Smash hits review of Milton Keynes Bowl concert 1990.


The final date of Erasure's World tour, " The 'Wild' Party", takes place on

a windswept grassy slope so the atmosphere's not especially "partylike", but

everyone still enthusiastically cheers the first band, Electribe 101, as

Billie Ray Martin wonders onstage in her flapping polka-dot flares. They're

quite good, the 'Tribe, as they rave through their dance hits but it's broad

daylight, and not really the right setting for getting "down".

It's the same problem for Adamski, who appears next, resplendent in

saffron-yellow hair and that bowler hat. He starts and ends with "killer"

and inbetween plays a lot of samey-sounding tunes that get a few toes feebly

tapping. No sign of Dis, ( his dog ), unfortunately.

Was ( Not Was ) have masses of energy. They hop around waving flutes (?) and

guitars, and get everyone shuffling hysterically to their old hit "Walk the


It's dark by the time Erasure turn up, giving us the full benefit of the

(not very ) soothing purple and green stage lighting. To the strains of the

traditional wedding march, Andy Bell swanks on in a stunning yellow

horror-leotard. Why does his Mum let him go out like that?.

He's extremely camp and very funny, chatting between songs about "my

boyfriend, Ernie" ( actually a huge plastic snail ) and quoting dialogue

from " The Wizard Of Oz".

You tend to forget how many hits Erasure have had until you here them one

after another: "Give a Little Respect", "Sometimes" etc. etc. It's nice to

hear dance music you can sing along to, and everybody does, arms waving


"Aunt Em, Miss Gulch has Toto again", Andy says as he waves us goodnight.

What can he mean?. Bravo anyway, Andy and Vince.