Countdown - Jan 1990

This article is taken from an Australian pop magazine. Despite the huge amounts of success Erasure had acheived by 1990 in Europe (well, most of the World), they'd had little success in Australia, as this article proves. I think it's quite an intersting read.


Question: which band's album entered the British charts at number one,

knocking mighty Kylie off the top spot in the process?

Bros?. U2?. New Kids On The Block?.

Forget it!.

The album was called 'Wild!' and the band is 'Erasure'.

'Who?!?' you ask. (Er, no we don't! -J). Soon you'll know all about them.

Erasure are a duo. (This article does get more interesting, I promise! -J).

One of them is called Vince Clarke. He was a founding member of Depeche Mode

and went on to join forces with Alison Moyet in Yazoo. He's the instrumental

side of Erasure. In 1985 Vince was at a bit of a loose end. He was searching

high and low for the perfect voice to carry his songs. That's when a guy

called Andy Bell came in for an audition. By the time he'd finished singing,

Vince knew that he'd just found the other half of his group.

If they made a TV series about Erasure, it could be called The Odd Couple

(funny how the press always call them that -J). Vince would be quite happy

to live in a recording studio - he's more at home tampering with keyboard

sounds than playing rock guitar. Then there's Andy, the over-the-top

frontman with the gymnastic vocal chords. He likes to wear tinsel

jockstraps, black rubber and tutus on stage.

And there's one more difference between the two. Vince explains:

"People in the press like to read a lot into the fact that Andy's gay and

I'm straight, but it doesn't matter to audiences. They're just here to enjoy

the music."

"It's important for gay people to come out, and even now it's not fully

accepted in the pop world," added Andy. "If we did an openly gay video, it

wouldn't get played on MTV. By approaching it the way we approach it - not

being too aggressive or shouting at people, just showing them it's part of

life but not the only thing in life - it's easy for people to deal with, and

maybe there will be fewer people afraid to come out."

'Wild!' 'came out' in a big way in the UK. In fact, it sold 400,000 copies

after just 4 days in the shops, well on the way towards their last album,

which went triple platinum (that's over 900,000 sales -J). There was a point

late last year when Erasure occupied three spots in the Independent album

charts, while six of their singles were in the Independent Top 40 at the

same time.

Starting to get the idea?. As their new album title suggests, Erasure are

going Wild.


Les Kenic.