News -August-December 2004


22nd of December

Further Tour Dates - 2005

Here are some further dates for 'The Erasure Show'!

14 April - New York, Irving Plaza

15 April - New York, Irving Plaza

16 April - New York, Irving Plaza

18 April - New York, Irving Plaza

19 April - New York, Irving Plaza

29 April - Chicago, Chicago Theatre

02 May - Washington DC, 9:30 Club

03 May - Washington DC, 9:30 Club

06 May - Miami, Mansion

07 May - Orlando, House Of Blues

10 May - Houston, Verizon Wireless Theater

11 May - Dallas, Nokia Theatre

13 May - Los Angeles, Avalon

14 May - Los Angeles, Avalon

15 May - Los Angeles, Avalon

21 May - San Francisco, The Independent

22 May - San Francisco, The Independent

24 May - San Francisco, The Independent

27 May - Las Vegas, The Joint


Erasure Information Service


21st of December


Apologies if you've noticed some problems with the site over the last couple of days. It's now all sorted out, but you may notice some pages/images aren't available at the moment. They should all be back online in the next couple of days!. (Why do these things have to go wrong near Christmas? *sigh*).


21st of December

Nightbird Interview

Before the release of a new album Erasure conduct a promo interview which is made available to the media. Well with the release of 'Nightbird' they have done another one. Recorded a few months ago, Andy and Vince discuss Nightbird, the tour, the acoustic album and their next projects.

A transcript of the interview and audio streams of Andy and Vince's answers can be found here:

web: (please refresh the page)

Cool FM Radio Interview

Andy conducted a more recent interview with Cool FM, an audio stream is available at their website:


Madam Jojo's - Mini Review

Andy was in great spirits and had a blast at his debut DJ performance at Madame Jojo's.

Ably assisted by Manhattan Clique, Andy hit the decks at precisely 1am for about a hour, and managed to sneak in a few tracks from his forthcoming solo album!

Several exclusive pictures are available here: web:

Don't forget that both Andy and Vince will be guest DJ's at The Astoria (London) on Sat 22nd Jan.

Nightbird Lyrics

The lyrics to two more songs from Nightbird have been added to the site: web:

Message From Andy

Many of you will have seen in the press (both printed and online) references to the statement made by Andy regarding his HIV status.

Andy's message can be viewed here: web:

Quite a few people have been writing messages of support for Andy and his partner Paul on the EIS Forum. The link to this thread has been forwarded onto Andy and Paul for them to read. forum:

'Breathe' Digital Download

I'm sure many of you were disappointed that the 'Breathe' digital release apparently failed to reach the Top 20 in the official UK Download Charts.

Well Mute and myself were more shocked than anything, as the sales figures reported should have put it in the Top 10.

Unfortunately what happened was that an error with a third parties sales reports meant that over 1,000 sales weren't counted and, had they have been, 'Breathe' would have been a top ten download that week.

*insert sound of head hitting table*

Moving on, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the EIS members who supported this digital release - the commitment you guys have demonstrated certainly bodes well for the single release in January, and I would like to thank Mute for making Breathe available early for fans.

EIS & Mute Bank Merchandise Orders

The EIS store will be online as usual over the festive period, but any orders received after 17th December will not be processed until 4th January 2005. The same is true for Mute Bank (whose facilities the EIS uses).

Erasure Information Service


16th of December

New Andy interview

Northern Irish radio station Cool FM have an interview with Andy on their site - here!. Thanks to Roger Olsson.


15th of December


I'm sure you are all aware of the news by now, but here is a link to Andy's statement on the Official Erasure site, regarding his HIV status.

There have been articles appearing all day on the web - here are links to just a few of them (Normally it's great finding Erasure articles online, but I wish they weren't in these circumstances :-(. But Andy's attitude is great, and he obviously doesn't want the fans to worry about him, but I'm sure we'd all still like to send Andy our best wishes. You can leave a message in the forum if you wish.

BBC online
Billboard (is this a new pic on this page?)


10th of December

Breathe video on Radio 2 site

BBC Radio 2 have added the Breathe video to their video page - here. Great that they're supporting Breathe so much!.

Andy Bell in Stars In Their Eyes Final!

Well, not the real Andy, of course!. Here's the message I received:-

'Hi Jackie. I have won Stars In Their Eyes. My name is Jim Clarke and I am from Belfast. I did the show on Tues night as Andy singing A Little Respect. It goes on TV on the 19th March, then the live final is on the 26th March (ITV1). I need all the votes I can get..' Pretty cool, eh?. I'm sure he'll get loads of votes from Erasure fans!. And well done on getting to the final!.

If you're wondering what Stars In Their Eyes is all about, click here!. (This is an unofficial site I found, but it gives a good explanation of what happens!).


10th of December

Breathe Makes The BBC Radio 2 Playlist

This is fantastic news, Breathe has been added to the BBC Radio 2 'B' playlist!! This is excellent exposure for the single! web: Radio 2 playlist

Breathe On TV

In addition, Breathe has been added to the lineups on the music channels 'The Box' and 'Q'.

Look out for the Breathe video during "First Play" on The Box (Friday 16:00 - 20:00, Saturday 08:00 - 12:00).

'The Box' and 'Q' are available on: Sky Digital, Telewest Digital and NTL Digital.

Andy And Vince At G-A-Y

For the first time ever , Andy and Vince will be playing an exclusive DJ set at G-A-Y on Saturday 22nd January 2005 - should be a lot of fun!

This is the first time G-A-Y have invited any artist to play a DJ set at the club. web: G-A-Y

EIS Website Updates

The video for Breathe has sparked a lot of debate on the forum, so I thought it would be a cool idea to publish the video story board and the original concept ideas for the video, as it is interesting to note the changes between this and the final version of the video.

Behind The Scenes (Warning - a very graphic intensive page)


The interview with Daniel Miller that was published in the final Private Ear magazine (issue 31) has also been published online.

Private Ear web:

Breathe - LMC Clip Online

Another 60 sec clip for you enjoyment this week, this time from the Breathe (LMC Extended Club Mix):


Nightbird Lyrics

Two more sets of lyrics from Nightbird have also been published online: web:

Reminder: EIS UK Street Team

A reminder about this - if you are in the UK and would like to help raise awareness of the new releases (via emails etc) then fill in your details here:


The first street team email will be sent out over the weekend.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


8th of December

Radio 2 playlist

Excellent news!. UK radio station Radio 2 have added Breathe to their 'B' playlist!. It will be played from this Monday (the 13th), so listen out for it, if you can!. Hopefully it'll be added to the A-list soon, so it'll receive even more airplay!. Click here to see the playlist.

Radio 1 download chart

Unfortunately, the digital release of Breathe didn't make the Top 20 of the official download chart. Never mind, at least the Radio 2 news is good!.


8th of December

BBC Radio 1 Download Charts

Don't forget to listen to the Download Charts on BBC Radio 1 at 18:00 (GMT) Wednesday to see how well the digital release of 'Breathe' did!

BBC Radio 1 is available on 97-99FM, the Internet, Sky Digital (851), Digital Cable (Telewest 901, NTL 401), Freeview (70) and DAB digital radio.

Download Charts:


BBC Radio 1 Web Stream:


Andy's DJing at Electrogogo 16th Dec

As previously announced, Andy will be DJing at Electrogogo at Madame JoJos on 16th December.

He'll be playing alongside Manhattan Clique, also DJing on the night will be Mark Moore (S-Express).



Hamburg - Red, Hot & Dance Mini Review

Although Vince was unavailable, Andy put on a superb performance, ably assisted by Ann-Marie and Val. The original plan was to perform three songs, 'Breathe', 'A Little Respect' and 'Sometimes'. However during the rehearsal, 'Take A Chance On Me' was added for the encore, and during the actual live performance the crowd response was so great that 'Breathe' was performed again as a second encore. Great stuff!

An interview with Andy (in German) by Corinna can be read on the website:


A selection of pictures from the event are available here: web:

More will be added Friday (and the rest of the gallery will be restored by then.)

By the way, Andy's hips are well on the way to recovery if his performance on the dance floor at the nightclub 'Camp 77' (I think that was the name) was anything to go by! He lasted longer than I did!

EIS UK Street Team

Reading the EIS Forum recently, it's quite apparent how successful EIS members who have been contacting radio stations for 'Breathe' airplay have been.

For example "Muzzy", "March On Down The Line" and "88State" (these are all EIS Forum names) have all had positive responses from local radio stations (apologies to anyone I missed out - I only did a quick forum search!)

So I was thinking... how about setting up an official "EIS Street Team" to help raise awareness of the new releases?

If you are in the UK and are interested in helping out (I'm looking for about 500 volunteers) then fill in your details here: web: and further details will be sent to you.

It possible Street Teams in other countries may be added to this campaign shortly.

Des & Mel ITV1

The ITV1 chat show 'Des & Mel' returns in the New Year with a new timeslot (5pm) and Erasure have once again been asked to appear.

They will be performing 'Breathe' on the Monday 10th Jan 2005 edition of the show.

For those outside the UK, several European countries may be able to receive ITV1 via the Astra 2D satellite (28.2 EAST)


Further Press Coverage

News of the new releases and the tour continues to spread around the web, and Andy is featured in another interview:

Rainbow Network (Nightbird / Tour)

Evening Times (Andy Interview)

PLAYLOUDER.COM (Breathe Digital Single News)

Merchandise & Emails

Things have been a little busy at the EIS in recent months, with has caused a delay in processing merchandise and responding to emails. The backlog of merchandise orders will be cleared by the end of this week.

Erasure Information Service


2nd of December

Reminder - Breathe Digital Download

The radio edit of Breathe is *now available* for purchase, and if you have any inclinations to support music downloads I suggest that you do so this week so that all the purchases can count towards the UK Downloads chart for this Sunday on BBC Radio 1.

All purchases made via the following page on the EIS: web: will count towards the UK chart placement (regardless of your own country of origin) and you will be able to download exclusive artwork.

Links to additional download retailers (including European ones) are listed within the EIS News section: web:

Reminder - UK & Ireland Slipcases

If you have not registered your UK or Ireland address to receive a slipcase from Mute, then please do so before the end of this week or else you will miss out.


If you are outside the UK and Ireland, then this post on the forum will be of interest: forum:

Update - The Complete 'Breathe' Video Now Online!

Yes - the complete Breathe video can now be viewed online (in Real & Windows Media formats):


(please ensure you refresh the page)

I think you'll agree it's rather good!

Update - Clip of 'Gone Crazy'

What's this? Another clip this week? I must have gone mad... In fact you could say I've 'Gone Crazy'!!

Well I laughed...


Here is a 60sec clip of the forthcoming b-side 'Gone Crazy' - again available in Real and Windows Media formats: web:

Update - 'Breathe' Desktop Wallpaper

A selection of rather fine desktop wallpaper based on the Breathe & Nightbird artwork is now available for download: web:

Update - Slipcase & Flyer Scans

The new slipcase for 'Breathe' can be seen within the Gallery section, as well as the promotional flyer for Nightbird / The Erasure Show.


Update - Nightbird Track listing

The track listing for 'Nightbird' has now been published, along with the lyrics for two of the songs (No Doubt and Here I Go Impossible Again): web:

Manchester Fan Gathering

EIS Forum member 'Skaro' is organising an Erasure fan gathering / party in Manchester on Friday 10th December - more details here: forum:

Until next week when I'll be back from Hamburg!

Erasure Information Service


30th of November

Breathe digital single

The digital download of Breathe is now available!. Click here to download from the EIS site and you'll also receive the full colour printable booklet & CD label artwork.


26th of November

Breathe Digital Single - Released Monday!

Yes the wait is finally over, the digital download of 'Breathe' will be officially released next week!

From Monday (29th Nov 2004) 'Breathe' will be made available via a variety of digital download retailers (MSN Music, HMV, Woolworths, iTunes etc), in addition to the EIS site (which anyone worldwide may purchase from).

As a bonus for those who download the single via the EIS site, you will also be able to download the full colour printable booklet & CD label artwork.

But even more importantly....

The UK now has in place a download chart - the 'Top 20 Download Chart' is broadcast every Wednesday at 6pm and within the Official Chart Show on Sundays on BBC Radio 1.

If the download charts were in place last year, then the previous Erasure digital download (Oh L'Amour - Mark Towns Mix) would have easily made the top 5.

So imagine the download chart position if everyone purchased the 'Breathe' digital release next week, and the subsequent exposure on the BBC Radio 1 charts...

Purchases from UK based digital retailers will contribute towards the UK download charts, as well as purchases from the EIS Digital Downloads page.

Further details will be announced on Monday!

- EIS Digital Downloads Page (will be updated Monday): web:

- Top 20 Download Charts: web:

- Breathe Lyrics web:

Breathe Slipcases (for UK & Ireland Only)

Yes it's slipcase time again!! Hurrah!

For those members that have joined the EIS mailing list since the late last year, a quick explanation may be in order...

The UK marketing department of Mute send out free cardboard slipcases to those in the UK and Ireland to keep the two CDs and DVD single of a new Erasure release in.

Well it's happening again for the new 'Breathe' single - one can see a thumbnail picture of the new slipcase here:

- Breathe Discography Entry: web:

How do you receive one of these I hear you ask?

Well if you are resident in the UK or Ireland, then simply fill in your details on this page:

- Postal Updates: web:


- If you have previously registered and haven't moved house, then there is no need to register again.

- If you have filled in one of the reply cards and sent it back to Mute UK then there is no need to add your details again online.

- If you have moved, please let me know via the 'contact' section of the website, with details of your old and new address.

- If you would like more than one slipcase, then again please let me know via the 'contact' section of the website.

- If you are outside the UK this post on the EIS forum may be of interest:

Andy on local radio

Andy will be on various local radio stations next week, promoting the new releases and tour:

Mon 29th Nov - Westsound AM (Ayr) 10.30am

Mon 29th Nov - Forth 2 (Central Scotland) 4.30pm

Wed 1st Dec - Magic 999 (Preston) 3.15pm

Plus Breathe has been getting a lot of local radio airplay!

It has gone straight on the A list at Downtown Radio (Belfast), and B lists at Q102 (Derry) and Cool FM!

I've also had reports of it being played on other local stations such as Radio Mansfield and Metro Radio, plus on stations in Sweden and Spain!

The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Out Now! (UK)

Just a reminder that the superb DVD of The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon is out now in the UK.

Personally I'm in love with the arrangement of 'Am I Right?', but then that's always been a favourite!

Recorded at the Manchester Apollo on the 6th August 1992 as part of their Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour, this live DVD includes many of Erasure's classic singles, including A Little Respect, Sometimes, Oh L'Amour and Stop! A bonus disc includes exclusive interviews and backstage footage, a poster and a booklet that is based on the original tour programme. The DVD is in both 5.1 and stereo sound.

Available from major high street stores (except Woolworths) and online via Mute Bank.web:

Until Monday!

Erasure Information Service


23rd of November

Breathe CD Maxi Single Details

The track listing of the North American release of Breathe (to be released on the 18th Jan 2005) is as follows:

1. Breathe - Radio Version

2. Breathe - Album Version

3. Gone Crazy

4. Mr. Gribber And His Amazing Cat

5. Breathe - Acoustic Version

6. Breathe - Pete Heller's Phela Mix*

7. Breathe - LMC Extended Club Mix

8. Breathe - When Andy Bell Met Manhattan Clique Extended Remix

9. Breathe - video (Enhanced CD Rom)

* The Pete Heller mix is not being released anywhere else.

Breathe - UK Radio Stations

I've already received reports of Breathe getting radio airplay, but let's get some more!

If you're served by one of these following radio stations and would like to hear 'Breathe', make sure that you contact the station and request it (nicely!)

96 Trent FM - Nottingham

BBC Radio Wales - Cardiff

Beacon Radio - West Midlands

BRMB - Birmingham

Broadland 102 - Norfolk

Capital FM - London

Capital Gold - Cardiff Bay

Century Radio - Manchester

Clyde 1 - Glasgow

Cool FM - Belfast

Downtown Radio - Newtownards

Dream 107.7 - Essex

EMAP - London

Forth 2 - Edinburgh

Forth One FM - Edinburgh

GWR FM - Bristol

Hallam FM - Sheffield

Isle Of Wight Radio - Isle Of Wight

Key 103 - Manchester

Lincs FM - Lincoln

Magic 1152 - Tyne and Wear

Metro FM - Newcastle

Northsound 1 - Aberdeen

Northsound 2 - Aberdeen

Ocean FM - Fareham

Power FM - Fareham

Q102 - Co Londonderry

Radio Aire - Leeds

Radio City - Liverpool

Ram 102.8 FM - Derbyshire

Real Radio - Glasgow

Rock FM - Lancashire

TFM - Cleveland

Viking Fm - Hull

West FM - Ayr

Wish FM - Wigan

The EIS site features this list complete with the relevant website details. web:

Further UK Nightbird Launch Nights

A further five Nightbird Launch Nights have been added since the list was published last week.

The additional dates include venues in Brighton, Newcastle, Norfolk, Huddersfield and Portsmouth.

The list of launch nights is now:

1st Dec - Gabe @ Ego (Edinburgh)

10th Dec - Brass House (Bournemouth), Dempsey's (Sheffield), Cruz 101 (Manchester)

11th Dec - Vibes (Bristol), George (Dublin), Nightingales (Birmingham), Blowing Wild (Preston), *NEW* Revenge (Brighton)

12th Dec - Storm (Leicester Square London)

13th Dec - *NEW* Baron & Baroness (Newcastle)

14th Dec - *NEW* Time (Norfolk), *NEW* Visage / Ethos (Huddersfield)

15th Dec - Detox / Addiction (Cardiff), *NEW* Portsmouth SU (Portsmouth)

16th Dec - DV8 (Birmingham), Ministry (Wolverhampton), Works (Nottingham)

17th Dec - Poptastic (Nottingham)


Erasure Information Service


19th of November

Red, Hot & Dance - Erasure Special Guests

This event has only just been confirmed *today*.

One of the biggest German AIDS charity events, 'Red, Hot & Dance' is taking place at the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg on the 4th December. This event is being organised for the AIDS Fundraiser "Big Spender" who support various AIDS projects in Germany and abroad.

Several German artists will be performing at this event, and as special guests Erasure have been invited to appear and will be performing "Breathe" for the first time live on stage in Germany as well as two other classic songs.

Tickets can be ordered (20 Euro's each) at

More details are available at:




Breathe - Screenshots from the video

A selection of screenshots from the gorgeous video for Breathe is now available from the EIS site.

You might spot a few familiar faces...


Nightbird Artwork

The final artwork for Nightbird can also be viewed within the EIS news section.

See if you can spot the difference in the artwork from this and the earlier artwork used for the promos.


'Breathe' North American Maxi Single - Unique Mix

The North American release of 'Breathe' (a CD Maxi single - the same format as the Erasure releases last year) will feature a worldwide exclusive remix from Pete Heller.

With the addition of 2 b-sides and several other mixes, this creates an exclusive track listing that is not available on any other release of 'Breathe'.

The North American release date of Breathe is the 18th Jan 2005.


UK Nightbird Launch Parties

Various clubs accross the UK will be celebrating the release of Erasure's new album and single by holding Nightbird launch parties. Venue's so far confirmed are:

1st Dec - Gabe @ Ego (Edinburgh)

10th Dec - Brass House (Bournemouth), Dempsey's (Sheffield), Cruz 101 (Manchester)

11th Dec - Vibes (Bristol), George (Dublin), Nightingales (Birmingham), Blowing Wild (Preston)

12th Dec - Storm (Leicester Square London)

15th Dec - Detox / Addiction (Cardiff)

16th Dec - DV8 (Birmingham), Ministry (Wolverhampton), Works (Nottingham)

17th Dec - Poptastic (Nottingham)

Further details (including venue website details where available) at: web:

US Release of the Tank...Swan DVD

The US release date of the Tank...Swan DVD has been pushed back to 7th December.

'Breathe' Digital Release

Recently a UK retailer made available for purchase the digital download release of 'Breathe'. The retailer has subsequently withdrawn the release by request of Mute / EMI.

This digial release should not have been available this early. All the release data provided by EMI to all the online providers was correct, so why this particular retailer ignored the release date is unclear.

When the digital single release of 'Breathe' does occur, it will be made available via many online music providers (including those outside the UK) to reach as wide an audience as possible.

More details soon.

Erasure In The Press

The Decemeber issue of 'Gay Times' has a review of the Tank...Swan DVD and give it 5/5. has a news story about the new album and tour: web:

Until next week!

Erasure Information Service


12th of November

Further Breathe Artwork Online

The quite beautiful artwork for the 'Breathe' Ltd Ed single and DVD single (my personal favourite - not that you need to know that!) are now up within the news section: web:

Discography Updated

The discography section has been updated with the track listings for 'Breathe', including the club and radio promo CD editions.


Gallery Updated

Andy sent in some interesting photos of himself taken at a recent Scissors Sisters gig, these are now online: web:

Correction - Release Date

Due to my inability to read emails late at night, I got the North American release date for 'Breathe' wrong in the last update.

The North American release date of 'Breathe' is the *18th January 2005* - sorry for the error!

Mute Bank Tank...Swan DVD & Tiny Tour Video

Mute Bank have reduced the price of the 'The Tiny Tour' video. It is now priced £6.99 (down from £10.99).

See the Mute Bank web-site for further details: web:

In addition the Tank...Swan DVD can now be pre-ordered from Mute Bank.

The NTSC (Region 1) Tank...Swan DVD can now be pre-ordered from web:


Erasure Information Service


10th of November

Breathe & Tank..Swan Artwork

A preview of the Breathe artwork is up on the EIS homepage, and the Tank..Swan artwork, poster, booklet and bingo card are shown within the EIS News section.



Press Online

Various websites have begun announcing the forthcoming releases from Erasure (as well as the tour). Several of the comments include:

"Nightbird is an extraordinary record filled with prime arrangements and cleverly synthesized pop romance tracks."

"Early word is that the new album is classic Erasure material as we've come to love them."

I don't think I could argue with either of those statements!

Links to all of these articles can be found within the EIS News section: web:

US Release Dates Confirmed

'Breathe' will be released in the US on the 11th January 2005, and the album 'Nightbird' will be released on the 25th January 2005.

Moscow Erasure Party

An Erasure Party is being held in Moscow, Russia on the 27th November 2004.

Full details (in Russian) can be found here: web:

A copy of the flyer can also be viewed here: web:

EIS Merchandise - Teapots

Thank you to everyone that responded asking for further teapots to be made available - one more batch of teapots has now been ordered. This is the one and only time that any more of these will be produced. Stock is due to arrive in about four weeks.

Tank...Swan DVD Pre Ordering

You will be able to pre-order 'The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon' DVD from the brand new Mute Bank website from Monday 15th November (priced £14.99).

All DVDs will come complete with the poster and booklet, but only those ordered from Mute Bank will have the bingo card.

Erasure Information Service


6th of November

MSN UK news and Breathe clip!

There's a small article at about Erasure's new single and album. Plus, if you click on the 'click here to download Erasure tracks' link, there is a 30 second sound clip of Breathe!. Plus the sleeve design. Check it out here!.


3rd of November

News from

Small news article from

"Erasure have just finished their new studio album, Nightbird, the first single from which will be a song called "Breathe." Other track titles include "No Doubt," "Here I Got Impossible Again" and "All This Time Still Falling Out of Love." "The last couple of albums were a bit moody and down," singer Andy Bell said in a statement. "I'm so much happier with everything now, and so is [keyboardist] Vince [Clarke]. You can hear it in the music." Nightbird is due out January 25, and Erasure plan to tour North America in April."


29th of October

Breathe & Nightbird UK Release Dates

Here we go again :)

Erasure's brand new single 'Breathe' will be released in the UK on the 3rd January 2005, and the album 'Nightbird' will be released on the 24th January 2005.

'Breathe' Track Listing

As with the releases last year, 'Breathe' will be available on two CD's and a DVD, but with a break in tradition, the 'Breathe' DVD will actually feature the video for 'Breathe'!

The full tracks listings for 'Breathe' on the various formats are as follows:

CD1: (CDMUTE330)

- Breathe

- Gone Crazy


- Breathe (LMC Extended Club Mix)

- Breathe (When Andy Bell Met Manhattan Clique Extended Remix)

- Breathe (Acoustic Version)

Enhanced Section:

- Exclusive Digimpro Remix Software (Enables you to remix 'Breathe' on your PC)*


- Breathe (Radio Version)

- Mr Gribber And His Amazing Cat

- Breathe (Video)

* This exclusive new software, Digimpro, allows you to remix 'Breathe' on your own Windows based PC by enabling you to interact and manipulate the different elements of 'Breathe'.

By using the improvisation feature and real time mixing options (and the additional music supplied by the band), you can create a customised version of 'Breathe' and save it as an a MP3.

I've stayed up quite late over the past few nights playing with this software - it's great fun :)

More Erasure Teapots?

In the last update I announced that the last few EIS' 04 / Erasure branded teapots were on sale - well they sold out in about 10 hours!

If anyone else would like one, email me with the subject line "another cuppa!" and if I get enough feedback I'll order another batch of teapots. Only 25 were made originally so they are pretty rare items, and this will be the only time they will be produced again.

EIS Forum - 1st Birthday On 7th November 2004

Yes believe it or not, the EIS Forum is coming up to it's one year anniversary next month!

Starting from the 7th November any forum user account that is over 1 year old and has never been used (i.e. has never been used to log onto the forum) will be deleted. This will help remove accounts that have been created by spammers and those created with incorrect email addresses.

Remember - if you have logged onto the EIS Forum at any time (it doesn't matter if you have never posted a message) then your forum account *will not* be removed.

None of this affects your membership to the EIS and receiving the EIS Update e-mails.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


25th of October

'The Other Show' - Belfast Date Added

Yes your feedback has worked again - an extra date has been added to the forthcoming tour!

The band will perform in Belfast at the Waterfront Hall on Thursday 24 February - tickets go on sale this Friday 29 October at 9am.


box-office: 028 9033 4455


all tour dates:

New And Old EIS Merchandise Online

Those of you that attended EIS '04 will be aware that a *very* limited number of Erasure / EIS '04 branded teapots were for sale at the event - well the last few can now be purchased online.

In addition some old editions of the Private Ear magazine (issues 30 and 27) are also available.

eis shop:

Cool Erasure Web Link

It describes itself as "erasure comics for the mentally ill" and it's worth a look:


Plus it sums up the EIS Forum as "... a forum that will make you go mad.", which I quite liked!

The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon DVD

Full track details of the Tank...Swan DVD has now been published within the discography section.


The North American release date of the DVD is the 30th November 2004, the UK release date the 22nd November 2004.

UK Music Hall Of Fame - Channel 4

Andy made a brief appearance on Channel 4's Sunday night programme "UK Music Hall Of Fame", discussing Abba.

The show will be repeated this Friday at 11.30pm


Email Problems

I'm afraid that the EIS email was down on Friday and Saturday, which meant that any emails sent to the EIS over these two days would have been lost, and no emails could be sent. This also caused the 'DEBUG' error messages on the EIS forum over this period as well.

If you emailed me over these two days could you please resend them. This problem did not affect any merchandise orders (as this is handled by another server).


Erasure Information Service


23rd of October

New tour date!

Erasure will now start their 'Erasure Show' tour on the 24th of February, at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Tickets will be on sale from the 29th of October from or by phone - 028 9033 4455. Click here for all the tour dates. Info from the Erasureinfo site.


15th of October

Andy's Forthcoming DJ debut

Breaking news! Confirmed via a txt message only this morning, Andy will be making his debut DJ performance at the Electrogogo Xmas party on December 16th!

More detail nearer the time!


The Tank The Swan And The Balloon DVD - Delayed Release

The release date of the forthcoming Tank / Swan DVD has unfortunately been pushed back slightly. The UK release date is now 22nd November - I'm waiting for confirmation of the US release date.

The delay was triggered by the discovery (during the final QA check) of brief colour flashes appearing in several individual frames of the footage.

Although these flashes were really only noticeable if you are specifically looking for them, they have nonetheless been corrected on the master and the DVD has been re-authored.

Tank Swan DVD - Mute Bank

If you purchase the Tank / Swan DVD from Mute Bank (price TBC) then you will also receive one of the original Phantasmagorical bingo cards! (There is only a limited number of these bingo cards available).

Mute Bank will be taking orders for the DVD nearer the release date. web:

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


8th of October

Tour News

The Erasure Show - Copenhagen Sold Out

In EIS Update #38 I announced that the Copenhagen tickets were on sale from last Friday - well this week I can now tell you that they sold out in four days!

A quick reminder that all known tour dates are published online here: web:

I do not know of any other confirmed dates, so e-mailing me or asking via the EIS forum for additional dates will get the same response, i.e. 'I don't know'.

But showing demand for particular countries and locations for tour dates on the EIS Forum is useful.


EIS Web-site Updates

The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Further Clip

A clip featuring 'Stop!' from the forthcoming 'The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon' DVD has been put up on the EIS home-page.

Not long now until the release date!


'Breathe' - the new single video shoot

This week (Wednesday in fact), a large part of the filming of the 'Breathe' video took place in London. I went along with camcorder in hand and recorded the days proceedings to put up for you guys on the EIS web-site.

Assuming I've done no major errors such as leaving the lens cap on (don't laugh - it has happened!), I'll edit the footage and put clips up online (along with the story board etc.) in a few weeks time.

Whilst I was there, Andy revealed that Vince and himself had pretty much sorted out the set-list for 'The Erasure Show', and that it would feature five songs from Nightbird, classic hits and some songs they haven't performed in quite a while. Can't wait! (This is of course subject to change!)

News Roundup

Q Magazine - Top 50 Bands

Writers for Q magazine have compiled a top 50 of what they believe to be the music world's biggest groups, rating the band's performance with a points system that measured sales of their biggest album, the scale of their biggest headlining show and the total number of weeks spent on the UK album chart.

Erasure are in the top 50 at number 47!

See the November edition of Q magazine for the full list or the Independent write-up about the feature at: web:

In_Vox Interview

Maryanne Rarity from In_Vox (the Greek band that recorded and released the recent duet with Andy Bell is featured in an interview on the website. web:


Erasure Information Service


2nd of October

The Erasure Show - Denmark Date

I'm am delighted to be able to confirm (at last!) that 'The Erasure Show' has been extended to Copenhagen!

The date of the show is the 24th March 2005 at the Vega venue, and tickets are on sale from today!

For more info (and tickets) see: web:

The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon - Online Clip

How about watching an exclusive 1 minute preview clip from the forthcoming 'The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon DVD'? I thought you might like that!

The media links are on the home-page of the EIS site: web: (Please refresh the page or else you won't see the links).

The Erasure Show - Tickets

If you find that the tickets for a venue are sold out via a particular ticket agency, make sure that you try contacting the venue direct, or try another agency. You may find that one agency has sold out of their allocation of tickets, whereas another has not. So make sure you check around!

Enjoy your weekends!

Erasure Information Service


27th of September

Petr Muk - mini album

Petr Muk, singer and a former member of Czech pop band "Ocean" (who supported Erasure during the "Wild!" tour) will be releasing a solo mini-album called "Oh L'Amour" featuring cover versions of Erasure's songs.

The album will be out in November.

For further information see: web:

(Thanks to Vasek for the information)

Chicago Erasure/Yazoo Club Night

Another Planet Presents... Erasure/Yazoo Night

Dance all night to the music of Erasure and Yazoo (a.k.a.Yaz), with DJ Dave Roberts, Kristine, and guest DJ Tim.

date: Tues 28th Sept (10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m.)

venue: NEO 2350 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL


(Thanks to Timothy for the information - and he'll be the guest DJ!)

EIS Website Update: Private Ear Revisited

A further article from an old Private Ear magazine has been published online which describes the work of Tamsin Manvell, Isobel Work and Lee Charteris on the Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour: web:


Erasure Information Service


23rd of September

The Erasure Show

The 2005 tour now has an official name - 'The Erasure Show' (and not as previously named 'The Nightbird Tour', which was the "don't know what else to call it at the moment" name.

Edinburgh Usher Hall

A quick update on the status of the Edinburgh Usher Hall tickets - we have just heard back from the promoter that the capacity of the venue has increased slightly - therefore further tickets are available.

date: 28 Feb 2005

venue: Scotland - Edinburgh Usher Hall


tel: 0131 228 1155

Ask Erasure Updated

It's now Vince's turn to answer a selection of your questions.


(please refresh the page)

Remember questions can be submitted here: web:

And make sure you do - or else Vince may send more of his joke's to publish online!


Erasure Information Service


20th of September

Another quick tour update:

Edinburgh Usher Hall

The Edinburgh performance for the 28th February 2005 has now sold out!

Latest tour information here: web: Ticket Shop

The tickets for the German tour can be ordered from 17:00 today (German time) for the Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne dates, with the remaining three (Offenbach, Munich and Dresden) available from tomorrow at the following web-site: web:

The shop is a partnership between the German tour management and

Thanks to Corinna for the information.

EIS Forum - New Options

You can now decide if you wish to view avatars and / or signatures when viewing threads on the EIS forum.

Turning one or both of these options off can greatly speed up downloading pages when reading the forum - which will benefit dial-up users etc.

Simply click on 'profile' (once you have logged on) and you will be presented with two new options:

- Show Avatars in Topic: Yes / No

- Show Signatures in Topic: Yes / No


The most common queries that the EIS receives are answered here: web:

Please read this before emailing / using the contact form on the web-site. On a related note I should point out that the EIS does not and is unable to give out backstage passes for tours, or get Andy and Vince to dedicate songs for audience members.

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


17th of September

German tour dates

Some excellent new in todays quick update - six German dates have been added to the Nightbird Tour!

Nightbird Tour - German Dates Now Added!

- March 2005 -

26th March - Berlin, Columbiahalle

27th March - Hamburg, CCH 3

28th March - Cologne, E-Werk

29th March - Offenbach, Capitol

31st March - Munich, Muffathalle

- April 2005 -

1st April - Dresden, Alter Schlachtnof

Tickets will go on sale from Monday 20th September, at 25 Euros.

More details at:




Erasure Information Service


16th of September

EIS website: A Phantasmagorical influence!

You may have noticed that the EIS website has had a slight makeover in celebration of the long awaited released of 'The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon' on DVD next month (Nov in North America). So no more grey website! Hurrah!

EIS Website: Private Ear Revisited

The Phantasmagorical influence continues with the republishing of an article from one of the original Private Ear magazines (issue 11) where the EIS revealed the experiences of several people involved with the Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour, in this case Angela Conway (the Director) and Les Child (the Choreographer). More will be published soon. web:

Private Ear Magazine: Issue 31

The current issue of Private Ear features an interview with Dean Bright (costume designer for Erasure) and features many *exclusive* pictures of his costume designs for the Phantasmagorical tour from his collection. It's on sale now via the EIS Shop. web:

A few people have asked if there will be further editions of the Private Ear magazine. Well I do hope to do one or two more special editions next year (as it is the bands 20th anniversary etc), but I need to determine in the next month or two if it will be viable to do so.

Long standing EIS members may remember the gold interview flexi disc that was given away with the membership packs at one point - well speaking to Andy and Paul recently we were thinking of doing something similar again, such as a free 3" CD with the next issue (if there is one).

So if you want any more editions of the Private Ear magazine make sure you support the idea by buying this current issue!

Results of the 'Influence the Nightbird Set list' vote

Thank you to everyone that voted recently for the Nightbird Tour set list poll (on the EIS Forum) - the results were certainly very interesting!

The top ten songs voted for were:

- Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summers Day)

- Phantom Bride

- Hideaway

- When I Needed You

- Take Me Back

- Don't Suppose

- Drama!

- Angel

- You Surround Me

- A Little Respect

The complete list of songs that made the final top 20 (that have been passed onto Andy and Vince) can be read in the EIS news section. The band wishes to pass on their thanks to everyone that voted - thanks!! web:

The Nightbird Tour: Dates are selling out!

Speaking of the Nightbird Tour, the tickets sales are going extremely well, with the first two dates (at Dublin) selling out very rapidly.

Remember the most up to date list of tour date and venues (with box office and website details) is on the EIS site. (Or check out my tour page here - Jackie)

EIS Website: The 'Ask Erasure' feature returns!

After far too long an absence, the popular 'Ask Erasure' returns! Yey!!!!

It's the turn of Andy to answer a selection of your questions, which can be submitted via the 'Contact' section of the website.



EIS Website: Gallery Updated

The gallery has had a bit of an overhaul, and is now Flash based. This change allows for much faster updates by me, and a lot easier navigation for you. Pictures may still be saved to your computer (if you want to keep / print them) by clicking on the 'Open In Browser' link.

Additional photos have been published in the following galleries:

- EIS '04 Nightbird Party

- Hogmanay

- Loveboat launch party (new gallery)

- Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour (new gallery)

- Other People's Songs promo meeting (new gallery)


EIS Website: EIS '04 Quiz

The questions from the quiz that was conducted at EIS '04 have been published online (but not the answers yet! You'll have to wait until next week for those). web:

An Event You May Be Interested In

As you may or may not know, Claudia Brucken (of Propaganda fame) duets with Andy on two of the songs on his forthcoming (non Erasure) album, which is nearly completed.

Claudia and the other half of her band OneTwo, Paul Humphreys (of OMD fame) are playing a special gig at the Islington Academy (London) on Thursday 30th September 2004.

Tickets are £15 and available via the box-office:

tel: 0870 771 2000



EIS Forum: Changes

There have been a few changes to the EIS forum functionality in the past week. These include:

- You now do *not* need to log in / have a forum account to read the forum (with the exception of the 'EIS Email Updates Archive' section)

- Other topics of interest are now displayed at the bottom of the page.

- If you do log in, you can now display a list of all the topics you have started.

EIS Member: Charity Event

EIS member and regular forum contributor 'Situation M' (otherwise know as Michael!) is taking part in AIDSWalk04 on September 26th in Portland, Oregon.

A link to where he can be sponsored (and further details of the event in his own words) is available here: web:

Until next time! (And back to Friday's again!)

Erasure Information Service


24th of August

New Dublin Tour Date

The first night of the new Erasure tour in Dublin has sold out!

Therefore Erasure are now performing a second date in Dublin on 26th February 2005.

See this page for full details:

New EIS Merchandise

The exclusive EIS'04 t-shirts that were on sale at the recent EIS Nightbird party are now available for purchase online:

Also a reminder that the new edition (issue 31) of the EIS / Erasure magazine 'Private Ear' is also currently on sale.

Nightbird Tour Set-list Voting

Remember if you want to vote for which songs you would like Andy & Vince to perform on the new tour then the last day of voting is the 27th August. This is to give Vince time to get everything programmed by next year!

Already the results are very interesting - presented here are the top 5 most requested songs to be played so far (with the percentage of the vote):

1) Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summers Day) 5%

2) Phantom Bride 5%

3) Hideaway 4%

4) When I Needed You 3%

5) Take Me Back 3%

The top 20 songs will be passed onto Andy and Vince.

If you want to influence the set-list of the tour then time is running out!

Vote now in the forum:


Erasure Information Service


18th of August

Influence The Nightbird Tour Setlist!

Andy & Vince have emailed me asking if EIS members would like to vote on which songs the fans would like them to perform live during the forthcoming tour. I think you will agree that's quite a splendid idea!

Therefore a poll has been created on the EIS Forum where you may vote for the song that you would most like Andy and Vince to perform live in the new tour.

The top twenty songs with the most votes will be passed onto Andy and Vince.

*Please Note*

- The poll can be found in the 'Erasure Live Gigs & Tours' section of the EIS Forum.

- Last day of voting is the 27th August 2004

- Registration is required for the EIS Forum. If you have not already done so you may register here:

EIS '04 Video Introductions

At the recent EIS '04 party, Andy and VInce recorded introductions for each of the tracks played at the event (from the Acoustic and Nightbird albums).

These clips are now available online at:

I've experimented with higher bitrates (and used the Windows Media 9 codec for the Windows Media versions of the videos) to increase the quality of them - let me know if this causes problems.

Windows Media 9 Broadband: 341Kb

Windows Media 9 Dial-up: 110Kb

Real Media Broadband: 225Kb

Real Media Dial-up: 82Kb

EIS Merchandise

The following items are currently out of stock:

- The Erasure watch

- The EIS mug

- In_Vox CD single

They will be back in stock in about 2 weeks. Anyone who has ordered these items will be charged and the items dispatched once they are back in stock - other items will be charged for and dispatched separately as normal.


Erasure Information Service


13th of August

VH-1 poll news

Erasure's A Little Respect has finished 12th in the 'The best Number Ones that never were' category on VH-1's (UK) recent vote!. Which is excellent!. And they didn't come in the top 100 worst number ones for Abba-Esque either!. (How dare they nominate them! ;-). The countdown of the top 100 'ones that never were' will be on August the 30th from 11.30 am on VH-1. To see the Top 100s in each category, click here.


13th of August

Tour News / New Web Page

All the currently known tour dates are now listed on the EIS web-site, complete with box office contact details etc:

This page will be updated when the further dates are announced.

The Tank, The Swan And the Balloon Live DVD

I'm just been informed by Mute NA that the North American release date of the 'Tank, Swan...' DVD is the 16th November.

EIS '04 Charity Auction Details

Due to the sterling work of John (the auctioneer) and Donna (bidding on behalf of the web submissions), the grand total of money raised for Scope was £3862. Great going guys!

Over the weekend all the photos that I have received from the event will be put up on the EIS web-site, as well as the video clips of Andy and Vince that were shown.

EIS Merchandise

Just a note to say that I have received *a lot* of merchandise orders over the past week and around 400 e-mails, therefore a bit of a backlog has developed. I'll try and clear it all before the end of next week.

The remaining EIS '04 t-shirts and teapots will be put up on the merchandise page on Monday as well.

I'll also be taking a break from overseeing the EIS Forum over the next month, as I've got a lot of things in the pipeline I want to work on.

So I'll be leaving the forum in the capable hands of the other mods for the time being. It's also approaching 3,000 members at the time of writing - wow!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Erasure Information Service


12th of August

Back in June when I announced the change of release dates for the Nightbird album, I said that there would still be an exciting release for October...

The Tank, The Swan And The Balloon Live! DVD

Yes the most requested Erasure concert to be released on DVD is here!!

To be released on 25th October 2004, this live DVD entitled 'The Tank, The Swan and The Balloon Live!' was recorded at the Manchester Apollo on the 6th August 1992 as part of Erasure's Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour and was directed by David Mallet (known for his video work with Bowie, Blondie and Queen amongst others).

A bonus disc is included that features exclusive interviews and backstage footage. In addition the DVD is in both 5.1 and stereo sound.

There *will* be a US release - I just don't know the release date yet. I'll let you know as soon as I do!

EIS Email Update Archive

An archive of these EIS Email Updates is now available in a special section of the EIS forum so that they are easy to find.

EIS Email Updates Archive

So if you don't have email access but have web access you can check the EIS Forum to read the latest update. (Registration required for the forum).


Erasure Information Service


9th of August

EIS '04 - The Morning After!

This isn't an update as such - but an opportunity to thank everyone who helped out on Saturday (for EIS '04) and to all those that attended that made it such a fantastic day. See below!

Over the next few days I'll put up as much EIS '04 stuff on the EIS web-site as possible, such as the video introductions that Andy and Vince did, the auctions results, the quiz, the quiz winners, the remaining EIS '04 merchandise items etc. So keep an eye out on the web-site over the next few days.

EIS '04 Photos

If anyone has any photos of the event that they would like to share and have published on the EIS site then I will be happy to put them online - just give me a name of who to credit the photos to and any other details that you want mentioned. Just send them to my email address.

The Thankyou's

And now the people that I wish to thank: Alan and Ewan: who have helped organise the event with me over the past 6 months. The project certainly would not have got off the ground without you guys helping out.

John: an absolute star! A superb job at hosting the auction.

Rod: you were fab - the disco was brilliant! (and yes the green jacket does suit you!)

Andy & Stewart: wow - thank you for helping out with the technical stuff throughout the day, and the overwhelming audience reaction to your performance showed how much you guys were appreciated.

Barbara, Kerri-Ann, Sue, Muzzy and Katie: If I listed everything that you guys did to help out then this email update would be twice as long - thankyou!!

Paul Hickey and Andy Bell: I think we managed to surprise a few people! Thanks for being great sports!

And of course I would like to thank all those who attended - it was great to put so many faces to names, and you all demonstrated what a great bunch of people the Erasure fan community is.

Thank you!

Quick Reminder

The tickets for the UK tour dates will be available for sale to the general public from Friday 13th August (some information removed - for EIS email subscribers only - Jackie)

I don't have any further information about any other tour dates at present I'm afraid - but keep checking your email inbox.

EIS Web-site

For those that have been visiting the EIS web-site for a while you will know that it tends to be re-launched before new Erasure releases.

With Nightbird due out in January I'm planning *now* on what new features to include - so let me know what you would like. More interactive features? Anyone you would like me to interview? Should I try and get Andy and Vince to post on the EIS Forum?

Give me your ideas and feedback as soon as possible so that I see what can be done.


Erasure Information Service


6th of August

UK Tour Dates!!

Hurrah! An exclusive today - the UK tour dates!!!

25 Feb - Dublin Vicar St

28 Feb - Edinburgh Usher Hall

01 Mar - Glasgow Academy

03 Mar - Newcastle City Hall

05 Mar - Hammersmith Apollo

07 Mar - Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

09 Mar - Manchester Apollo

10 Mar - Sheffield Octagon

11 Mar - Preston Guildhall

13 Mar - Portsmouth Guildhall

14 Mar - Bristol Colston Hall

16 Mar - Wolves Civic Hall

18 Mar - Norwich UEA

20 Mar - Cardiff St David's Hall

21 Mar - Hull City Hall

And yes you did read that correctly - the first tour date is an Irish date!! Yes *your* feedback via the EIS made that happen!!

Tickets will be on sale from the 13th August 2004 - full box office information will be sent in next weeks update.

A Quick Reminder...

The brand new edition of Private Ear (issue 31) can now be ordered via the EIS, including new watches, mousemats and mugs.

See the following page for further information:

Until next time!

Erasure Information Service


5th of August


This coming Friday there will be an important EIS update. If you read these updates on other websites / Yahoo groups, make sure that you subscribe to these updates directly:

Brand New EIS Merchandise

Well it's exactly what the title says - some brand new merchandise is now available via the EIS.

These include:

- Erasure Analogue Watch - Black leather strap with white dial with blue Erasure logo.

- Erasure Eraser - White eraser with black Erasure logo.

- EIS Private Ear - Issue 31. 28 page full colour magazine.

- EIS Mug - White mug with full colour EIS logo.

- EIS Mousemat - Full colour hard topped (23cm x 20cm).

- EIS '04 Logo Pencil.

This merchandise (and more) will be available at the EIS '04 event, so if you are attending then there is no need to order online.

To order visit:

You may also order via the post, by printing off the page with your order details and paying by:

- a postal order

- a cheque (in pound sterling, made out to the 'Erasure Information Service'

- cash (pound sterling) by registered post only - although I don't recomend this option.

EIS Postal address is in the FAQ section:

In the next few months the shopping section of the website will be revamped and I'll investigate into providing other payment options (such as PayPal).

EIS '04 News

For those who have tickets to attend EIS '04 this Saturday in Leicester please aim to arrive at the event between 14:00 (door opening) and 14:45 (the start of the event).

Attendees arriving by car should note that this Saturday is also the Leicester "Caribbean Carnival" weekend. This means that a large precession is due to pass the hotel at around 15:00! The roads will be closed at least during the duration of the procession - anyone driving to the hotel that day should aim to be at the hotel by around lunch-time to ensure they are not significantly delayed.

If Granby Street is closed (leading to the main entrance to the hotel) it should be possible to bypass Granby Street to arrive at the hotel car park via Chatham Street.

For those that are arriving by train on the day, do be sure to check for any engineering works on your line. Certainly the Midland mainline (London to Leicester) has engineering works scheduled during the ESI04 weekend and this could cause some delays.

Please don't forget to bring your entry and dining passes!


Erasure Information Service


News Jan-July 2004