Erasure audio/video


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Please do not link directly to any of the sound files on this page. Also, please don't email mp3s to me - please email me to check with me first. There are links to other mp3 sites on my links page.


The Album Chart Show 5.79 MB

Interview with Simon Mayo, on Radio 2's Album chart show. Broadcast 17th of January 2005.


Here I Go Impossible Again - Here 3 mix 7.86 MB

This is my Digimpro mix of Here I Go Impossible Again, which came 4th in the first group of mixes in the EIS Digimpro competition.


Oh L'Amour - Live on 'Today With Des And Mel' 4.39 MB (Windows media player only)

This is Oh L'Amour performed live on UK TV show 'Today With Des And Mel'. Broadcast 21st of October 2003. Big thanks to UnclePeter42 for creating this video file for me. You'll recognise the backing singers as the ones from the recent 'Other Tour', Val and Anne-Marie.


  Alien (acoustic version - live on Aire FM) 3.11 MB

This is from a local radio appearance in Leeds (UK) from 21st of September 2000. Big thanks to Ewan McLaren for converting it into Mp3 format for me (and for getting rid of most of the hiss!). This version is not the same as the version on the acoustic promo CD. See rarities section for more details on that. This version is just Andy and Vince. Enjoy!.