News 2001

29th of December


Just wanted to wish everyone a (belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all the nice guestbook signings and emails I've received this year. They are always appreciated. :-)


21st of December


The producer of Erasure's next album, Gareth Jones, has some news on his website :- "the cover versions album is almost completely recorded now (14 songs). we have done some great backing vocals with Emma and Anna, and we will complete the record in January. It is starting to sound really good, even tho' i say it myself :-)". Coo-el!


Vince appears nude in a new book called 'Male Nudes' by 'Rankin', stood infront of his shed!. The book was released in October and is available from and good book shops.


12th of December


The Mute Records web site is now holding a competition to win copies of the new Erasure CD, 'Moon & The Sky Plus', autographed by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell. For details on how to enter, click here

In the new year, the Erasure Information Service will be also holding a competition to win autographed copies of Erasure 'Moon & The Sky Plus', 'Loveboat' and 'Loveboat Acoustic' CDs, plus other goodies and rare and exclusive items.

News from the EIS


I'm really sorry the site's been down for the last couple of weeks. Basically I've changed web hosting companys and it takes a few days for everything to be updated before you can upload the site again, which is a real hassle. Anyway, I'm in the process of putting all the site back online, which will probably take a few days. Thanks a lot for your patience. Hope you like the Christmassy look I've given the site! ;-).


10th of December


Moon And The Sky - Plus has it's official release date today. For all the details click here


3rd of Decmber


Erasure singles box sets 3 & 4 are available now. For all the release details click here


21st of November


Another of Vince Clarke's side-projects, The RadioActivators, have released their first single. The release - available only as a 7" vinyl single - is out on Peanut Butter & Jam records through Prime Distribution, and is a limited edition of 1,500 copies.

The single features 'Knock On Your Door', written by Vince with Phil Creswick and with lyrics and vocals by Nigel Lewis; [previously only available on the 'Winning London' soundtrack CD] and the previously-unreleased new song 'Bopp', written by Nigel Lewis and K. Van Green. Both tracks are Eddie Cochran-style classic rock'n'roll but with Vince's distinctive synthesizer touch.

RadioActivators - Knock On Your Door
Release date: 3rd December 2001
Catalogue number: PBJ001

A. Knock On Your Door

AA: Bopp

The single comes in a plain black sleeve. You should be able to find it at any UK record shop which deals in vinyl, and you will be able to order it if it's not in stock. Alternatively, you can order the single directly from Norman Records

Unit 1 Armley Park Court, Stanningley Road, Leeds, LS12 2AE, UK. Tel/Fax UK (+44): 0113 2311114 It is also available from


Another two sound clips from this exciting forthcoming release have been added to the Mute Erasure site

News from the latest EIS Update


13th of November


Two new sound-clips of Moon & The Sky are now available to download from Mute's Erasure Page. Randy Roger's Ramjet mix (with new lyrics.."with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds...") and the Sleaze Sister's Anthem Mix (sounds very much like the remix that was available on Napster earlier this year). For all the details on this release, read further down this page.


13th of November


A previously-unreleased new ambient track, 'Massive' by Vince Clarke & Martyn Ware has been included on the new album, 'Music For The 3rd Millennium Vol. 3'. The track is another in the same abstract, experimental vein as their work on the 'Pretentious' and 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' albums. The album is a limited edition of 1000 copies and features many luminaries of the electronic music and progressive music scenes, including all-new contributions from former members of Can, Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, plus Buggles and Duran Duran.

Various Artists - Music For The 3rd Millennium Vol.3
Release date: End of 2001
Catalogue number: AMP-CD042

1. Robert Schroeder - Sax Delight
2. *** Vincent Clarke & Martyn Ware - Massive [5:56] ***
3. Damo Suzuki Network - Manager Cinderella"
4 & 5. Geoff Downes - Shadows, Pts. 7 & 6
6. Warren Cuccurullo - The Holy Man's Plea
7. Alquimia vs Steve Baltes - Encinerada; Total Restructure
8. Johannes Schmoelling - Spacenight Runner
9. Vidna Obmana - Creep
10. Rudiger Gleisberg - Remote Viewing
11. Mario Schoenwalder, Detlef Keller & Bas Broekhuis - Wolfsburg Rehearsal
12. Harald Grosskopf - Digital Nomad

For more details on the release's tracklisting, and to pre-order the CD [at 10 pounds sterling], visit:


There is now a web site dedicated to this independant film company, for whom Vince has done a lot of soundtrack work. This site includes details about these films, plus forthcoming projects and RealMedia downloads of short films with music by Vince Clarke.

News from the latest EIS Update


7th of November


'Moon & The Sky Plus' and Singles Box Sets 3&4 (read further down the page for tracklistings) are now available to pre-order from the Mute Bank, including special multi-buy offers* (*offers end 31st March 2002). 1 Multi-buy EBX3 + EBX4 @ £35.00 (or £29.79 non EU), 2 Multi-buy EBX3 + EBX4 + Moon & The Sky CD @ £40.00 (£34.04 non EU). The Erasure Singles Box Sets are also available separately @ £18.99 (or £16.16 non EU) each. Moon & The Sky Plus CD @ £5.99 (or £5.10 non EU) each.

Click here to go to the Mute Bank

Note - Orders for the box sets and Moon And The Sky will be despatched together by December 3rd. The p&p on Multi-buy offers will be charged as 2 and 3 items so the total on your order will be amended accordingly.

Mute Bank, 429 Harrow Road, London, W10 4RE, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 20 8964 0029. email:

Please note that EIS credit/discounts cannot be used towards orders placed with the Mute Bank.


You can find out more about Jason Creasey, who has remixed 'Moon & The Sky', by visiting his official website at: The site includes a short downloadable mp3 of his mix, 'JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work'.

Info from the latest EIS Update


6th of November


Finally, the much-anticipated Erasure release, 'Moon & The Sky', is scheduled for release. All details have now been finalised. This release - a special, non-chart eligible compilation of remixes and previously-unreleased acoustic tracks - will be available from the Mute Bank and The CD includes remixes by Jason Creasey [whose work with Erasure previously includes the 'Jason Creasey Freedom Of Flight' remix of 'Freedom' plus collaborations with Vince as part of Family Fantastic], the Millionaires, Randy Roger [featuring Erasure's Andy Bell] and the Sleaze Sisters.

The first two mixes include some newly-recorded vocals and a completely new chorus for the song.

'Baby Love' was previously released on the 'Motown Mania' compilation and is included here as a bonus for those fans who have not yet bought that album. The other four acoustic tracks [including fabulous versions of 'Alien' and 'Where In The World', plus the recent Wheatus chart hit 'A Little Respect'] have only previously appeared on a much-sought-after promotional CD single.

In advance of the release date, two sound clips from the CD will be posted every Tuesday at Mute's new Erasure page

Erasure - Moon & The Sky Plus
Release date: December 10th
Catalogue number: CDLP Mute 248

1. Moon & The Sky - JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work
2. Moon & The Sky - The Millionaires Radio Edit
3. Moon & The Sky - Randy Roger's Ramjet Mix
4. Moon & The Sky - Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix
5. Moon & The Sky - BK Mix
6. Baby Love - Acoustic Version
7. Freedom - Acoustic Version
8. Alien - Acoustic Version
9. Where In The World - Acoustic Version
10. A Little Respect - Acoustic Version


Track 1: Additional programming, production & remix by Jason Creasey.
Track 2: Remix and additional production by The Millionaires.
Track 3: Remixed by Andy Bell and RJ.
Track 4: Remixed by The Sleaze Sisters.
Track 5: Remixed by BK.


Track 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10: Additional Vocals by Valerie Chalmers and Emma Whittle
Acoustic Guitars by Nic Johnston and Vince Clarke
Track 6: Recorded at The Instrument by Kevin Paul, assisted by Anna Schulte. Cardboard box by Vince Clarke. Mixed by Erasure and Roger Johnson
Track 7, 8, 9 & 10: Recorded and mixed at The Instrument by Ebby Acquah, recording assisted by Anna Schulte
All Tracks: Vocals by Andy Bell

There will also be 12" of 'Moon & The Sky' containing exclusive remixes. It will be available from the Mute Bank and specialist dance shops [under the name 'V & A']:

V & A - Moon & The Sky
Catalogue number: 12 Mute 248

Side A
1. Perchance To Dream - Jason Jinx Remix

Side AA
1. Moon & The Sky - Murk Monster Mix

Side A additional production and remix by Jason "Jinx" Zambito.

Side AA reconstructed by Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon.


The third and fourth Erasure box sets collect together the Erasure hit singles from the 'Crackers International EP' to 'Star' and from 'Drama!' to the 'ABBA-esque EP' respectively. Each box set includes all of the tracks from the various UK formats; from the CDs, 7"s, 12"s, LCDs and L12"s, in new, fantastically-clear digitally-remastered sound quality. Some remixes which have previously only appeared on promotional 12"s or non-UK releases have also been included. Many of the tracks included are from rare, deleted releases and have not been previously released on CD.

Both box sets will be available from Mute Bank, online retailers and good music shops. There will be a special discount for people ordering both box sets and the 'Moon & The Sky Plus' EP from the Mute Bank [details to be confirmed].

Erasure Singles Box Set 3
Release date: December 3rd
Catalogue number: EBX 3

Crackers International EP

1. Stop!
2. The Hardest Part
3. Knocking On Your Door
4. She Won't Be Home
5. The Hardest Part
6. Knocking On Your Door
7. Stop! (Remix)
8. Knocking On Your Door (Remix)
9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


1. Drama!
2. Sweet, Sweet Baby
3. Drama! (Act 2)
4. Sweet, Sweet Baby (The Moo-Moo Mix)
5. Paradise
6. Drama! (Krucial Mix)
7. Sweet, Sweet Baby (Medi Mix)
8. Paradise (Lost And Found Mix)

You Surround Me

1. You Surround Me
2. 91 Steps
3. You Surround Me (Syrinx Mix)
4. Supernature
5. 91 Steps (+24 Mix)
6. You Surround Me (Remix)
7. Supernature (William Orbit Mix)
8. 91 Steps (6 Pianos Mix)
9. Supernature (Daniel Miller / Phil Legg Mix)
10. You Surround Me (Gareth Jones Mix)
11. Supernature (Mark Saunders Mix)

Blue Savannah

1. Blue Savannah
2. Runaround On The Underground
3. Blue Savannah
4. No G.D.M.
5. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix II)
6. No G.D.M. (Unfinished Mix)
7. Runaround On The Underground
8. Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix I)


1. Star
2. Dreamlike State
3. Star (Trafalmadore Mix)
4. Dreamlike State (The 12 Hour Technicolor Mix)
5. Star (Interstellar Mix)
6. Star (Soul Mix)
7. Dreamlike State (The 24 Hour Technicolor Mix)

Erasure Singles Box Set 4
Release date: December 3rd
Catalogue number: EBX 4


1. Chorus
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Chorus (Pure Trance Mix)
4. Snappy (The Spice Has Risen Mix)
5. Chorus (Transdental Trance Mix)
6. Snappy
7. Chorus (Aggressive Trance Mix)

Love To Hate You

1. Love To Hate You
2. Vitamin C
3. Love To Hate You
4. Vitamin C
5. La La La
6. Love To Hate You (Bruce Forest Mix)

Am I Right?

1. Am I Right?
2. Carry On Clangers (Full Length)
3. Let It Flow
4. Waiting For Sex (Full Length)
5. Am I Right? (Dave Bascombe Remix)
6. Am I Right? (The Grid Remix)
7. Love To Hate You (LFO Modulated Filter Mix)
8. Chorus (Vegan Mix)
9. B3
10. Perfect Stranger (Acoustic)

Breath Of Life

1. Breath Of Life (7" Mix)
2. Breath Of Life
3. Breath Of Life (Accapella Dub Remix)
4. Breath Of Life (Divine Inspiration Mix)
5. Breath Of Life
6. Breath Of Life
7. Breath Of Life
8. Breath Of Life (Stripped Mix)

Abbaesque EP

1. Lay All Your Love On Me
2. S.O.S.
3. Take A Chance On Me
4. Voulez Vous
5. Voulez Vous (Brain Stem Death Test Mix)
6. Lay All Your Love On Me (No Panties Mix)
7. Take A Chance On Me (Take A Trance On Me Mix)
8. S.O.S. (Perimeter Mix)

The first two singles box sets, collecting the singles from 'Who Needs Love Like That' to 'It Doesn't Have To Be' and 'Victim Of Love' to 'A Little Respect', are still in print and available from the Mute Bank.


Vince Clarke has done a couple of remixes of Simple Minds' forthcoming single, 'Homosapien' [formerly a hit for Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks] currently scheduled for release on December 3rd. It is very likely at least one of his mixes [produced in collaboration with Mick Martin] will be included on the CD single.


Work on Erasure's forthcoming covers album continues apace, with six tracks nearly completed and backing tracks prepared for another three. The current plan is to record sixteen or seventeen tracks and to choose the best for the album, with the others being potential b-sides. The album is due to be completed this year for release in 2002 [no earlier than spring]. The tracklisting is still confidential but consists largely of covers of Vince, Andy and producer Gareth Jones' favourite chart hits from the 60's and 70's.

The music for the album is going to be entirely synthesizer-based, with no acoustic guitars, with a sound reminiscent of the 'Chorus' album but with a strong contemporary feel.


Vince has recently formed a company with Martyn Ware [his collaboratory on 'Pretentious', 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' and the producer of 'I Say I Say I Say', plus, of course, a member of Heaven 17 and founding member of The Human League]. 'The Illustrious Company' will provide original music soundscapes to accompany exhibitions, art installations, galleries and museums. Various exciting high-art projects are currently in progress and will be announced in due course. 'The Illustrious Company' intends for as much of its work as possible to be made commercially available, including the ambient performance from early in September [apart from the Erasure section], though at the moments no details have been confirmed.

All news from the latest EIS news update.


2nd of November


From Jonny EIS, posted on the ISay ISay ISay Yahoo! discussion group:

'It looks like there will finally be some Erasure news updates in the next couple of weeks. But, yes, it looks like Vince has done a couple of remixes for Simple Minds's forthcoming single 'Homo Sapien'. The remixes were done in collaboration with Mick Martin.'


15th of October


Well, not really much of an update, as the release dates haven't been announced yet, but according to Erasure's Scandinavian record company website (Playground music), Box sets 3 & 4 are scheduled for the 3rd of December and the Moon And The Sky EP (on CD and 12") is scheduled for 10th of December. Please don't take these release dates as being definite, as they were scheduled at one point on this site for the 15th of October (ie: today) and obviously that hasn't happened. A tracklisting for the Moon And The Sky single hasn't been announced yet, though Jonny EIS expects it will be sooner rather than later.


23rd of September


I've found a little mention of the private gig Erasure performed with Martyn Ware a few weeks ago at (This news comes from Martyn Ware's management):-

'Martyn's just performed new works written by Vince Clarke and Martyn in 3D surround sound format (including ambient versions of Erasure songs) live with Andy Bell and Vince at a huge blah (sorry, I've been asked not to mention the company involved, so I'll refer to them as 'blah') party at the Royal Arsenal in London, will release the new material in 2002.'

So looks like a new Clarke and Ware album is on the cards.


They'll be no new updates to Erasurette until the 28th of September (that's if there's anything to update by then). I'm going on holiday for a few days... bye bye! :o)


13th of September


This month's edition of 'Musik' magazine [available in most good UK newsagents] includes a free cover-mounted CD containing a 58-minute megamix of 53 tracks by various Mute Records artists. It includes an excerpt over just over 2 minutes of the previously-unreleased 'Murk Monster Mix' of Erasure's 'Moon & The Sky'. However, collectors should note that mix does not feature many elements of the Erasure track and bears very little resemblance to the original song.

'Moon & The Sky' is still scheduled for a UK single release later this year, though it is likely to be a CD not eligible for the UK charts, collecting together various remixes and live acoustic tracks along similar lines to 1997's 'Rain Plus'. It will be the second and final single release to be taken from the 'Loveboat' album. An update will follow shortly with details of 'Moon & The Sky's release date, tracklisting plus release details and tracklistings for the forthcoming 3rd and 4th Singles Box Sets.


Work is well underway on Erasure's forthcoming 'covers' album, with five or six tracks near completion. The album is being produced with Gareth Jones, who previously co-produced the 'Wild!', 'Erasure' and 'Cowboy' albums. The tracklisting has not yet been decided - Erasure will be recording more songs than they need, and only when they have finished recording will they begin selecting which tracks will be included on the album - but it is likely to predimanntly consist of well-known pop classics and torch songs from the 60's and 70's.

News from the latest EIS update


12th of September

First of all, I'd just like to say my thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the attacks in America yesterday. I am still shocked so I can't imagine how people closer to these tragedies must be feeling. Hopefully, these bits of Erasure news might cheer us up a bit...


You may have heard by now about the concert Erasure and Martyn Ware performed in London last Monday for the employees and their guests of a v. famous multimedia company. Unfortunately, for contractual reasons, the show had to be kept secret, though no fans would have been able to attend anyway, unless you happened to work for this company. The first hour and a half of the concert consisted of Vince (dressed in drag!) and Martyn Ware performing ambient music, on a revolving stage, similar to the work they have done together on 'Pretentious' and ' Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle'. For the last half an hour, they were joined on stage by Andy and they performed Erasure songs but in the same ambient style. Songs performed were: 'Alien', 'Sometimes', 'Ship Of Fools', 'Oh L'Amour', 'Stop!', 'A Little Respect' and 'Only You' (yes, the Yazoo song!). I know quite a few fans have been wanting to hear Andy sing this song. Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll get to hear the concert as it was performed in 3-D surround sound, which could not be conventionally recorded and this was a one off event. Hopefully, this might persuade Erasure to do some more live shows (hopefully for the fans next time! :-), as they apparently enjoyed the performance. More info is at the EIS site. Thanks to Jonny for the information. If anyone reading this attended the show (there were around 4000 people who attended), please email me if you have any more details or any pics etc...


The good news is that they're cracking on with the new album!. 5-6 songs are almost completed. We won't find out the tracklisting just yet though, but it looks like the songs will all be covers from the 60s and 70s. Again, more info is at the EIS site. There should be an announcement very soon about the Moon And The Sky single and the 2 new box sets as well.


1st of August


In a follow up to the story 'Is Erasure's new album a cover versions album?', the answer is 'yes, it is!'. I've just read it on the official site. Go here for more details!.


Unfortunately, the release of the 'Moon & The Sky' single has been put back to October. This is because Mute are still in the process of commissioning 'radio mixes' of the song, and are waiting for the best possible mix to give the release the greatest chance of success.

Info from the latest EIS Update


Saw Erasure on TOTP 2 tonight doing ' A Little Respect' in 1988. Steve Wright commented '27 hits they've had' as if he couldn't beleive it. Me neither, I could only think of 26!.


29th of July

Erasure's new album a covers album?

This hasn't been confirmed, but I've heard from a reliable source (don't you hate when people say that?! ;) that Erasure's new album is to be a covers album. When Jonny mentioned in the last EIS update that the new album 'replaces Andy Bell's solo 'covers' album', I didn't interpret it to mean that Erasure were replacing it with their own covers album. Or maybe it was obvious and I missed it, but it seems most fans are expecting a brand new Erasure album with brand new songs!. More details if I get them.

Chart Update

Wheatus are at 14 with 'A Little Respect' in the UK singles chart. Pop! - the first 20 hits is now at 31 in the UK Indie album charts.


24th of July


In the past couple of weeks, Vince and Andy have returned to the studio with producer Gareth Jones to begin work on a new album. This new album - which will hopefully be completed this year - replaces Andy Bell's solo 'covers' album, mentioned in previous Erasure updates.


An old Top Of The Pops appearance of Erasure performing 'A Little Respect' will be shown on TOTP2 on BBC2, Wednesday the 1st of August at 6.00pm (UK only).

News from the latest EIS Update


Erasure's US label Maverick in staff shake-up


"Madonna has personally approved a shake-up among senior staff at her record label after it lost £42 million in just two years. Six top executives left Maverick records, including its £524,000-a-year president, to plug the drain of cash. The Los-Angeles-based record firm is half-owned by US music giant Warner Music and has not had a hit record in two years. The label is now pinning its hopes on Alanis Morissette, who is recording the first of a five-record deal. One of Madonna's partners at Maverick, Ronnie Dashev, told the New York Post she had authorised the shake-up. He said: "She's involved in all major decisions at the company." Maverick's president Bill Bennett quit the record company as part of the shake-up, after overseeing its launch just over two years ago, and is not being replaced. Mr Dashev refused to say if Madonna had spoken to the ex-president before he cleared his desk and said: "It was Bill's decision to leave." Five other top executives, including the head of publicity, and the boss of the sales department also quit."

This doesn't mean some Maverick artists (including Erasure) are about to be dropped, as stated in an online music "news" site today.


23rd of July

Exclusive Vince Clarke track

There is an exclusive, brand new Vince Clarke track, available only through the official Erasure web site at The song is What A Wonderful World, written by Thiele/Weiss and original recorded by Louis Armstrong. This recording, made earlier this year, was produced and arranged by Vince Clarke and Mick Martin (that's Vince's brother, you know - Jackie), with vocals by Vince's Macintosh (that's a computer, you know. Oh OK, you know - Jackie). To listen to the track, you will need RealPlayer installed. It is a free plug-in, which can be obtained from To find the track, visit the 'news' section.

News from Jonny EIS

Chart Update

Wheatus are now at number 10 in the UK with their cover of A Little Respect. Erasure's Pop - The First 20 Hits is now at number 28 in the UK indie album charts.


16th of July

New Wheatus chart position

Wheatus are now at number 8 in the UK chart with their cover of A Little Respect.

Pop! - The First 20 Hits

Pop! has re-entered the UK indie album charts this week at number 19. That's outside the "proper" Top 100 album charts though. Not too bad for an album released nearly 9 years ago!.

Erasure interview at

There is a video interview (in two parts) at It must have been recorded last year. Andy and Vince go through the Loveboat album, describing what each track is about, where it was recorded etc... very interesting - sound quality wasn't great when I listened though. I had to turn the volume up on my real audio player. Or maybe my speakers have broken!. To hear the interview, go to and click on 'video' on the left. Then search for 'erasure' in the video interviews search box. I tried to provide a link to the interview but the site won't let me, for some reason!.


9th of July


The new Erasure single, 'Moon & The Sky' has been provisionally scheduled for release on August 27th. Please note, however, that the release date is *very* provisional and is almost certain to change over the coming weeks. All the other details about the release [whether it will be a double a-side with 'Alien', the tracklisting, the video, the mixes, possible b-sides etc.] are still very much 'To Be Confirmed'. More details to follow!


Erasure Singles Box Sets 3 and 4 are provisionally scheduled for release this October [again, however, this is very likely to change].As with the first two box sets, each box set will contain 5 CD singles, containing all of the tracks from the various UK single formats [7", 12", Limited 12", CD, Limited CD and so on!] in lovely lovely Digitally Remastered sound quality. The booklets will also contain the artwork from the various formats.

Those of you with Erasure discographies to hand or memorized can probably guess much of the tracklisting. Box Set 3 will contain the singles from the 'Crackers International EP' to 'Star' and Box Set 4 will contain the singles from 'Chorus' to the 'ABBA-esque EP'. The latter Box Set may also include some mixes which were previously only released in the UK on promotional 12"s.

There are also *very* tentative plans to re-issue some of Erasure's concert/compilation videos [previously released in the UK by BMG but now deleted]. This may possibly be on another format.


Wheatus' Erasure cover entered the UK chart at 3. This is, of course, one place higher than Erasure's [far superior] original version.

Info from the latest EIS Update


7th of July


Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware have collaborated on another musical project, providing some incidental music for a fringe play, 'The Club' at the Old Red Lion [Vince has previously provided music for a theatrical production of 'Rita, Sue & Bob Too']. 'The Club' is a comedy about Australian rules football, written by David Williamson and directed by Jonathan Guy Lewis.

The play opens on Tuesday 10 July and the run continues to July 28th. Tickets are 10 pounds each [8 pounds concessions].

The Old Red Lion is 418 St John St, Islington, EC1. The nearest tube is Angel, and the phone number for bookings is 0207 837 7816.


A Secure Merchandise Order Form has been added to the 'merchandise' section of You can now order merchandise via the web page using their secure server.

Info from the latest EIS Update

Vince's birthday

Happy belated birthday to Vince for the 3rd of July!. Unfortunately as I haven't been able to update the site for a few days I didn't get chance to do a birthday book like the one for Andy.


21st of June



The following Erasure merchandise is currently available (see for images):

*** T-Shirts ***

'I Say I Say I Say' cartoon T-shirt

Full colour on sky blue with navy trim short-sleeve

[M, L, XL]

£12 [UK] £13 [Europe]

£14 [Rest Of World]

Free gifts will be sent out to the 10th, 20th, 30th and 50th orders received. Orders should be sent to:

EIS - Merchandise

PO BOX 9794


W10 4ZX

Cheques payable to 'EIS'. Or you can also order directly by email (splitting up credit card information for security). Details are given on


In anticipation of Wheatus' single release, Erasure's 'Pop! - The First Twenty Hits' is being re-promoted by Mute Records. Stickered editions ('The very best of Erasure featuring the original edition of A Little Respect') are going out to UK shops now.


Virgin Radio is putting an interview with Wheatus, plus a total of three acoustic songs (including a new recording of 'A Little Respect'), onto its website tomorrow [Friday] afternoon. The site will also include details about the band and the full promotional video for their version of 'A Little Respect'.


19th of June

Wheatus mention Erasure

These are a few quotes I found on the web of Wheatus mentioning Erasure:-

These two are from :-

Brendan (lead singer) told us the song, an Erasure cover, has got the seal of approval from Erasure duo Vince Clarke and Andy Bell . 'Yeah they really like it,' said Brendan. 'They wanted to remix the track but they didn't have time.'


Soon to release their Erasure cover, A Little Respect, the band also revealed to worldpop that Erasure had wanted to remix it for them but lack of time the put the project on hold. However when Vince Clarke and Andy Bell heard the final track they told Wheatus they 'loved the new version.'

This quote from a transcript on

Phil – We thought it would be really interesting to do an erasure cover since it’s not really like the stuff that we normally do and it would be sort of a different twist on the song that was a hit in the 80’s, and yes, it was popular in the states.

The single is released in the UK on the 2nd of July. It's been getting a lot of radio airplay and I predict it will get as high a chart placing as the original!. Who would have thought 'A Little Respect' would work so well as a rock version?!.


11th of June


US band Wheatus' cover of 'A Little Respect' will be released in the UK on July 2nd, a week later than previously announced.


The new 'Mary-Kate and Ashley' movie, 'Winning London', includes three Vince Clarke songs on the soundtrack. To my great shame, I'm not entirely sure who Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are (me neither - Jackie) but I understand they are something of a teen phenomenon over in the USA. I'm sure they're very good at whatever it is they are famous for doing. However, it is the soundtrack [and, in particular, the soundtrack album] that will be of particular interest to Erasure and Vince Clarke fans.

Track 4 on the album is a cover of Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough', performed by Sam Walker and previously released in the UK as a single.

Track 13 is 'Treat Yourself' by 'Family Fantastic', taken from the previously-released album 'Nice!'.

However, and most excitingly:

Track 15 is 'Knockin' On Ya Door' by the 'RadioActivators'.

The RadioActivators are another Vince Clarke side-project; the song, co-produced by Vince Clarke, was written by Vince and Phil Creswick with lyrics by Nigel Lewis. It is described as a 'synth rockabilly' track; a combination of late 1950's Eddie Cochran-style guitar Rock'N'Roll and early 1980's synth-pop.

As mentioned in passing in the Vince Clarke & Phil Creswick interview feature on, this RadioActivators track is taken from an as-yet unreleased 4-track Rock'N'Roll EP.

For more information about the film, and its accompanying soundtrack, visit:

You can order the CD here from CDNow. There is also a video of the straight-to-video-film available here. It is available in NTSC format only (ie: it will only play on US and Canadian VCRs). The video is also available from CDNow in a Spanish subtitled version (?!).


More news about the new Fanily Fantastic album -

'Family Fantastic' have recorded a follow-up to the 'Nice!' album. The album, co-produced and co-written by Vince Clarke, is entitled 'Wonderful'. The album [also mentioned briefly in the Vince Clarke & Phil Creswick interview feature on] contains 12 tracks; where the first 'Family Fantastic' album was recreating new disco hits from the late 1970's, the new album is inspired by the songs of the pre-Rock'N'Roll era; the era of Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters, Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Doris Day. However, the music itself is modern and has the distinctive and inimitable Vince Clarke synthesizer sound. With the exception of a cover of 'Something Stupid', all of the songs themselves are original.

The album is produced by Vince Clarke and features Daphne Diamond (lead vocalist with Canadian rock band 'Blanche'), James Gray (lead vocalist of UK band 'Miramar'), Phil Creswick (Vince's collaborator on 'Nice!', 'RadioActivators' and former member of 'Big Fun') and Nick Carter (a member of 'Canny' who have remixed Electribe 101). If you enjoyed Erasure's cover of 'Magic Moments', then this is the album for you. At the moment [and rather unhelpfully, I know] we don't have any details about where and when the album will be released, or on which labels. As soon as any more information is available on how to obtain this album, we'll send out another update.

There was also a Family Fantastic song that was submitted as a potential UK entry into this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Vince was not involved with this track though.

Please note that these Vince Clarke side-projects are in *addition to* his work as half of Erasure. As soon as we have more details about the long-awaited and oft-delayed next Erasure single, 'Moon & The Sky', or the other Erasure releases due out this year, there will be another update.

(Other Erasure releases?, ooh goody! - Jackie)

All news taken from the latest EIS Update


8th of June

New Family Fantastic album

Showbiz Bird received some news a few days ago from an anonymous source:

"Just to let you know that Vince recently completed a new album under the Family Fantastic production umbrella called Wonderful. Inspired by the musicals of the 50s and 60s and fronted by Daphne Diamond (lead vocalist with Canadian rock band Blanche and James Gray, lead vocalist/songwriter of UK band Miramar, who are performing in London at present). Produced by Vince, Phil Creswick and Nick Carter who has remixed the likes of Electribe 101. I will keep you posted................"


4th of June

Message from Andy Bell

Jonny from the EIS sent me this message from Andy today. If you signed the birthday guestbook on this site, then this message is for you!. (Jonny sent all the messages to Andy's email address.)

"thankyou very much to everyone who sent me bday emails cards etc. it's such a boost to know that there are people out there who care about us & appreciate what we do i'd love to have you all in a room & snog all of you' shucks, andy xxxxxxxxxx"

Awww, isn't that sweet of him?. :-)


3rd of June

Wheatus - A Little Respect

Wheatus' version of 'A Little Respect' will be released in the UK on the 25th of June. I even heard it on Radio One yesterday!.


28th of May


The new album from Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware is now available from all good record shops. Or, alternatively, you can order it from Mute Bank mail order or

A new album by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware [Heaven 17/Human League/producer 'I Say I Say I Say'] is due for release on Mute on May the 28th. The album, entitled 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle', is another abstract, experimental piece of ambient music in a similar vein to their previous collaboration, 'Pretentious'. The album draws its inspiration from colours and their associated sensations, moods and images, each track evoking a different location and creating the related feelings of beauty, harmony and tranquility in the listener. The album was composed and recorded by Vince and Martyn, with Vince also responsible for programming and Martyn producing.

Vince Clarke & Martyn Ware - 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' - CD STUMM 194

Release date: 28th of May 2001

1. White [You are in heaven]

2. Yellow [You are on a beach]

3. Red [You are in the womb]

4. Blue [You are underwater]

5. Green [You are in a forest]

6. White Reprise [You are in heaven again]

Each track is approximately 12 minutes long. Like 'Pretentious', 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' was recorded using 3-D sound techniques. It was recorded using logic audio platinum, and then spatialized using Animix 3D visualisation software and the Lake Huron 3D audio processor. There are some sound clips available on the erasureinfo website. Click on 'Discography' and then 'Vince Clarke side projects & productions' in the 'Other Projects' category.

 'Pretentious' [LCD STUMM 181] is still available from the Mute Bank.

News taken from the latest EIS update.


24th of May

Wheatus cover 'A Little Respect'

Wheatus are definitely releasing 'A Little Respect' as their next single in the UK. The video was shown on Saturday morning on CD:UK (a popular music show in the UK). Apparently the video is very funny and hopefully it'll do very well. I don't know a release date, but I think late June. Wheatus' current single 'Teenage Dirtbag' is refusing to leave the UK Top 20 after 3 months in the chart!.

Next single/US release of 'Loveboat'

Although a new single hasn't been ruled out, as the months go by it is looking less likely that there will be a second single from Loveboat (I suppose that was pretty obvious really, what with it being over 7 months since the last single). And the same goes for a US release of Loveboat as well, unfortunately. That's according to Jonny from the EIS, writing on the ISayISayISay list last week. If Wheatus do have a big hit with A Little Respect though, Mute would definitely want to capitalise on that. These are Jonny's opinions, not Mute's, but they're realistic ones, you would have to agree. The official word seems to be that there is no new single planned "at the moment".

EIS merchandise

You can now order erasure merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs etc.. from the EIS official website. Anyone can order, not just EIS members. More info here -

Andy Bell dreambook

Thanks to everyone who left a birthday message for Andy Bell. Jonny EIS has kindly emailed all the messages directly to Andy.


28th of April


There's still nothing confirmed about a new single or a US Loveboat release. Andy mentioned in the recent Top 10 programme on Channel 4 that they didn't mind about the lack of success for Loveboat and that they'd make another album. Vince quipped that Loveboat was still around but "it's got a few holes in it... it's sinking a bit!".


The results for the live poll are now situated here


3rd of April


Erasure will be appearing on this show, featuring the Top 10 synth bands from the '80s, this Saturday on Channel 4 (UK channel), 9.00pm. Watch out for the trailer featuring some live clips of Erasure.


21st of March


Andy sent a message to everyone on the mailing list via Jonny EIS yesterday. He says they're putting the final touches to a version of Moon And The Sky for a possible single release and they've done a new track for Maverick to persuade them to give them a release in the US (fingers crossed). He also says "Vince & I are very well, getting our priorities sorted out etc etc". He goes on to say that he will start preliminary work on a solo project, though Erasure will continue as normal. Great to hear from Andy, eh?.


14th of March


(This EIS update corrects an earlier update and includes additional details.)

A new album by Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware [Heaven 17/Human League/producer 'I Say I Say I Say'] is due for release on Mute on April 30th. The album, entitled 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle', is another abstract, experimental piece of ambient music in a similar vein to their previous collaboration, 'Pretentious'. The album draws its inspiration from colours and their associated sensations, moods and images, each track evoking a different location and creating the related feelings of beauty, harmony and tranquility in the listener. The album was composed and recorded by Vince and Martyn, with Vince also responsible for programming and Martyn producing.

Vince Clarke & Martyn Ware - 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' - CD STUMM 194

Release date: 30th April 2001

1. White [You are in heaven]
2. Yellow [You are on a beach]
3. Red [You are in the womb]
4. Blue [You are underwater]
5. Green [You are in a forest]
6. White Reprise [You are in heaven again]

Each track is approximately 12 minutes long. Like 'Pretentious', 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' was recorded using 3-D sound techniques. It was recorded using logic audio platinum, and then spatialized using Animix 3D visualisation software and the Lake Huron 3D audio processor.

The album will be available from good UK record shops and via the Mute Bank. 'Pretentious' [LCD STUMM 181] is still available from the Mute Bank.

News taken from the latest EIS update.


6th of March


The brand new Mute Bank 'Statement 2' mail order catalogue is now available. For more information see

The catalogue contains full details (including sleeve scans and tracklisitings) of all the Erasure (and Erasure-related) releases currently available from the Mute Bank. The catalogue is 3.00 pounds per copy plus P&P (or 2.55 pounds if ordering from a non-EC country)

Postage & Packing (please add per copy):
UK: 1.00 pound; Europe: 1.50 pounds; USA & Canada: 2.00 pounds; ROW: 3.00 pounds

How to order your copy: Online from the Mute Bank Or send order to: Mute Bank Mail Order, 429 Harrow Road, London, W10 4RE, UK Or telephone the Mute Bank hotline: ++44 (0)20 8964 0029


Channel 4's 'Top Ten Of Electropop' programme (featuring Erasure) has been re-scheduled and will now be broadcast on Saturday the 7th of April.

News from the EIS


26th of February


Vince and Andy are currently working on new material; they are recording one (or possibly two) songs for potential inclusion as bonus tracks on a US edition of 'Loveboat'. They have also substantially reworked 'Moon & The Sky' and 'Alien' as possible singles releases. At the moment 'Moon & The Sky' is the favourite to be the next single, though this has not yet been finalised and it has not yet been added to Mute's release schedule. Similarly, Maverick have not yet scheduled a US release of 'Loveboat' (their decision whether to release it depends, in part, on the new material Erasure are currently working on), though if they do release it, there is a strong possibility it may sound significantly different to the current 'UK' version.


It looks likely that Wheatus will be releasing their cover version of Erasure's 'A Little Respect' as a single in the UK later this year. Andy Bell has been approached with regard to doing a remix of the track for the b-side. Wheatus' album featuring 'A Little Respect' was a new entry on the UK album charts yesterday at number 7.

News from the latest EIS Update


21st of February


A follow up to yesterday's news about Wheatus - Jonny EIS has confirmed (after speaking to Vince) that it looks probable that Andy (or even both of them) will be doing a remix of Wheatus' version of 'A Little Respect'. He has also confirmed that Erasure are currently working on new material for potential inclusion in a US edition of 'Loveboat'. Goody!.


20th of February


Wheatus, who are currently at number two in the UK charts with 'Teenage Dirtbag', have recorded a version of 'A Little Respect', which features on their debut album, out this week in the UK. According to Channel 4's Teletext service, Wheatus will be releasing "the live fave" 'A Little Respect' as their next single in the UK, and even more interestingly, according to the lead singer Brendan B. Brown, Andy Bell has said he wants to work on a single remix of the track!. I haven't heard Wheatus' version yet, but I've read some very good reviews from people who have. Hopefully they'll be more news about that soon. Wheatus' official site is located here


19th of February


Robert Marlow - whose album, 'The Peter Pan Effect', was produced by Vince Clarke - will be making a couple of low key UK concert dates:

20th February: The Army & Navy, Chelmsford

1st March: The Square, Harlow

He will be performing as part of the synth duo Marlow, who have achieved cult status in Scandinavia. Their official site is located here

Marlow have also recently been working with Vince Clarke on a remix of the track 'No Heart' for a potential future single release and have been recording new material with Vince at his dome studio, 37B.

News taken from the latest EIS Update


13th of February


The new single will probably be either Alien or Moon and The Sky, or a double A-side featuring both tracks. No news of a release date yet. Jonny EIS has confirmed that Erasure will definitely not be doing a concert tour this year, unfortunately.


26th of January


As previously announced, Erasure will be featured in the 'Top Ten Of Electro Pop' which goes out on Channel 4 (UK) at 9 pm on 3rd March.

News from Jonny EIS

Vince on TV again

There will be an interview with Vince on 'The Shape Of Things That Hum'. Monday the 28th of Jan, Channel 4 (UK) at 1:30-1:40 am (in the morning!).

"This week's show takes a look at the top gun of keyboards, the DX7, the synthesizer that defined the sound of the 1980s. Featuring interviews with Vince Clarke, Jacque LeCont and Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran."

No touring at the moment

You may have heard some rumours that Erasure are planning to tour, but once again they are not accurate. According to Jonny from the EIS, "tour plans have been discussed at several points over the last few months, but a decision has not yet been reached."

Next single

It says on the Mute site in the artists section, that a 'new single is coming soon'. The site was updated 11th of Jan so hopefully they'll be some more news soon.


11th of January

Vince on TV

Vince will be appearing on a show called "The Shape Of Things That Hum" on Channel 4 (UK), very early Monday morning (15th of January) or late Sunday night, if you like! at 1.25am - 1.35am. The series is about electronic music and the first show is all about the mini-moog.

EIS Update

I'm afraid there is still no news on either a US release of 'Loveboat' or another single release. Despite what you may heard/read elsewhere, the single has not yet been selected, it has not been scheduled for release in any territory and no promos have been sent out.


8th of January 2001

Future Music

UK magazine Future Music has an interview with Vince Clarke in their February edition. A technical interview about what synths he likes to use and a kit list (click for a scan of it) of all Vince's synths and guitars he uses in his studio.


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