All Through The Years

( Clarke/Bell )


Longing to sail on

Through the night to the stars

On until sunrise

Where the moon hides her tears

All through the years


If I could see the world through someone else's eyes

If I could see through you, would I cast you to one side?

And if you gave it all, would I throw it all away

Like the leaves in autumn winds?



From the window in the kitchen, to the fireside by the chair

Sat in familiar surroundings, warm night air

Under the bridges that were burning before we reached the other side

All the feelings I remember, I cannot hide

Not for want of trying


And if you held me here, would the moment fade away

Into obscurity like the night becomes the day?

For all the broken promises, tell me where do I begin

To throw my caution to the wind?


( repeat chorus)


Longing to sail on, through the night to the stars

On until sunrise, where the moon hides her tears

( repeat twice)


All through the years

(repeat four times)