audio clips that were on the front page last week can now be found on this page:

Scrubs - Repeat showing on Sky One

The very funny NBC comedy 'Scrubs' is currently having its first season repeated in the UK on Sky One.

The episode that heavily features the Erasure track 'A Little Respect' is being shown on: Friday 29th August on Sky One at 8.30pm


Erasure Information Service


15th of August

'Hits - The Very Best of Erasure' - Bonus CD details

The bonus CD will accompany the limited edition version of 'Hits! - The Very Best of Erasure', (release date 20th Oct 2003) and comprises a megamix of 18 Erasure tracks (detailed below) - mixed together by Mark Towns.

Megamix Bonus CD Track Listing:

Stay With Me
You Surround Me
In My Arms
Solsbury Hill
A Little Respect
Chains of Love
Take A Chance On Me
Love To Hate You
Victim of Love
Blue Savannah
Oh L'Amour
Breath of Life
Ship of Fools

Mark Towns will be a familiar name to many of you and many examples of his fine work are available from his website at:

I'm going to let Mark interrupt me at this point to allow him to write a few words about his work on the CD:

"Creating the megamix was truly a labour of love. And discovering how well the tracks meld into one another was quite yet another experience! Mute provided me with isolated bits of almost every track to aid my megamixing efforts, and hearing each bit of a song was quite a treat. I began the project by deciding what mixes of each song I would use and then I calculated the beats per minute and key of each song. After I had this information, I began to blend the tracks together, using some of the isolated melodies and effects from each song. It was a continual process of experimentation, and I'm very pleased with the end result.

As regular visitors to know, I have always been all about music, and I'm glad to be able to share it with the world."

Thank you Mark!

If anyone has any queries regarding the technical (or any other) aspects of the process that Mark went through with creating this megamix then Mark has kindly agreed to answer any questions that you may have, which if you send to me I will forward onto him. Please send such emails to:

Exclusive audio clips available

Available exclusively on the EIS website are two audio clips from the bonus CD.

The links to the clips are provided on the front page, and are available in both Real Audio and Windows Media formats:

Well that's all for today so have a fantastic weekend everyone and you'll hear some more exciting news next Friday!

All the best!


Erasure Information Service


11th of August

EIS Update - Future Fridays clips and bits

You probably don't know this - but I particularly like Monday's at work. I come into the office and there will tend to be an interesting CD sat innocently on my desk - today was no exception.

Picking this one up I read the attached note - "The bonus disc". Unsurprisingly I didn't wait too long before I started playing it.

It was very cool :)

As mentioned in previous Erasure Updates, the forthcoming Hits! compilation album will also be available as a limited edition version that features a bonus CD and it was this that I've been listening (and chair swaying) to for most of the day.

In fact I think you guys should be able to listen (and chair sway!) to it as well - so after much begging, pleading and weeping (it wasn't a pretty sight) I'll be announcing full details of the bonus CD as well as posting up some exclusive clips from it at the end of this week!!!!

That's not all - on every Friday for the next ten weeks, additional details about the Hits! Album and DVD, and audio / video clips from the new single will be posted each week exclusively on the website.

Some competitions will also be thrown into the mix for good measure - and the EIS auctions will also return soon - more details nearer the time.

The next few weeks weeks should certainly prove to be very exciting :)

Until Friday!


Erasure Information Service


1st of August

So Graham Norton - Repeat showing

For those that missed the recent BBC AMERICA showing of the So Graham Norton show which featured Erasure, it has a repeat showing on Saturday 2nd August at 11pm (ET).

XM Satellite Radio - Erasure concert broadcast

The satellite radio service 'XM Radio' will be airing an Erasure 1992 concert on the channel 'XM Live' (channel number 168), also on Saturday 2nd August at 10am (ET).

More details of the XM Radio service can be found here: and they publish their programme guide here: (requires Adobe Reader software to view)


Erasure Information Service


30th of July

Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure - Track Listing

The track listing of the new album entitled 'Hits!' - The Very Best Of Erasure (to be released on 20th October) can now be exclusively revealed:

1 - Oh L'Amour
2 - Sometimes
3 - Victim Of Love
4 - Ship Of Fools
5 - Chains Of Love
6 - A Little Respect
7 - Stop!
8 - You Surround Me
9 - Blue Savannah
10 - Chorus
11 - Love To Hate You
12 - Breath Of Life
13 - Take A Chance On Me
14 - Always
15 - Stay With Me
16 - In My Arms
17 - Freedom
18 - Solsbury Hill
19 - Oh L'Amour (Remix)

With the huge number of hits that Erasure have, it is obviously difficult to produce a track listing to represent everyone's idea of a 'best of' - after all only 74 mins can squeezed on a CD!

Further Auctions

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the EIS charity auctions so far.

At the moment I'm doing my 'headless chicken' impression sorting out the current winning bids and packing and sending off the items.

However there will be another auction in the next few weeks - possibly two more if I can bear to part with some of the other costumes I have in the office here! I guess the costumes that don't fit me can be auctioned off :)


Just a quick note to say that I'm on holiday for all of next week in San Francisco (2nd - 10th) so I will be unable to reply to queries / process merchandise orders during that time.


Erasure Information Service


22nd of July

EIS Update - BBC America - So Graham Norton Show

An edition of the So Graham Norton show that featured Erasure back in January 2003 (in the UK) will be shown on BBC America on Friday 25th July at 11pm (ET). There is a brief interview with Andy Bell, and a live performance of Solsbury Hill.

This edition of the show has several repeat showings after its initial broadcast.

Details of the So Graham Norton show schedule can be found here

BBC America is available via satellite and cable networks across the US, more details can be found at the BBC America website:


Erasure Information Service


19th of July

New single rumours

It is rumoured that the new single, released on the 13th of October, will be a new remixed version of Oh L'amour!. This has not been officially confirmed.

'Hits - The Very Best Of Erasure'

There will be a North American release of the new 'Hits!' album and an NTSC version of the DVD, though no release date has been confirmed yet. Info from Greg EIS.


17th of July

EIS Update - Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure - CD & DVD

Erasure release their new greatest hits album on 20th October! The album entitled 'Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure' will be available on CD, Ltd CD with free bonus disc and DVD.

The DVD (Hits! - The Videos) will feature all the band's videos and an additional disc containing over 2 hours of extras.

'Hits!' will be preceded by a single released on 13th October.

Look out for more exclusive news regarding these exciting releases over the coming weeks! !

EIS Auction - Part 2

The second EIS auction, featuring items worn by Andy Bell for 'The Other Tour' will begin tomorrow (18th July) at 13.00 (GMT).

More details at

Greg EIS


3rd of July

Happy Birthday Vince!

Happy Birthday to Vince who is 43 today!. You can leave a birthday message for Vince by signing the birthday book here!

Problems with the site

Apologies if you've noticed some problems with some of the images on my site in the last week. I've almost corrected everything now and it'll be back to normal in the next couple of days.


3rd of July

EIS Update - EIS Auction begins Friday 4th July 2003

The EIS auction featuring the costumes from 'The Other Tour' begins tomorrow at 13.00 (GMT). Full details of how the process will work and the first items to be put up for auction will be revealed on the site tomorrow at

Charity suggestions

There will be several auctions over the upcoming weeks, and each week a different charity will be given the proceeds from that auction. If any of you would like to suggest a charity to benefit from these EIS auctions then email me at the usual address (see the bottom of this email) and the charities with the most nominations will be chosen.

Photos for new EIS website

A quick thank you to everyone who has sent in photos for inclusion in the gallery section for the new EIS website (currently under development).

If you have any photos of yourselves / Andy & Vince taken at any of the Erasure tours or similar events then please send them to the following email address:

Please include the date and venue of where the photo was taken and to whom the photo should be credited to.

Greg EIS


19th of June

EIS Update - Auctions, photos, and Loveboat

website update - photo

A rather striking photo of Andy taken at 'The Other Tour' can be found on the EIS website:

Talking of photos, a new EIS website is currently under development and I would like to include a section that features photographs taken by you guys at any of the Erasure tours - they can be photos of the band or yourselves at the venues.

Photos should be sent *only* to the following email address:

Please include the date and venue of where the photo was taken and whom the photo should be credited to. Most image formats are fine, however please don't send any images that are greater than 1Mb in size.

By sending in photos you consent to them being potentially published on the website. I should point out that there will not be any payments for the photos.

'Loveboat' - North American release

The Erasure Loveboat CD album that was originally released in the UK in Oct 2000 is released for the first time in North American this week.

Mencap charity auction

Mencap are currently auctioning celebrity self-portraits to mark National Learning Disability Week 2003. Celebrity artists include Andy Bell - the auction ends 23rd June.

website update - EIS charity auction

We seem to be going auction mad at the moment! In a few weeks the EIS will be auctioning off several costumes from the recent tour on behalf of several charities - more details will be released nearer the time.

tribute CD re-released

'Under The Covers' - a fan-made Erasure tribute CD that was produced 3 years ago is now available again for a limited time. Further details available at the following site:

Greg EIS


17th of June

Loveboat released today

Loveboat is released today in North America for the first time. It is no different from any other version of the album, but if you don't yet have a copy, you should be able to find it locally now. It is also available from CDUniverse by clicking here.

Andy Bell self portrait

A self-portrait by Andy Bell is on auction at Ebay. The charity MENCAP (a charity in aid of people with learning disabilities) are auctioning a number of self-portraits by celebrities. Andy's self-portrait is currently at a massive £260 with 5 days to go!. Click here to see the auction (or bid if you can afford it!).

Erasure tracksuit top

The Erasure tracksuit top which was on sale at the May and June concerts is now available to buy from Other items on sale at the concerts are also still available. Click here to go to the website.


16th of June

EIS Update - competition winners

As promised here are the winners for the competition that I set last week.

If you remember the question was:

Q) Two of the tracks on the 'Other People's Songs' album were originally recorded by Buddy Holly. What are the names of these two tracks and in which years were they originally released?

The answer I was looking for was:

A) Everyday - 1957 and True Love Ways - 1960

The four winners of the autographed copies of "Other People's Songs" CDs are:

- J Pilsworth - UK

- K Bateman - US

- A Williamson - Denmark

- I Bayon Pinto - Spain

There are also six runners up who will receive random Erasure vinyl picked from the EIS cupboards:

- L Nakamura - US

- N Colins - UK

- J Stanton - US

- R Minton - US

- R Chartrand - US

- S Chitty - UK

Greg EIS


12th of June


I received this email today from Ian Smith and I think it will be of interest to anyone who enjoyed some of the films on the video screen on 'The Other Tour'!.

'Anyone who enjoyed the recent Erasure tour may have also enjoyed the 'Video Wallpaper' seen framed on the back wall of the stage set. Much of the material featured was from a DVD called DVD-TV which is available from all good UK retailers at RRP £9.99 including your favourite online stores. For those of you outside the UK, the DVD is also distributed in Germany, France and Spain. The DVD features 12 tracks of retro-kitsch music and images plus another 5 'hidden' tracks which only appear when random play is chosen from the main menu. Each copy of DVD-TV also comes with a free pair of 'Rave Spex' (holographic diffusion lenses). Vince Clarke said of the DVD 'creative genius' and who are we to argue?

Anyone having difficulty finding the DVD should contact the distributor/producer:

DVD Cymru Wales Ltd

106 Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4HN, UK

T +44 (0) 1646 680505

F +44 (0) 1646 687142



I found the DVD on (click here), priced £9.99.

Speaking of 'The Other Tour', the last date was on Monday in Copenhagen, and it was filmed for a future DVD release!. Yay!.


10th of June

EIS Update - Competition time

Well 'The Other Tour' has come to an end - hasn't time flown by since the start of the tour all the way back in February?

I'm sure we're all suffering from withdrawal symptoms, so it seems like a good excuse to run a competition!


I've got four copies of the 'Other People's Songs' CD signed by Andy and Vince to give away to four separate winners.

To win one all you have to do is to correctly answer the following question:

Q) Two of the tracks on the 'Other People's Songs' album were originally recorded by Buddy Holly. What are the names of these two tracks and in which years were they originally released?

Send your entries to:

The closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 15th June 2003 - and the four winners will be announced on Monday 16th June 2003. The competition is open to everyone, not just those in the UK.

All the best!

Greg EIS


5th of June

EIS update - Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen

Another quick note to say that Andy Bell has just been given the all clear by the throat specialist and the remaining shows in Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen will go ahead as planned.

Greg EIS


4th of June

EIS update regarding cancelled shows

Due to illness, Erasure have been forced to cancel two German dates, Munich on the 3rd of June and Cologne on the 4th of June.

The band send their sincerest apologies to any disappointed fans hoping to attend either of these shows.

As there are no plans to reschedule these dates, tickets holders are asked to get a refund at the venues/point of purchase.

It is presently hoped that the subsequent performances will go ahead as planned. However it is recommended that you check (or for the latest information.

Greg EIS


4th of June

Tonight's concert in Cologne

Tonight's concert in Cologne is cancelled. I found this information on (this has been translated into English using Altavista's babelfish) : - 'Unfortunately there are at short notice two refusals: The concerts in Munich (3 June) and Cologne (4 June) fail, since Andy Bell at an acute neck inflammation is gotten sick. It will not give retrieving concerts, since Erasure has directly no free dates more in foreseeable future!'.

I'm wondering if an acute neck inflammation actually means throat, but if someone can give a proper translation, please let me know!. Also, it seems the dates will not be rescheduled.

'We assume the two other concerts of the tour (Berlin and Hamburg) will take place.'

Let's hope Andy gets well soon!.


3rd of June

Two German shows cancelled!

Tonight's show in Munich and tomorrow's in Cologne have been cancelled as Andy is suffering from the flu. Andy was unwell at the Hammersmith show on the 30th of May and told the audience he had flu at G.A.Y on Saturday night, but I assume it was thought he would be OK for the German shows. There's no info on whether the shows will be rescheduled at the moment.


30th of May

'Erasure Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert' NTSC DVD

This is a short update to announce that the Erasure Sanctuary DVD (NTSC version) will be released on 7th July 2003.

What will happen now is that from next week onwards (2nd June) all of the pre-orders that have been received by the EIS will be passed on to Mute Bank for them to process.

Mute Bank will deal with the charging and shipping of the DVD, however the EIS will continue to handle any queries regarding the orders for this DVD via email.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that helped make the US version of this DVD possible - cheers!

Have a great weekend!

EIS update from Greg EIS


27th of May

The Other Tour - only a few dates left

Hope you're all enjoying 'The Other Tour' - just a reminder that there are only a few dates left now in the UK:

28 May - Brighton Dome

30 May - London Hammersmith Apollo

More details -

'The Other Tour' - June Dates

But don't forget that there are further European dates for 'The Other Tour' in June:

3 June - Munich Muffathalle

4 June - Cologne Ewerk

6 June - Berlin Columbiahalle

7 June - Hamburg Stadtpark

9 June - Copenhagen Vega

More details -

Also a quick note to say that the 'Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002' DVD (PAL edition) will be on sale at these venues in June.

Erasure at G-A-Y - 31st May

Erasure will also be performing several songs at the G-A-Y night at the London Astoria on Saturday 31st May.

More details -

Mute Bank - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) Single

The two CDs and the DVD of the recent UK release of 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' is now available from Mute Bank.

Order from:

Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002 DVD (NTSC edition)

Still no release date as yet - I should hopefully hear something this week.

Vic Twenty - Single out this week

The fabulous support act for Erasure during May - 'Vic Twenty' have released their single this week - titled 'Vic Twenty'.

It features the tracks:

- txt msg

- Hell to Helsinki

- Kiss You

CAT - MUSO1CD EAN - 5016025683260

Order from: More details:

By the way have a great time everyone at tonight's Plymouth show!

EIS Update from Greg EIS


26th of May


There's a competition at BBC Southern Counties website to win 2 pairs of tickets to the Brighton Dome concert on Wednesday night and to meet Andy and Vince!. Click here to enter, but be quick as the closing date is midday on Tuesday!.

New photos

I've added 3 new photos of the Sheffield City Hall gig from last Tuesday to the pictures section. The show was fantastic. Unfortunately, my pictures... aren't!. But I tried!. Andy revealed he had a bald head underneath his hat by saying 'Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be.. Sinead O'Connor!' lol!. You can "just" about see it in the pictures!. If anyone has any pictures from the tour that I could put on Erasurette, please email me at the usual address (


16th of May

Southampton review and interview

A review of last week's Southampton concert and an interview with Andy are available at BBC Southampton's website: -

Thanks to Stephen Stafford for the info.

16th of May

'Loose Women' - ITV1

There have been reports that Erasure are due to appear on the UK ITV1 programme 'Loose Women' on Friday 23rd May. Unfortunately this is not happening. Although Erasure were scheduled to appear, the programme has reviewed it's music policy and no longer plans to feature live performances.

Erasure - Sanctuary DVD - NTSC Status

I've delighted to inform you that I've just received confirmation that an NTSC edition of the Erasure Sanctuary DVD *will* be produced. Final details are still be sorted out, so I'll announce the full details and time scales / release date when I get them. By the way - have a fantastic time at the Edinburgh show this evening for those that are going - as well as the Newcastle and Manchester shows over the weekend - have a great time everyone!!!!

EIS update from Greg EIS


13th of May

Erasure Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002 DVD

Available exclusively through the Mute Bank and on the May tour is the Erasure Sanctuary DVD. Featuring 22 fantastic songs and an interview with Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, the EIS Christmas Concert is presented in widescreen and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. - full details can be found here:

- and can be ordered via Mute Bank:

Erasure Sanctuary - NTSC Pre-Orders status

For people with the US, Canada and Japan who wish to pre-order a NTSC edition of the Erasure Sanctuary DVD can do so on this page:

If you want an NTSC edition of the DVD then make sure you pre-order!

An email update on the current status of the pre-orders for this NTSC release will be made within a day or two, so keep checking those email inboxes :)

Erasure - The Other Tour UK Dates

Now I know I don't need to tell you guys that Erasure are currently on tour within the UK , however I'd thought I'll remind you that details of the remaining venues and dates in May can be found on this page: and tickets can be purchased online at

Further details about the venues (parking information, wheelchair access etc) can be found at their respective websites.

13th - Ipswich Regent Theatre

14th - Leicester De Montfort Hall

16th - Edinburgh Playhouse

17th - Newcastle City Hall

18th - Manchester Apollo

20th - Sheffield City Hall

21st - Wolverhampton Civic Hall

23rd - Cambridge Corn Exchange

24th - Bristol Colston Hall

25th - Cardiff St Davids Hall

27th - Plymouth Pavillion

28th - Brighton Dome

30th - London Carling Apollo Hammersmith

EIS update from Greg EIS


4th of May

Erasure on US TV

Erasure will be appearing on 'The Other Half' tomorrow (Monday) on American TV. To see when it'll be shown in your area, click here to check on the broadcast times. I know I mentioned they'd be on this before and they weren't, but they are now mentioned on the official Other Half site as a guest on tomorrow's show.


1st of May

NTSC DVD for customers within the USA, Canada and Japan

A secure page for customers wishing to pre-order the NTSC edition of the DVD is now available here:

The DVD and postage / shipping costs are also explained on the pre-order page.

Although payment details have to be entered on this page - no one will be charged until the target number of pre-orders has been reached and it is confirmed that the NTSC DVD will be produced.

If it is produced then you will be emailed to notify you when payment has been taken from your account and the DVD has been sent out.

You will also be contacted via email if the number of pre-orders is insufficient and the DVD will not be produced.

Although the EIS is collecting the pre-order data, the actual order will be processed by Mute Bank and not the EIS.

--- important ---

The level of demand for an NTSC release of the DVD will be judged purely on the number of pre-orders that is received via the pre-order web page. No other emails sent to the EIS regarding this release will count towards the total I'm afraid!

Quick Reminder

A quick reminder that Mute Bank is currently taking orders for the PAL DVD release here:

'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' - US Release

The North American CD Maxi Single of 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' is released next week on the 6th of May.

Here are the track listing details:

1. Make Me Smile - Edit

2. Make Me Smile - Dan Frampton Radio Mix

3. Make Me Smile - Manhattan Clique Extended Mix

4. Walking In The Rain - 37B Mix

5. When Will I See You Again - 37B Mix

6. Can't Help Falling In Love - Acoustic

Enhanced CD-ROM section:

7. Solsbury Hill video - Directed by Vince Clarke

News from the latest EIS update


30th of April

Sound files at Radio Alice

Four sound files of Erasure's live acoustic performance at American radio station Alice 97.3 are now available to hear at Radio Alice's website. Click here to listen. You will need Real Audio player to play these files. A free version is available from the Real audio website.


29th of April

Erasure Sanctuary DVD Cover Image

By popular request the cover image of the new DVD can now be seen on the site. Simply click on the thumbnail image on the homepage to see it or simply click here:

Updated Mute Bank Purchase Link

The link provided yesterday to Mute Bank didn't include the top navigation bar - sorry about that. If you use this link to order the DVD: the top menu bar will be present and correct!

Also just to confirm that the DVD will only be available via Mute Bank and the venues at the second leg of the UK tour and not via retail stores.

Countries That Use PAL

I've been receiving a few emails asking if the PAL DVD will be viewable in a particular country or not. Well I use this following page: as a guide and I realised it would be a useful if I told everybody else about it as well!

Pre-ordering The NTSC DVD

I would like to make it clear that a NTSC DVD of the Erasure Birmingham concert will only be produced if their is sufficient demand. This demand will be judged solely on the number of pre-orders received via a special web page that I am setting up solely for this purpose. This page will be made available in a day or two (its currently being fine tuned!), please do not order via the Mute Bank link above.

Vic Twenty Single

I've just been informed that the Vic Twenty debut single (titled 'Vic Twenty') will actually be released on the 20th of May.

Random Thoughts

Well the second leg of 'The Other Tour' here in the UK will shortly be upon us - I hope you guys are excited as I am! For an updated status on what venues still have tickets available be sure to check out:

News from the latest EIS update


28th of April

'Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002' Release Details

Available from the 5th May exclusively through the Mute Bank and on the May tour will be 'Sanctuary - The EIS Christmas Concert 2002' DVD and marks the first time the band performed live tracks from their latest album "Other Peoples Songs".

The full track listing of the DVD is as follows:

In My Arms
Blue Savannah
Ship Of Fools
Can't Help Falling In Love
Chains Of Love
Breath Of Life
Oh L'Amour
Love To Hate You
Victim Of Love
A Little Respect
True Love Ways
You Surround Me
Piano Song
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Solsbury Hill

Plus an exclusive interview with Vince Clarke and Andy Bell.

For those of you that sent in photos a couple of months ago to be included on the DVD, remember to look out for them!

Technical Details

The DVD is in windscreen (should this be widescreen?! - Jackie) (16:9 anamorphic) and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.

It is an 'All Region' DVD and will be in PAL format.

Ordering Details

This DVD will be available from Mute Bank priced £14.99 plus £1 postage and packing (UK price only).

Phone - 24 hour credit card hotline: 020 8964 0029

Fax - 020 8964 3722

Online -

By Mail - Mute Bank, 429 Harrow Rd, London W10 4RE

Additionally the DVD will also be available at the UK May concerts.

NTSC version

There will be an NTSC release of this DVD if there is sufficient demand for one. The level of demand will be gauged by the number of pre-orders that have been recieved by the EIS. More details of this process will be released shortly.

Vic Twenty - Debut Single

Vic Twenty who will be supporting Erasure on the tour throughout May released their rather fine debut single on the 14th April on Daniel Millier's Credible Sexy Units label. The single 'Vic Twenty' comprises of three tracks: 'txt msg' (it's about dumping someone via text message...), 'Hell to Helsinki' and 'Kiss You'. I recommend you check them out! More details at

News from the latest EIS update


25th of April

Andy's birthday

Happy birthday to Andy, who is 39 today!. You can leave your birthday messages to Andy by clicking here!.


25th of April

Support Act For Second Leg Of UK Tour

The support act for the second leg of 'The Other Tour' in the UK will be 'Vic Twenty'. Photos of the band and samples of some of their tracks can be downloaded from their official site at:

Some people might recognise the bands name from a certain early 80's home computer...

'Loveboat' CD To Be Released In North America

Mute North America will release Erasure's last artist album, Loveboat, domestically on June 17, 2003.

Loveboat is Erasure's ninth collection of original pop songs. Originally released by Mute UK in October 2000, it has only been available as an import until now. Loveboat is the follow-up to 1997's Cowboy and was co-produced with Erasure's original producer, Flood who is also known for his production work with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and U2. The North America release of Loveboat will be identical to the UK release.

'Pop! - The First 20 Hits' CD To Be Released In Chile & Bolivia

'Pop! - The First 20 Hits' CD is being released in Chile & Bolivia for the first time, on May 12th 2003.

EIS Update from Greg EIS


22nd of April

Erasure postcards

Just thought I'd mention I've added some new pictures to the postcards section. I noticed the other day it wasn't working so I've fixed it and added new pictures so you can send them to people again, if you like!.


20th of April

2nd week chart position

Make Me Smile is at number 43 on this week's official UK singles chart. Not bad considering it was a one week only release again!.


17th of April

Win Erasure tickets have a competition to win 2 tickets to see Erasure at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall on the 21st of May. Click here to enter (click on the competition link on the main page). They also have over a 1000 Erasure items for sale on their website. Thanks to Rob Lythall for the info.


Don't forget, Erasure will be on Top Of The Pops tomorrow night at 7.30pm! (UK only)


15th of April

EIS Competition winners

Here are the winners for the competition that I set last week:

- Sarah Oliver

- David Lawes

- Mark Cromarty

- Robert Runbell

- Jo Skinner

And here are five runners up who will receive random items that are around my desk. (Don't worry they are Erasure related items!)

- Danielle Woods

- Kip Stevenson

- Bengt Nordin

- Adrian Winterton

- Bridget Gray

The question was:

Q: On what date did Erasure perform "Am I Right?" live on Top Of The Pops (UK edition)?

To which the answer was... A: 5th December 1991

A short clip of this and many other Erasure TOTP appearances can be found here:

80s website

I thought you might be interested in the following website that also has some Erasure items up for grabs in a competition:

EIS update from Greg EIS


14th of April

Chart success

Well what better way to start the week than with the news that 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' achieved number 14 in the UK charts!!!

This is excellent news and reaffirms what a great year this will be for Andy & Vince and all Erasure fans!!

So let me take the opportunity to pass on the thanks and appreciation from everyone here at Mute and the EIS (well okay the EIS bit is me!) for supporting the guys.

Top Of The Pops

I can also confirm that Erasure will be performing 'Make Me Smile' on Top Of The Pops this week - broadcast details below:

BBC ONE Friday 18th April at 7:30pm

BBC ONE Sunday 20th April at 2:10am

Further details at the BBC TOTP site:

Competition Reminder

A lot of new people signed up to receive these emails at the weekend so for their benefit and to remind everyone else about the competition...

The closing date for entries is tonight (Monday 14th April 2003) so there is just enough time to send your entries in, and the question is:

Q: On what date did Erasure perform "Am I Right?" live on Top Of The Pops (UK edition)? (email: -

There will be five winners, who will each receive two of Andy's T-shirts.

EIS Update form Greg EIS


13th of April

Official UK chart position

Make Me Smile is a new entry at number 14 on the official UK Top 40. A little bit down on number 10 from Friday, but still pretty good. They are also number One on the Indie singles chart! (that just includes artists on independent record labels though).

CD:UK chart position

UK music show CD:UK had Make Me Smile at number 9 yesterday on their chart. This is usually quite accurate with the official chart which is broadcast on Radio One 4-7pm (click here to watch it or listen live). I've added a video capture of the chart position on CD:UK, sent to me by Derek Watson (thank you!). Click here to see it (it's in the pictures/video stills page).

Erasure at G-A-Y

Erasure will be performing at the G-A-Y nightclub on the 31st of May. Click here for more info.


11th of April

Top Of The Pops 2 - online clips

For those of us that missed the TOTP2 Erasure special due to the late change in schedules, clips of the first five songs and the full version of 'Make Me Smile' are now available online (in Real Video format) at the TOTP2 site:

Just a reminder that there is also a TOTP2 microsite at:

Current 'Make Me Smile' chart success

A quick update on the midweek chart position of 'Make Me Smile' - its currently at no. 10!. The different between positions 10 and 11 is only 7 sales so its vitally important that we buy the singles this week! Lets fill up those slipcases!

Competition reminder

Something I didn't clarify in the last email regarding the competition is that anybody can enter, not just those within the UK.

EIS update from Greg EIS


11th of April

US Loveboat release

This is from the latest Mute NA update - "Loveboat CD album -- coming June 17th! never before released domestically!". There's no info yet about whether this'll be any different to the UK version.


10th of April

Top Of The Pops 2 Special

Omg!, TOTP2 was fantastic!!. I was really worried it'd been cancelled when it wasn't on at 6.20pm. But luckily it had just been delayed until 7.05pm. Hope you all managed to catch it!. Well, here's a little review (though I'm not too good at them as you know!). At the beginning Andy and Vince introduced themselves (not on stage, just to a camera) and then they started off with Breath Of Life. There was Andy and Vince, and the two backing singers that are on tour with them, Anne-Marie and Val. They sang live to the backing tracks (Vince had to mime playing the keyboard and guitar!). Andy was wearing white jeans and a black sparkly long sleeve top (and bleached hair), Vince was wearing a beige (I think!) suit. They recorded 10 songs on the day. The one's that weren't shown were Chorus, Blue Savannah, Can't Help Falling In Love and True Love Ways.

The full song list was:

1. Breath Of Life
2. Sometimes
3. Love To Hate You
4. You've Lost That Loving Feelin'
5. A Little Respect
6. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

Good news is, if you couldn't see it, TOTP2 website are going to add the full performance of Make Me Smile to the Erasure microsite later this week!. Click here for the TOTP2 site.


9th of April

Make Me Smile

First of all I've just been informed that 'Make Me Smile' is number 9 in the mid-week charts!!! This is absolutely fantastic news!!! Thank you and congratulations to everyone that is helping to make this happen!. If this single proves to be as successful as Solsbury Hill then there is an excellent chance of another Erasure appearance on Top Of The Pops.

But its quite a few days to go until the end of the week so lets keep the pressure up! Keep up with the requests to radio stations to get the single played - BBC Radio 2 in particular has a very large audience and is an ideal outlet for the single.

Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues what a great single it is and that they can see them tonight on TOTP 2!!

If anybody wants additional slipcases for any extra copies of the single that they're buying then I would be more than happy to send one out - just let me know!


Its competition time!!!

To celebrate the appearance of Erasure on the Top Of The Pops 2 special this evening, we're giving away a total of ten of Andy's personal T-shirts!

There will be five winners, who will each receive two of the T-shirts.

All one has to do is to answer this simple question:

Q: On what date did Erasure perform "Am I Right?" live on Top Of The Pops (UK edition)?

- Answers via email to the usual address ( but please put in the subject line the word "competition".

- Closing date for entries will be Monday 14th April 2003 and the winners will be contacted by email the following day.

- Good luck!

BBC PRIME viewers

For those viewers in Europe that can receive BBC PRIME, the Erasure TOTP2 special can be seen on the following dates:

- Saturday 12th April at 23:10 CET

- Sunday 13th April at 10:00 CET and 17:00 CET (Repeats)

EIS update form Greg EIS


8th of April

Make Me Smile - UK chart position

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) is currently at number 14 in the UK charts, after a day of sales. It's likely it will drop from this position before the official chart on Sunday, but the good news is, it is currently the 3rd highest new entry. If you haven't already bought it, please do before the end of the week, so Erasure can hopefully have another Top 20 single!. All the details are here!.


Remember TOTP2 Erasure special, Wednesday night, BBC 2, 6.20pm!! (UK only)


4th of April

Make Me Smile and TOTP2

Well this has proven to be an interesting Erasure Update for me to write since it is the first I have written just before a new single release.

As you all know, 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' is released in the UK on Monday 7th April and is a fantastic single. Since the video went up on the website I have received large numbers of emails praising the video and agreeing with me that it is one of the best they have done.

There has been some concern that the new single has not made the BBC Radio 2 playlist. However we have been told that this is simply due to the fact that they are huge fans of the original which they still frequently play. The single is available for spot plays by the DJ's so I suggest we all start requesting it to be played and give it some exposure!

The slipcases to house the three singles have been shipped out this week to the UK addresses. If everyone who has received these fills them with the two CD's and DVD next week then I have no doubt of another top 10 hit for Erasure. This is something I know we would like to see again and will ensure increased exposure for Erasure (as demonstrated by the last single's success), via Top Of The Pops etc.

So let's get out there next week, buy the singles and make it a hit!!!! Hurrah!! Okay I'm a little calmer now :)

Buying the single on-line

A few people have been unable to pre-order the new release in their local stores. I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that the single can be ordered from large online retailers such as:

...and will count towards the UK charts if they are shipped to UK addresses.

Top Of The Pops 2 Special - Wednesday 9th April

Also next week is the Top Of The Pops 2 Erasure special. The date has changed again and will now be broadcast on: - Wednesday 9th April at 6.20pm on BBC TWO - They will be performing:

Breath of Life


Love To Hate You

You've Lost That Loving Feeling

A Little Respect

Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)

The BBC TOTP2 site has some additional information:

Website update - Andy and Vince Interview

The remaining questions and answers with Andy and Vince can now be found in the interview section.

NOW 54 Compilation

Released on the 14th April is the latest NOW 54 compilation that features Solsbury Hill by Erasure on disc two.

Website update

A new mix of 'Walking In The Rain' has been added to the site and can be found by clicking on the 'Make Me Smile' cover on the homepage.

'Make Me Smile' Slipcases - Non UK fans

I've had a number of enquires from fans outside the UK asking if they too could receive a 'Make Me Smile' slipcase to house copies of the UK CDs/DVD.

We do have a limited number of the slipcases left, so anyone who hasn't contacted me yet please email me with your address details and I'll send one out as soon as possible. I would like to point out again however that the numbers are limited.

General thoughts

Well this Friday is my 25th day anniversary (!) as Manager of the Erasure Information Service, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to welcome all the new members who have signed on to receive these emails since I've started. And of course to thank everyone else for not mass unsubscribing :)

In the next few weeks there will be the gradual introduction of a new look website and some interesting competitions so I hope you'll be looking forward to these. I usually have a problem knowing what to write at the end of these emails, so I'll just stick with my traditional Friday signoff -

Have a great weekend!

EIS update from Greg EIS


2nd of April

Make Me Smile collector's wallet

If you'd like to see the new collector's wallet for Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me), click here.


29th of March

Erasureinfo site updated

A very quick update just to say that further questions and answers have been added to the interview with Andy and Vince.

The interview can be found in the 'Interview' section of the website.

EIS update form Greg EIS


28th of March


Erasure have added two extra dates to their forthcoming UK tour:

Thu 8 May Southampton Guildhall

Fri 9 May Liverpool Royal Court Theatre

Tickets for Liverpool and other forthcoming dates in May are on sale now at For information on booking tickets from Southampton Guildhall, see

Full tour dates can be found at


If you are in the UK and haven't already filled your address in on the EIS site to receive a slipcase for the three formats of "Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)", visit:


The Mute Bank are running a special offer, with Erasure's full price CD back catalogue available for a limited period at only 9.99 GBP each with the first five albums still just 6.99 GBP each (or 8.50 and 5.95 non EU) plus postage.

Only 9.99 pounds each:

- Loveboat

- Cowboy

- Erasure

- I Say I Say I Say (ltd edition with pop-up castle)

- I Say I Say I Say

- Pop! - The First 20 Hits

- Chorus

6.99 pounds each:

- Wild!

- The Innocents

- The Two Ring Circus

- The Circus

- Wonderland

To order just visit:

Info from the Mute Erasure mailing list


26th of March updates

The video to Erasure's new single 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' is available to watch in Real Audio or Windows media on their official site, There are also new pictures from the video in the 'photos' section. (I'm not quite sure what's going on in the video!?!).

New tour dates

Two new UK tour dates have been added to 'The Other Tour' in May. They are:

Thursday 8th May - Southampton Guild Hall

Friday 9th May - Liverpool Royal Court

These dates have not yet been listed on ticketmaster's site, though they are mentioned at and tickets are available to buy from the venues.

News from the EIS

Erasure at Alice Radio

Pictures from Erasure's acoustic performance for 'Alice radio 97.3' in San Francisco last week have been added to their official website at It mentions audio clips will be added soon!.


24th of March

Derby and London Venues - May Tickets

A limited number of tickets have become available for the two rescheduled London Astoria shows (5th and 6th May) and the Derby Assembly Rooms show (12th May).

Contact details:

London Astoria

tel: 020 7344 0044


Derby Assembly Rooms

tel: 01332 255800


New Photo Available

A new third photo (and admittedly the strangest one yet!) from the new 'Make Me Smile' video is now available within the 'photos' section of

New Audio Clip

A streaming clip of 'When Will I See You Again (37b Mix)' can now be heard from the site by clicking on the 'Make Me Smile' cover on the homepage and selecting the relevant track.

EIS update from Greg EIS


21st of March

Erasureinfo website updates

Andy and Vince Interview

Further questions and answers have been added to the interview with Andy and Vince. It can be found in the 'Interview' section of the website.

Additional photo

Another photo from the fabulous 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' video has been added to the photo section. As hinted at last time this one features the gnomes - and by popular request Vince as well!

TOTP2 Reminder

Don't forget that the Top Of The Pops 2 special featuring Erasure has been rescheduled and will now be shown on BBC TWO on Tuesday 8th April.

EIS update form Greg EIS


20th of March

'Make Me Smile' release statement

Following yesterdays announcement that the forthcoming UK release of 'Make Me Smile' would only be made available to shops for a one week period, there have been a number of responses sent to both the EIS and to Mute.

Therefore I'm taking this opportunity to clarify the reasoning behind this situation and to reiterate the point that it is certainly not an attempt to rip anyone off.

By shipping the release for one week only makes the retailers commit to stocking the release and to ensure that they order sufficient copies to last them.

It also ensures that all the sales are concentrated into the week of release, which will give the band the highest possible chart position. This in turn enables the opportunity to repromote and remarket the album.

I'm sure I am not the only one who was thrilled to see Erasure back on Top Of The Pops and the subsequent exposure the band received after the Solsbury Hill top10 entry as opposed to before it. This exposure also occurs at retail - people rerack the album and give it an enhanced profile instore.

It was the support of everyone within the Erasure community that has made the current success and high profile of the band possible and we all wish for this success to continue.

Many thanks.

EIS update from Greg EIS


19th of March

'Make Me Smile' UK Release Details

''Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)', the second single from the album 'Other People's Songs' will be released in the UK on the 7th April on 2CDs and a DVD and be available in the shops for one week only. If you're in the UK, you may like to pre-order the single from your local record shop to be sure of getting a copy on the day of release.

Web site Updated - Exclusive 'Make Me Smile' CD Sleeve Graphics

By clicking on the 'Make Me Smile' image on the main page of and selecting one of the tracks, the rather fine sleeve images for the DVD and Remixes CD can be viewed.

'Make Me Smile' Slipcase

As with the release of 'Solsbury Hill' earlier this year, a slipcase is being made available for the 'Make Me Smile' multi-format release here in the UK. Everyone that is currently on our UK postal mailing list will receive the slipcase. If you would like to add yourself to the list and are within the UK then you can send us your address details using the 'subscribe' option on the main menu of the web site.

(Everyone who received the 'Solsbury Hill' slipcase will be sent the 'Make Me Smile' one automatically, however if you would like more than one then please don't hesitate to ask!)

'Make Me Smile' - Exclusive Video Photo

Yes another exclusive!

In the 'photos' section of a photo from the 'Make Me Smile' video has been added! Only yesterday I was fortunate enough to see the completed video, and I have to say (in my purely unbiased opinion of course!) it was absolutely amazing - and dare I say it but one of the best Erasure videos ever!

I get the feeling my inbox may get rather full in the next few day of requests asking me to describe the video - well fear not! - more photos from the video will be put on the site in the forthcoming days, possibly featuring more of the dancers or maybe the garden gnomes...

Kron TV San Franciso performance

I regret to say that the KRON TV performance on Friday this week in San Francisco has been cancelled due to programming changes regarding the war coverage.

Top Of The Pops 2 Special - Rescheduled

The TOTP2 special on BBC TWO featuring Erasure has been rescheduled to Tuesday 8th April.

EIS update from Greg EIS


18th of March

Erasure on US TV

Erasure will be appearing on 'The Other Half' on Monday the 24th of March, not the 17th as I mentioned before. Sorry for the confusion. Please check your TV listings for details.


My computer's working again now, so I can update the site as normal and will be able to send out updates again. Thanks for your patience. I'll be adding two new interviews shortly. I've made a separate page for the news from January to February as this page was getting very full... not a bad thing though!.


17th of March

Liquid News appearance

The live interview with Erasure on Liquid News tonight on BBC THREE will also be repeated on BBC ONE.

- BBC THREE - 7pm (available within the UK on Freeview, Sky Digital and NTL / Telewest Cable)

- BBC ONE - 12.40am

Liquid News web site: (You should be able to watch the programme at this address in Real Audio - J)

New sound clip available

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the new single 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)' another sound clip has been made available on This time a snippet of the 'manhattan clique extended mix' of 'Make Me Smile' can be found by clicking on cover of the single on the home page.

Web site changes

The web site will be evolving over the next few days to remove the pop up's. This may result in the moving of content to different sections of site. For example the information contained with the 'The Other Tour' venue popup can now be found here:

A link to this page is provided on the home page.

EIS update from Greg EIS


16th of March

Erasure on US TV

Erasure will be appearing on 'The Other Half' tomorrow (Monday) at 11am (EST). Please check your TV listings for details.


15th of March

Official 'The Other Tour' Merchandise

My inbox has been full of requests asking where one can buy the official merchandise from 'The Other Tour'. Well I'm pleased to be able to say that by following this link the various t-shirts and other items (including the tour programme) can be purchased via online.

Liquid News Appearance - 17th March

Erasure will do a live interview from Los Angeles for 'Liquid News' on Monday 17th March. The show is broadcast at 7pm on the digital channel BBC THREE (check local press for details)

Website Updated

The site has been updated again with additional questions and answers being added to the interview with Andy and Vince.

US Performances (Radio & Television)

The following dates are when Erasure are due to make US radio and tv appearances:

Thu 20 March - Acoustic performance of approx 6 songs on KLLC Radio, San Francisco.

Fri 21 March - KRON TV, performing 2 songs at San Francisco Union Square.

Fri 21 March - Merge TV interview, San Francisco.

Sat 22 March - Acoustic performance, approx 6 songs on KEZR Radio, San Jose

EIS Update from Greg EIS


13th of March

Andy and Vince 'Other People's Songs' Interview

An interview with Andy and Vince is now available on the web site. You can hear Andy and Vince answers by selecting the Real Audio links, or you can simply read the accompanying text. Additional questions and answers will be added regularly during the next couple of weeks.

Web site update - New audio samples online

Real Audio clips of 'Oh L'amour - Acoustic' and 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) Dan Frampton Radio Mix' from the forthcoming single have been added to the site.

'Make Me Smile' UK DVD

Thank you for all the feedback I have received regarding the issues that people have had playing NTSC DVD's in the UK. Due to this feedback I can confirm that the 'Make Me Smile' DVD will now be released as PAL.

EIS Update from Greg EIS


12th of March

Erasure in Dallas

Erasure will be appearing on Radio station Mix 102.9 between 10am-3pm on the Lisa Thomas Show.


10th of March

DVD issues- feedback required

This is a short extra update as I need feedback as quickly as possible.

A number of people who have contacted me questioning the choice of video format (NTSC) for the forthcoming 'Make Me Smile' DVD, as there have been several reported problems playing back the video content of the last Erasure DVD (the 'dr jeckyll and mistress hyde' short film on the 'Solsbury Hill' release) which was also NTSC.

If anyone had problems playing back the 'Solsbury Hill' DVD can you let me know via the usual address: (with the subject of 'DVD Issues')

Please tell me what specific playback issues you had (i.e. black and white display) and the make / model of your TV and DVD player. This is so we can establish the extent of these issues.

EIS Update from Greg EIS


9th of March

Erasure in Chicago

Erasure will be appearing on TV show 'Fox Thing In The Morning', tomorrow morning between 7-9am.

They'll also be signing copies of Other People's Songs tomorrow at Borders Books And Music, 150 North State Street at 6.00pm.


7th of March

Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me] - North American Release

Release date: 6th May 2003

Here is the track listing for the North American CD Maxi Single:

1. Make Me Smile - Edit

2. Make Me Smile - Dan Frampton Radio Mix

3. Make Me Smile - Manhattan Clique Extended Mix

4. Walking In The Rain - 37B Mix

5. When Will I See You Again - 37B Mix

6. Can't Help Falling In Love - Acoustic

Enhanced CD ROM:

7. Solsbury Hill video - Directed by Vince Clarke

Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me] ­ UK DVD technical information

There have been a number of queries regarding the technical details of the UK DVD format release of 'Make Me Smile' [Come Up And See Me] (which contains the original 'Vince Clarke directed' promotional video for 'Solsbury Hill').

Well I can confirm that it will be Region 0 (region free) and be of NTSC format.

 'The Other Tour' Venue Change

The venue of the 7th June show in Hamburg has changed to Stadtpark.

News from Greg at


7th of March

Erasure competition

There's a competition at BBC America to win one of five signed copies of Solsbury Hill. Click here to enter. You must live in the United States to enter the competition.

Erasure in New York

Erasure will be interviewed on New York radio station WLIR at 12 noon today (Friday)

Erasure did arrive in time for the signing last night at Tower Records. They were only delayed for a few hours at Toronto. Sorry for the wrong information!. They will be performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York tonight and tomorrow night.


6th of March

Site problems

Well, not exactly site problems, but my computer's modem has broken so I'm using a very old computer that I haven't used for 3 years!. I can manage to update the news, but that's about it. I can't send out updates to people on my mailing list, but I'll try and keep this page up-to-date. You'll notice there isn't much news on this page - don't worry, it's all stored on my computer, so once it's working again, all the old news on this page will appear again. Apologies for this, and apologies if this page looks a bit wierd.. I can't really tell if these colours are correct on this computer!... Hopefully things will be back to normal soon - Jackie


5th of March


Two exclusive appearances by Erasure!

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure will be signing autographs for about 90 minutes in New York and Chicago, while on tour promoting their new album Other People's Songs.

Thursday, March 6th in New York 7pm

Tower Records, Greenwich Village (Broadway & East 4th Street)

Customers purchasing Other People's Songs from now until the event at this Tower location will receive a pass redeemable for free Erasure merchandise, to be signed by Erasure at the session (purchase is not required for admittance).

Monday, March 10th in Chicago 6pm

Borders, 150 North State Street

Erasure will only be signing copies of Other People's Songs in Chicago. Exlcusive Erasure merchandise will be given away to attendees.

News from a Mute NA email.


3rd of March

'Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me]' release date

The release date for the forthcoming single 'Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me]' (the second single from the 'Other Peoples Songs' album) has been moved forward to the 7th April.

The sleeve for the new single can be seen at the Erasure website (

'Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me]' video

The Erasure video for 'Make Me Smile' is currently being worked on and will be a mixture of live action and animation.

The video is directed by Swedish director Jonas Odell at Nexus.

Nexus were responsible for the title sequence of the new Steven Spielberg film 'Catch Me If You Can'.

Erasure signing at Borders Books and Music, Chicago

Andy and Vince will be signing copies of 'Other Peoples Songs' at Borders Books and Music, 150 N. State Street @ Randolph in the loop, Chicago on Monday 10th March from 6pm to 7pm. There is a limit of one signing per customer.

Hello from Greg

Well this is the first Erasure update I've published since taking over from Jonny, so I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a hearty 'hello!' from myself, and to thank those who have already made me feel very welcome.

With the recent appearances of Erasure on television, the current tour and the second single due for release soon, its an exciting time to be part of the EIS.

News from Greg at


News Jan-Feb 2003