Going Live! - October '88

PS = Phillip Schofield


PS: Good morning!.

A+V: Good morning!

PS: Lovely to have you on the programme. We've got huge amounts of questions

to get through, so we'll go through them fairly quickly. Some from the

floor, I think, first of all. Lorraine, where's Lorraine?..

Lorraine: How long do you both expect to stay together?

Vince: Probably 50 years, I should think!. We may not be doing music, but

we'll probably be together for a long time.

PS: Do you have any long term plans?. Do you ever think that far up front?

...'well maybe the careers might stop in 4 or 5 years', or do you take it as

it comes?.

Andy: I think you have a sort of vague idea of where you'd like to be and

what you'd like to be doing, but the immediate plan is just like 5 years, or

something like that.

PS: OK, and there's one from Russell. Russell has a question.

Russell: Vince, how do you spend your spare time?

Vince: Um..watching telly mostly. But I've um.. started doing the gardening

now. So I'm really into digging up the garden now.

PS: So let's elaborate on those a little bit more. First of all, what's your

favourite telly programme?

Vince: Oh, I watch all sorts..every side!..and every programme.

PS: Are you one of those people who can just turn it on and watch the whole

thing, or are you quite selective in what you watch?

Vince: Well, I've got a remote control, so no one in the house can watch

anything all the way through. I'm always flicking..

PS: Keep it in your pocket..

Vince: Yeah.

PS: How about your garden?. Is it a big garden?

Vince: No, it's only a small garden, but we've er.., it was in a real mess

when I first moved in, so we've started digging it up now, putting some

grass seed in y'know.

PS: Have you got plants in it and things like that?

Vince: Plants yeah, and vegetables..It's coming along.

PS: Well, well, well!. A bit of home grown stuff. Let's go onto the phones

and take some questions from there. Line one, first of all. Good morning,

who's that?

Hannah: It's Hannah Wink

PS: Hi Hannah, how are you?

Hannah: I'm fine

PS: Good!..off you go..

Hannah: I would like to ask Vince, why doesn't he ever smile when he's


PS: (laughs)

Vince: Erm,..well, it's just cause I get so nervous, you see. There's all

these like ..several camera men in front of you, staring at you and making

funny faces. It just makes you really nervous. So I always keep a grim


PS: You don't still get nervous do you?

Vince: Erm..yeah, I do yeah.

PS: I would have thought that over the period of time you've been together

and been performing you'd have got used to that by now. It can't be worse

than performing live on stage surely?

Vince: Well it is, because it's unexpected, y'know. You don't know what

someone's gonna ask you or what your answer's gonna be. At least on stage,

every night you're doing the same thing.

PS: I see. How about you, do you get nervous?

Andy: Yeah, I do get nervous, but I'm sort of like...I go the opposite way

to Vince. I go completely stupid, ( PS: HA HA HA HA!! that laugh! )..and

start smiling and saying really daft things, y'know.

PS: I see. OK, well we'll wait for that one then!. Vince to not say a word

and for you to go mad!!. Line two, who's on line two?

Claire: Hello?

PS: Hello, who's that?

Claire: It's Claire Dickson

PS: Hi!, how are you?

Claire: I'm fine

PS: Alright Claire, off you go!

Claire: Yes um.. do you like getting up in the morning?

Andy: I hate getting up in the morning!. When we have early TV shows like

this morning, I sometimes find it easier to stay up all night, the night

before, cos I don't usually go to bed 'till about 4 o'clock in the morning

anyway, usually.

PS: Did you do that last night?

Andy: No, I didn't no...

PS: You didn't go to bed?

Andy: No, that's why I look so terrible! ( Andy's eyes do look a bit tired! - Jackie )

PS: How about you Vince?. What do you do?. Are you an early morning person

or a late night?

Vince: Erm, well I'm not as bad as him, y'know. He get's up in the

afternoon, I get up in the mornings!

PS: Right! ( laughs ). Fair enough..you'd never meet each other!. Line 3.

Who's on 3?

Joanne: Hello?

PS: Hi, who's that?

Joanne: It's Joanne Lawrence.

PS: Hi Joanne, where about's are you?

Joanne: I'm in Neesden

PS: OK. Off you go with your question.

Joanne: Right. This question's for both of you. Who first influenced you in

your music?.

Vince: I think early on it was a guy called Paul Simon. I was really into

the early material that he recorded. And..but now I kind of listen to

everything, you know, I've got a varied record collection.

Andy: Er..well, I used to listen to all my Mum's and Dad's records blaring

out when I was younger. And that was usually like Elvis and Buddy Holly and

lots of country and western which I thought was really terrible at the time,

but now I'm getting back into it.

PS: Can you remember, I'm putting you on the spot a little bit, what was the

last record you bought?. Have you been out and bought an album or a CD or

something recently?. What's yours?

Andy: Er..Pasadena's new album.

PS: Right...was that the single or the album?

Andy: The album.

Vince: Er, I think I bought the Eurythmics last album. I'm trying to catch

up on my collection.

PS: Right, OK. Line 4 now, and..where's this call coming from?

Sally: It's coming from Guernsey

PS: Ah yes!. I thought I could hear the sea in the background!. What's your


Sally: Sally Marquis

PS: Hiya Sally, off you go

Sally: This question is for both of you, how did you get to meet?

Vince: Well, actually, what happened was, I put an advert in one of the

music papers, and I advertised for a singer to form a band and um, we held

auditions in London and Andy was number 41 in the audition list.

PS: (laughs). ( To Andy )...What did you think when you first met him?

Andy: Well, I thought he was alright. I mean, I was quite nervous and

everything, but I'd always liked his material before, so I was really

looking forward to it. I was just gonna have a good time anyway, y'know.

PS: Right, Thank you very much indeed for your call, give our love to

Guernsey. And line 5, if we can just sneek a quick one in. Who's on line 5?

Patricia: It's Patricia Gillespie

PS: Hi Patricia, off you go..where about's are you calling from?

Patricia: London

PS: From London. They're all over the place here. Ask your question..

Patricia: Um..Andy and Vince..Are you going to a Halloween Party this year?

Andy: Um..I don't know. I think usually, we're never here, so we don't get a

chance, but if there's one going on..?

PS: Have you got one?..( silence )..Are you organizing a Halloween party?

Patricia: ...Monday..on the 31st

PS: You're having one are you?

Patricia: Yeah

PS: Ah right. Are you inviting all your mates?

Patricia: Yeah

PS: Oh ( sounds disappointed and looks at his watch )...we'll see whether or

not we can all make it down there then! ( All laugh ).

Patricia: ( Persistently ) Andy and Vince? Did you go to one when you was


Vince: Erm...

PS: ( rescuing Vince! ) Did you have Hallowine? Hallowine!...Halloween!.

That's the drink that goes with it, by the way!.

Andy: I don't know. I don't wanna sound old, but I don't think it was sort of...as much


PS: ( interrupting ) What about things like fireworks?. Did you used to have


Vince: Oh yeah, fireworks displays, the local displays.

PS: Did you go to the organized ones or did you have them in your back garden?

V+A: The organized ones.

PS: Aright. Thank you very much indeed, thank you for that.

( lots more thank you's and goodbye! )