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Going Live! 1988

Vince: "Andy get's up in the afternoon, I get up in the mornings!"

Andy interview- 1990

"Vince! Do it on your calculator!!"

The O-Zone - 1992

Andy: "It's a good job you didn't ask me this last night..."

Radio 1 Special- 1994

Vince: "We just seem to come out with simple tunes. Excellent pal!"

Radio 1 special part 2- 1994

Andy: "He's an antique dealer!"

Vince: "Yeah, I know, I've got a synthesizer antique collection now."

Another Andy interview- 1994

Andy: "I have quite a selection, but I went for white ones today..."

Erasure interview CD- 1995

Vince: "Well, we weren't aiming to make it different to all our other records, you know."

Cowboy interview CD- 1997

Vince: "There's titles on the album which I find hard to relate to the actual songs..."

Modern Rock Live 1997

Andy: "I go to the beach. Go swimming.."

Vince: "Go to the beach?. You don't go to the beach at all!"

Hot Tickets 1998

Andy: "I suppose it's a metamorphosis but it's really magical."

EIS convention 1999

 Vince: "I'm actually doing a show. From my shed. On the internet."

Andy: "The new material is excellent, really good, we're both very excited.."

Radio 2 2000

Andy: "You always introduced us as 'Vince and Andy', and I really liked that..."

Aire FM 2000

An interview at a local Leeds radio station


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TV Quiz shows

The Staying In Show 1999

Andy: "Vince insisted on being the blonde!"




Topp magazine 1985

Vince: "I think the name of the project will be Erasure..."

NME - 1986

Andy: "Sometimes Vince might be a bit stick-in-the-mud about the lyrics."

Record Mirror - 1986

Andy: "I've really bolstered you up, haven't I?. I've given him a new lease of life!"

Smash Hits 1986

 Vince: "I was disappointed that he cooked the stuff in fat instead of grilling it. It was slightly on the greasy side."

Smash Hits 1987

A small clipping about Andy taking part in the Ferry Aid single which was organised by the Sun newspaper

Smash Hits 1988 - Erasure review the singles

Andy: "I can't even think of how to describe it. Pap."

Vince: "An awful little ditty... terrible."

Smash Hits 1988

Andy: "To take the place of my ruby slippers which are now defunct, I've got a pair of ruby Doc Martens!"

Countdown 1990

Vince: "People in the press like to read a lot into the fact that Andy's gay and I'm straight, but it doesn't matter to audiences."

Review of Milton Keynes Bowl concert-1990

Andy Bell swanks on in a stunning yellow horror-leotard. Why does his Mum let him go out like that?.

A joke article from 1991

Andy Bell, eh?. He's a bit of a one isn't he?

Review of the first Phantasmagorical show- 1992

Andy strode about the stage in the most outrageous costumes you'll ever see..

Erasure's Road To Fame- 1992

When Vince got bored of Yazoo - and his daft bit of hair - he put an advertisement in a music paper for a new singer.

Select magazine 1992

 Andy: "Not one of these other people would know who we are, I expect,.."

Q Magazine 1995

Vince: "I don't think the people who come to the shows get particularly annoyed."

Daily Express 1997

Vince: "'s never been important to us to make a record into whatever's trendy at the moment,.."

Melody Maker 2000

A good review of the box sets in the UK press!

Daily Telegraph 2003

 Andy: "You just feel bedraggled. Like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards."

Daily Express 2003

Vince: "We don't really mean to sound like Erasure - we can't help it."

Irish News 2003

Andy: "I think we're more family entertainment these days."

Vanidad 2003

Andy Bell doesn't know if an Erasure concert in Spain would be a success

Scotland On Sunday 2003

Andy: "I should have been around during the time of vaudeville."

Scotland Evening News 2003

Vince: "I thought I’d like to be like Ron Mael but without the moustache."




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