( Clarke, Bell )


Looking in the papers makes me sorry to be human

A little ray of hope won't hurt at all

A price on every head and it's cheaper when you're dead

The quality of life may have to fall

Muffled voices, world in action

Stir the peaceful, need for longing


( Chorus )

I cannot describe the fear inside my heart

I hereby do swear to live my life in accordance with grace


Guess it's human nature to be cruel and to be heartless

That's no excuse to shoot him when he's down

Crawl in on your knees and then bite the hand that feeds

The cages throw their shadows 'cross the ground

Where's the sense in senseless violence?

Hear the silence, too forgiving

( repeat chorus )


Press your hands into the pavement

Bathed in glory, here's your moment


( repeat chorus twice )