Heart Of Stone

( Clarke, Bell )


( Chorus )

I cry for your heart of stone

I'm gonna wait until you come home

Oh why am I all alone?

I'm as good as dead yeh


Ooh I lost my sense of passion and direction

To protect myself from hurting and despair

Listen to my heart, my soul is aching

Fool or saint?

Cause you went and left me

And you so upset me


I can't believe that you would ever find it easy

To walk away as if you'd never really cared

Did you expect that I'd give in and beg for mercy?

Out in the gutter, out in the gutter


( repeat chorus)


Ooh I look back on the first night with affection

And if you had a heart, you'd remember too

The way we used to run around like little children

Fool or saint?

My mother told me you'd be no good for me


(repeat chorus)


Listen to my heart, my soul is aching

Out in the gutter

I've got to break that heart of stone


( repeat chorus to fade)