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Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. If you missed it, you had to pick 10 songs you would most like to hear at an Erasure concert. The idea being to find out the songs an "ideal Erasure concert" would feature. 81 people voted. Unfortunately, I couldn't include all those polls as some people had a strange idea of what "10" was...anything between 18 and 40! (yes!, I know if you cheated ;) - all votes were sent to my email address and were counted manually). I've decided to include the top 21 songs as this is probably the number of songs in a hour and a half show with one or two songs as an encore. Plus, Hideaway, She Won't Be Home and Stop! were tied on the same number of votes. The songs are listed in order, from the most popular (Freedom received the most votes - 26 people voted for it out of the 70-something polls counted).




A Little Respect


Fingers And Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)


Catch 22

Run To The Sun

Oh L'Amour

Love Is The Rage

Moon And The Sky


In My Arms

Sono Luminus

Take Me Back

Stay With Me

When I Needed You

Here In My Heart


She Won't Be Home


And in joint 22nd place were: Breath Of Life, Chorus, I Love Saturday, In The Name Of The Heart, Save Me Darling, Waiting For Sex and Waiting For The Day.

The new material proved to be the most popular. 6 songs from the Loveboat album featured in the top 21. That's compared with 1 from Wonderland, 2 from The Circus, 2 from The Innocents, 1 from Wild!, surprisingly 0 from Chorus (though 3 songs missed out by just one vote), 3 from I Say I Say I Say, 3 from Erasure and 1 from Cowboy.

The classic singles like A Little Respect, Always, Sometimes and Oh L'Amour proved that they're still very popular with fans by all featuring in the top 10, though I was surprised that Fingers and Thumbs received the same amount of votes as Always. Other singles didn't fare so well though - Chains of Love, Blue Savannah and Am I Right? all received just 5 votes and Ship Of Fools and Star just 4.

The B-sides did quite badly in the voting. Though When I Needed You was a B-side to Ship Of Fools, it appeared on most versions of The Innocents album as a bonus track so I included it in the 'album track' section of voting. The only track that was listed in the B-sides was 'She Won't Be Home', though that was included on The Crackers International EP, so whether it is considered a B-side or not, I don't know. After that, the only B-sides to nearly make the top 21 were In The Name Of The Heart (B-side to In My Arms) and Waiting For Sex (B-side on the Am I Right? EP single). The reason for the lack of B-sides is probably because not as many fans have heard them as have heard the album tracks.

Top 9 B-sides

When I Needed You
She Won't Be Home
In The Name Of The Heart
Waiting For Sex
Don't Suppose
Tenderest Moments
Heart Of Glass
The Hardest Part

The only other thing to mention is the 'other song' category, which was interesting:- here were some of the songs suggested - Only You (by Yazoo), Kelly Marie's My Heart Beats Like A Drum, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat!, No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) with just Andy (isn't that song always performed as a duo?), You should hear how she talks about you (Melissa Manchester), don't cry out loud (Melissa Manchester), midnight blue (funnily enough by Melissa Manchester - funny how two of those votes just featured Melissa Manchester and no votes for any Erasure songs), A Techno/Bubbly Cover of Annie Lennox's "Walking On Broken Glass" and Just Can't Get Enough (Vince Clarke-written song for Depeche Mode).

Well, hope you all found the results interesting. I think it'd make a pretty good gig if it ever happened!. Hope you agree.


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