Cowboy promo interview CD (ERASSAY 3)

Sorry, I've only done 9 questions so far! 

VC: Vince Clarke AB: Andy Bell

Q1. What's it like doing an album tenth time round?

VC: The tenth album was relatively easy to record because we had more songs than we needed this time round, the song writing came relatively easily..and I was working with a guy called Neil McLellan who gave the album a certain direction which I think was lacking before, so it was a very pleasant experience. Also, I got to cook a lot.

Q2. Why do you think that the songs came easier this time around?

VC: I just think my relationship with Andy is a lot better. It gets better all the time. We just feel very much at ease with each other. It's a pleasure to write the songs.

Q3: What do you think you've gained from this new album?

VC: Neil McLellan, he's really hot on making drum loops and putting some kind of groove into the songs y'know, and I've always been a fours on the floor man so.. it's possibly made our rhythms slighty simplistic, so that's something that he has introduced into the songs.

Q4: What are your favourite songs on the album?.

VC: The only song that I can remember is a song called....Love Affair, which is a ballad, it's the last track on the album and it was written initially for a film which we were involved in last year and it's like, the song goes over the closing credits and it's just a romantic slushy song.

Q5: What's the film?

VC: The film is called 'Good Vibrations'. It's a film about the porno industry in America and it's a sort of comedy and it's due out..hopefully in '97.

Q6: Why can't you remember any of the other songs on the album?

VC: Well I can remember the songs but I can't remember what they're called because they all have working titles y'know. There's a song called...' Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me' which I think is going to be the second single and that was always called 'Whitney' for some reason. But they all have wierd titles like that.

Q7: Any more like that?

VC: There's titles on the album which I find hard to relate to the actual songs that they are, because not only does the working title have no relationship to the song, but also the actual title has no relationship to the song. That's down to my partner.

Q8: What were you listening to at the time that you made the album and thus what is your inspiration?

VC: I wasn't really listening to any music, I don't think, when we made the album. I don't listen to the radio much and if I listen to any records then it's usually stuff like.. Joni Mitchell or Simon And Garfunkel.

Q9: You're not a clubbing man?

VC: I like to go to clubs, but I never know what they're playing in clubs, unfortunately they don't tell you. I kind of appreciate that music in that environment, but I don't know that I'd go out and buy it.