Year 2000 news


27th of December


If you're in the UK and have satellite TV, tune into VH-1 tomorrow night at 6.00pm - Erasure are included in Talk Music's 'BEST PERFORMANCES OF 2000'. It think it's a repeat of their performance of 'A Little Respect' from a few months back.


24th of December

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Thanks for visiting this site this year and thank you to everyone who has sent me emails or signed the guestbook. I really appreciate all the feedback I get about the site. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Jackie.


20th of December

Second single news

...from an uncredited source close to Erasure:

"Although 'Moon & The Sky' looks likely as a second single, all plans for Erasure are currently on hold and nothing has been scheduled. It has been reported elsewhere that 'Alien' is scheduled for February 12th - this is not going to be the case. This information came from Mute Germany who, it seems, have a habit of giving out unconfirmed, confidential (and usually inaccurate) release details to any enthusiastic fans who happen to phone them up."


17th of December


Well, Erasure didn't appear on Motown Mania on ITV (UK) on Saturday. They did perform a live version of Baby Love for the TV Special back in September, but the show's producers decided not to include them in the final programme. This is because, apparently, ITV now have four mid-programme commercials instead of three, so they had to edit or in some cases omit an entire performance because there just wasn't enough time to fit all the performances in. This doesn't explain why Erasure had to be the ones to get dumped from the show though - most of the acts mimed, so Erasure would probably have stood out as they were doing an acoustic version.... The accompanying CD (which does still include Erasure) is out now!. There's been commercials for it and it was released today (Sunday).

You can order the CD now from

The tracklisting of the CD is as follows:-

CD cover

Catalogue Number: MCD60075

1. Lulu - Heaven Must Have Sent You
2. Steps - Too Busy Thinking 'Bout My Baby
3. Chris Rea - (I'm A) Roadrunner
4. Samantha Mumba - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
5. Lisa Stansfield - You Keep Me Hangin' On
6. Dane Bowers - I'll Be There
7. Yazz - Love Hangover
8. Erasure - Baby Love
9. Pete Waterman Orchestra - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
10. S Club 7 - Lately
11. Westlife - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
12. A1 - Three Times A Lady


15th of December

New Erasure Interview

Jonny's added a new interview to the Erasureinfo official site. It's a promotional interview done for Loveboat, to send out to the press. Look under features in the interview section. There's also new video clips in the discography section.


7th of December

Erasure Convention

An Erasure convention, organized by Synthpop Conventions, which was due to take place in Telford, Shropshire, England on the 9th of December has been postponed until January. So if you were planning on attending, then hopefully you have been contacted about that.

Second single

Still no news on a second single from Loveboat, and we probably won't hear anything now until January, meaning a single won't be released until late February/early March at the earliest (if there is to be one). Nothing's been decided yet, but Perchance To Dream probably isn't in the running. That info was posted on the ISayISayISay mailing list by Jonny EIS.


29th of November

Erasure's official site

The Erasure Information Service now has a domain name. It's This replaces the old address, which will now re-direct you to the new address.


22nd of November


Erasure are definitely not performing at the Mute concert in Berlin this Friday, contrary to rumours you might have heard/read.

Info from the EIS


20th of November


A second 12" of 'Freedom' is released today (the 20th November ) in the UK.

Freedom - L12 MUTE 244

A1: Freedom [MARK'S Guitar Vocal]

AA1: Freedom [MARK'S Jail Term Dub]

If you can't find it in your area, you can order it from Mute Bank Mail Order.


10th of November

Erasure Video Interview

A new Erasure Video Interview will be available on the website today. Thanks to Alex Krieger for the info. There's also a competition here to win signed promos of Loveboat.


You can listen to Erasure count down their Top 20 all time favourite songs at, an internet music station. To do this, you need to fill in the music mixer questionnaire, which takes a few minutes, then click on edit channels at the top of the page. Then, from the Music Specials drop down menu, choose 'Erasure's Top 20'...then (sorry, this is complicated!) you need to add it to your presets. To do this, click on any of the numbers where it says 'add to', I chose number 2. Then the page should change and Erasure's Top 20 should appear in your presets. Now, if you don't already have your Puremix Player Open, click on start puremix player at the top of the page. In the Puremix Player window, under Presets, click on the number you chose for Erasure (in my case, number 2). The player should now play 'Erasure's Top 20' with commentary from Andy and Vince!. Whew!. Good luck!. Thanks to Leyton Bracegirdle.

There will also be a feature on Erasure in Stuttgarter Nachrichten on November 11th.

Info from the EIS


6th of November

Australian Erasure article

Australian magazine Zebra have Erasure on the front cover of their latest issue and there's also an interview with Andy. Luckily, it's also on the web at this address

It says here, Loveboat will be released in Australia on the 13th of November

Chart positions table













Argentina - Radio Uno






If you have any more chart positions, please email me. Thanks to: Ezequiel Martin and Stephan


31th of October


There's a video interview with Erasure available at VirtueTV. You can also download the video for Freedom here too.


The release date for the second 12" of 'Freedom' is the 20th November (UK only)

Freedom - L12 MUTE 244

A1: Freedom [MARK'S Guitar Vocal]

AA1: Freedom [MARK'S Jail Term Dub]

News from the EIS

Andy on the Big Breakfast

Andy was on the Big Breakfast (UK TV show) yesterday morning. Vince also appeared, but only in cardboard cut out form!. Unfortunately, their appearance wasn't confirmed until the weekend so no one knew about it :(. Apparently Andy was in a relaxed mood about the album saying 'It's Vince's ambition to have 10 flop albums in a row, and we've had 3 already!'. He also said the new single might be Moon And The Sky.


24th of October

New album - Loveboat

New album Loveboat out this week!. Click here for more details.

The Erasure Info site

A brand new interview with Erasure is exclusively available at the EIS website. A very extensive interview about the new album, their plans for the next single, Andy's solo project etc.. A must read!. Also, there's some pictures of the Nottingham gig for Radio 2 and other new stuff in the discography section.


16th of October


Due to popular demand, a second 12" is due to be released of 'Freedom'. The 12" features the two Mark Pichiotti remixes, including the 'Jail Term Dub' previously only available on a promotional 12".

Catalogue number and tracklisting:

Freedom - L12 MUTE 244

A1: Freedom [MARK'S Guitar Vocal]

AA1: Freedom [MARK'S Jail Term Dub]

A release date hasn't been confirmed yet, but it is likely to be sometime in November.


The video for 'Freedom' is now available for download from: There are three versions available; 56k, 128k and 512k, with the video and audio quality improving with the size of the file.


The Erasure micro-site has been expanded, and now offers visitors the chance to hear full-length streaming versions of 'Freedom', 'Alien' and 'Moon & The Sky', plus 30-second clips of the other tracks from 'Loveboat'. As previously mentioned, it also includes a streaming video of Erasure's performance at Mute's Irregular Concert, though to view this (and to hear the clips) you will need the Windows Media Player plug-in. Go here to

New from the latest EIS Update


15th of October

Erasure's chart position

Freedom entered the UK Top 40 today at number 27. Hm, I'm disappointed, but when you think radio weren't really playing it and some shops weren't even stocking it (hellooo Woolworths), I suppose it's something of an achievment to enter the charts in the Top 30. This is Erasure's lowest chart position since Oh l'amour reached number 85 in 1986!!. I think whatever they decide to release in the New Year, hopefully Alien, it'll do a lot better because there's so many great songs on this new album (I've heard it and it's brilliant!. It could turn out to be my favourite album!). In my opinion, Freedom's not one of the best tracks on Loveboat. I love Better, the B-side though!.

Erasure live at Nottingham

I don't know if you caught Erasure on Radio 2 yesterday or if you were there in Nottingham, but Erasure were excellent. They did two songs at the beginning of the show at around 3.40pm (Freedom and Where In The World) and then they came back after 6.00pm to sing two more songs (Alien and A Little Respect). Sounded like the crowd was made up of mostly Erasure fans. The DJ (Richard Allinson) asked Erasure if they were going to tour. Andy replied "errrrmmm.. after Christmas.. maybe!". So not very promising there really!. There are some mp3s of the show at - the Synthetic Electronic Techno Pop site


12th of October

Erasure on UK Play and BBC Choice

Tomorrow, on Friday 13th October, Erasure will be appearing on Top Of The Pops 3 on UK Play at 6.20pm and then, later that evening, on Liquid News on BBC Choice at 8.30pm.

Erasure live at Nottingham

You will also be able to listen to this show via RealAudio at the Radio 2 site: The broadcast is from 4.15pm GMT.

Freedom 12" mp3s and lyrics available

30-second mp3 clips of the two 'Freedom' mixes from the 12" (the 'Untidy Dub' and the 'Quake Vocal Remake') and full lyrics for 'Loveboat' and the b-side, 'Better', are now available on the eisinfo web site.

News from the EIS


10th of October


There is a quarter page 'question and answer' style-interview with Andy Bell in the new edition of Time Out.


As previously announced, Erasure will be performing 2 or 3 songs at a 'Radio 2 In Nottingham' show on October 14th, alongside Gabrielle, Chris Rea, Roachford, Eagle Eye Cherry and Neneh Cherry. The show is will be broadcast live on The Richard Allison Saturday Show on Radio 2 at around 4.15pm. The performance will be taking place at the 'Pitcher & Piano', a former 19th century chapel; tickets are not required, and admission is on a first-come first-served basis. The doors open at 3pm but you are strongly advised to get there early. The 'Pitcher & Piano' is located on High Pavement near the Broad Marsh Shopping Centre.

Details can be found at here at the Radio 2 site

News from the latest EIS update


9th of October

Freedom out today!!

Erasure's new single is released today!. Click here for full details.

Interview with Erasure in NOW magazine

The current issue of 'Now' magazine, given away free at gay clubs and bars, features a two-page interview with Erasure.

Erasure to appear on Volle Kanne, Susanne

Erasure are due to appear on Volle Kanne, Susanne (a show broadcast on the German TV channel ZDF) on 10th October.

With thanks to Steven Meechan and Wolfgang Schlechter for the information.

Info from the latest EIS Update


8th of October

Erasure not "label-less" in America

Even though Andy says that they have been "dumped" by Maverick in a recent interview in Fluid magazine (Oct. edition), according to Jonny EIS, that is not the case. As far as he knows, Erasure are still signed to Maverick and there are still grounds to be optimistic about a American/Canadian release. Erasure are not looking for a new label as they are still contracted to Maverick Records. Why Andy would be so adamant in that interview that they had been dropped, I don't know. Maybe the circumstances changed since he did the interview.


6th of October

Alien mp3

I've added an Mp3 of Alien - live acoustic. Andy and Vince performed this on a local radio station of mine. Check it out on the audio page.

Ordering Online

Have you ever wondered if buying CDs online counted for the single and album charts in the UK?. Well, they didn't, until a new rule this week that four online stores' (Boxman, Jungle, and Streetsonline) album sales will now be included in the official album charts, starting this week. More online stores may follow, including amazon, but at the moment online singles sales are not included in the UK charts "for fear of corruption and fixing". So anyone in the UK who was thinking of buying Erasure's new one Freedom online (out on Monday!) it would help Erasure's chart placing if we all bought it at a local record store rather than online, if we can. I got the information about the charts from an article at Q magazine's website, (an excellent magazine by the way, and what a nice review of Loveboat :).

Big Loveboat postcard!

I received a large Loveboat postcard in the post today (I think it was from Mute or the EIS) advertising the new album and single. It basically just featured the release dates and a note saying it was available from HMV and all good record shops. I might put a scan of it up, but it was quite similar to other loveboat postcards that I've got online.

Erasure on 'Celebrity'

I caught a 20 second clip of Erasure's new video for Freedom on a TV show called 'Celebrity' today (ITV). Sorry, but I didn't know about it early enough to put it on here. It looks like a really good video. And there was a brief comment from Vince, including a bleeped out word! - Vince!, it was only 1.30pm when this was broadcast! - how disgraceful!!. No, I thought it was quite funny actually!. Andy and Vince looked like they were on the Loveboat on the Thames (you know, the launch party). I need to see more of the video though!!.


4th of October

I'm currently designing a new hompage. It should be ready in the next few days... What colour's it going to be this time?. Well, you'll just have to wait and see! ;-)


EIS Update - 4th of October


The video for Freedom will be broadcast on Videotech on ITV tomorrow night. The 5th of Oct. (UK only). I've just checked my TV listing and it isn't on in my region :(. Apparently it isn't on in a few other regions as well. I'm hoping this might be a mistake because I was really looking forward to seeing it cause I haven't seen the video yet. So check your listings anyway.


Erasure will be performing 2 or 3 songs at a Radio 2 event in Nottingham on October 14th, alongside Gabrielle, Chris Rea, Roachford, Eagle Eye Cherry and Neneh Cherry. The show will be broadcast live on The Richard Allison Saturday Show at around 4.15pm.


Erasure will be interviewed on Jonathon Ross's Radio 2 show on the 21st October, and will be performing two songs live.


On (or shortly after) the 27th October, Erasure will be performing live on FISH and The Late Late Show.


The tracklisting for the 12" single of Freedom (12 Mute 244) is:

A1: Freedom - Quake Vocal Remake

A2: Freedom - Untidy Dub

The 12" single will be available from October 9th, the same day as the two CD singles.


On October 7th, an Erasure feature written by Jens Hohner will be published in 'Wochenende!', a supplement in the German newspaper Westdeutsche Zeitung.

Erasure are also interviewed for the October edition of Fluid, and are included on the list of 'Embarassing-But-Classic' albums in Esquire magazine. Keep an eye out for reviews of the album in Mojo, Select, FHM and Q (not to mention local and national newspapers nearer the date of release). Freedom is also reviewed in the current edition of NME. (You can read that in the reviews section of the NME website. Click on reviews, then singles at the top. No, it's not very nice is it?. Erasure attempting a replica of a Basement Jaxx song?. Don't be silly!. Try listening to the actual Song - not the fact that they've used guitar and synths. Madonna's used guitars and synths on her new album - I don't hear anyone saying she's tried a Basement Jaxx copy - good grief!!. Sorry, I'll shut up now!. Oh, and if you don't like reading horrible biased reviews, avoid the Select and FHM ones as well. The Q one's pretty good though - Jackie)


The Erasure Information Service's web site has recently been re-vamped as the first step towards an official web site for Erasure. For the moment, the URL is still: At the moment the site includes a recent news archive, press photos, photos from the Irregular concert and Loveboat launch party. You can also download 30-second mp3 clips of each of the tracks from Loveboat and both Freedom CD singles.


2nd of October

Erasure were on the Lorraine kelly Show on GMTV today. You can watch a video of thei nterview at JPMoss' site.

I'm back from holiday. There's been a bit of news from the EIS, so here it is!:


As you know, the new Erasure album 'Loveboat' will not be released in your country until next year at the very earliest. However, you will be able to order the UK edition album from Mute Bank mail order, together with all of the formats for the single 'Freedom'. You will be able to place orders for the single from October 2nd and the album from October 16th. Please note that this offer only applies to those in the USA, Canada and Japan. Everywhere else, Mute would prefer that people purchased the album from a record shop (to help the album's chart placing) so the album and single will not be available by mail order until 4 weeks after the UK release dates.


A mini website for Erasure is now available at: At this site you will be able to listen to their new single, Freedom, and to watch a recording of their recent Irregular acoustic concert [you will need the Windows Media Player plugin].

New from the EIS


Erasure won Steve Wright's Round Table vote by a very large margin (about 78% I beleive). Not bad as they were up against the Spice Girls, David Gray and Everclear. Hopefully this will persuade Radio 2 to play Freedom a bit more.


I missed these as they both happened on Friday:-
Friday (29th September) Andy Bell will be interviewed live on: 3pm - Storm FM - An internet radio station - and then 4pm (approx) - London Live FM (94.9 FM) - Interview with Amy Lame. Streaming audio available at: - news from the EIS

Unfortunately, londonlive audio streaming was not available due to "restrictions imposed by the International Olympic Committee". So only people in the London area will have heard that. Luckily though, at Chris' site - we can hear the Storm FM interview.


27th of September

No updates

There will be no new updates to erasurette until Saturday the 30th of Sept. I'm going away for a few days (very short notice!). I expect they'll be loads of exciting news whilst I'm away!.

26th of September

Erasure on Aire FM

I've added a transcript of an interview Erasure did on a local radio station last week (broadcast on Sunday night on Aire FM) to the Interviews section of my site. I will also be adding an audio file of the acoustic version of Alien they performed on the show very soon.

EIS Update - 26th of September


Erasure will be appearing on Motown Mania, an ITV special, due to be broadcast on December 16th, performing a semi-acoustic version of 'Baby Love' by Diana Ross And The Supremes. A studio-recorded version of the track, also featuring Valerie Chalmers and Emma Whittle on backing vocals and acoustic guitar by Nic Johnston, looks likely to be included on the accompanying CD, due for release on December 17th. More details will follow.


Erasure will be performing 'Freedom' on GMTV (UK, ITV) on October 2nd.


Although the details about the second single from Loveboat are still to be confirmed, and are very much subject to change, Andy Bell has mentioned in a recent radio interview that the second single from Loveboat will be a double a-side of 'Alien' and 'Moon & The Sky'. He has also mentioned tentative plans to record a solo album of sixties standards. Again, more details will follow.


Keep an eye on the following programmes:

Sky Entertainment News (on Sky One)

London Live Entertainment News

Top Of The Pops 3 (on UK play, possibly to be repeated on BBC2, details tbc)

Liquid News (on BBC Choice)

Top Ten Electro Pop (Channel 4)

Basildon Beat (BBC Radio 2)

And also keep an eye on the Capital Radio Interactive web site and the internet radio station Storm FM. More details will follow.


Features and interviews with Erasure should be appearing shortly in the following European media:

TELE - Switzerland.

Brazilian AOL - Brazil

Machina - Poland

BergensAvisen - Norway

Net Beat - Europe

Music Choice Europe - Europe

Music Life - Greece

Tutu - France

MCM - France

Features have also been syndicated to the media in Finland and Italy. Erasure will also be appearing on the Swedish TV show Sondagsoppet, to be broadcast at some point after the 3rd October.

Features and interviews with Erasure should be appearing shortly in the following German media:

VH1: Hoch 5, Bits & Pieces, Greatest Hits , Big 80ties



Rolling Stone

Bild Am Sonntag

Prinz magazine





Access All Areas

Hamburger Morgenpost


Hamburger Abendblatt

WOM Journal - Blinddate



WZ Electric and General Anzeiger

Sonic Seducer magazine

Frankfurter Rundschau

Giga TV

RTC Meridien (for RTL channel)


Erasure may be making another promotional visit to Germany in October. Features and interviews with Erasure should be appearing shortly in the following Danish media (from 26th September):

Berlingske Tidende




Go Morgen Danmark


Ekstra Bladet

Musicreactor (website)


Andy Bell can be found talking about his favourite food and restaurants at:


24th of September

Erasure on the lottery!

Erasure were excellent on the lottery last night. If you didn't see it, for whatever reason, there is a Real Video of the show at JPMoss' site. Andy got to start the main lottery draw (Both my Dad and my sister won £10!). If you'd like to look at some stills of the show, Derek Watson has sent me an excellent collage that you can view here. I will be putting up another picture he has sent me tomorrow. Big thanks to him.


22nd of September

Erasure on National Lottery Show

Just to remind you that Erasure will be appearing on the National Lottery Show on BBC1 (UK TV channel) tomorrow!

The second part of the interview at (German language only) is now available to read.

Info from the latest EIS update


19th of September


Please note that most of the TV and radio appearances mentioned in the previous update are pre-recorded, so you will need to listen to the relevant stations to get details of when they plan to broadcast their Erasure interviews over the coming week(s).


Another German-language interview with Erasure will be appearing at on Monday 25th September. More details will follow. With thanks to Jens Hoehner.

Some more photos from the Irregular concert will be available on the EIS web site later this afternoon.

Info from the latest EIS Update


EIS Update - 18th of September


Over the next week, Erasure will be visiting the following UK local TV and radio stations to promote 'Loveboat'. Many of the TV appearances will also include a broadcast of the 'Freedom' video (and may be pre-recorded for later broadcast, rather than live). Details are as follows:

Tuesday 19th September

09.30 Scotland Today (TV, Scotland only)

11.00 S2 Live (TV, Scotland only)

12.30 Clyde One FM (Radio, Glasgow)

13.30 At The Top (TV, Scotland only)

16.30 Forth FM (Radio, Edinburgh)


Wednesday 20th September

10.00 Metro FM (Radio, Newcastle)

10.30 Viking FM (Radio, Hull)

11.30 On The Town (TV, Tyne Tees region)

13.00 TFM (Radio, Stockton)


Thursday 21st September

10.30 Aire FM (Radio, Leeds)

12.30 Key 103 (Radio, Manchester)

15.00 Red Rose Rock FM (Radio, Preston)

17.00 City FM (Radio, Liverpool)


Friday 22nd September

10.00 Signal One FM (Radio, Stoke On Trent)

11.30 BRMB (Radio, Birmingham)

12.00 Red Dragon Radio (Radio, Cardiff)

17.00 GWR (Radio, Bristol)


Monday 25th September

tbc Mercury FM (Radio, Crawley)

13.00 Southern FM (Radio, Brighton)

13.20 Power/Ocean FM (Radio, Southampton)

13.40 Fox FM (Radio, Oxford)

17.00 Invicta FM (Radio, Whitstable)

Some of the broadcast times are provisional - we recommend you listen in on the day for precise details about when Erasure will be appearing.



Erasure are the cover stars of the current issue of 'Axiom - 'The newspaper for Lesbian and Gay Britain' (dated 15 September, issue 89). The issue features a 1-page interview.


Whilst we don't mind about people repeating information from EIS updates on their own websites - the more people who know about Erasure's activities the better - we would appreciate it if you could credit the EIS with information that we have provided and include a link to our web site. Similarly, we would rather you linked to our site rather than include our content on your site and passing it off as your own - is an example of a particularly bad offender (this site is completely unofficial and nothing to do with Mute, Erasure or the EIS). However, most sites do include a credit and link which we greatly appreciate. The EIS is the only official internet fan information service for Erasure. (All news on is taken from EIS Updates (who I always credit) or other official websites who may contact me - I don't put any information on Erasurette unless I think it is accurate - J).

A German-language interview with Vince and Andy can also be found at: To read a machine translation of the interview into English, go to and type in the address selecting 'German to English translation'. Although I use babelfish quite a lot for and, it not very easy to understand the translation, unfortunately.

All info from the latest EIS Update Chat

A full transcript of the Erasure chat at is now available to read here Although the EIS have said there has been no decision about the second single, Andy and Vince do say 'Alien' will be the next single in this interview. Maybe that's only if they get their own way!. Andy said in the interview at that that would be their choice for second single.


14th of September 


Erasure did a live chat over the internet on Thursday (14th September) courtesy of "docrock". Visit:

Well, the live chat today was mad. I was given the name Kiki for some reason (I tried to change it to 'Jackie' but the chat room wasn't having it.. I like Kiki more than my own name now, actually...) Anyway, I asked them one question that got ignored because there were about 20 questions asked at once and they obviously couldn't answer them all. The problem I had was that when they did answer a question, it was difficult to see which question they were replying to!. You had to sort of look back at the question again. I did have more luck with my next question - everyone was asking if they were touring etc...(to which the answer was 'no'.) so I asked if their lottery appearance would be a live acoustic version of Freedom. And they replied (I think it was Andy) "Yes, Live on the Lottery Show". Unfortunately the question was answered to Sammy and not 'Kiki' which was my name. I think that was the typist's fault. I'm Kiki..KIKI!!!. Eh hem..sorry about that. Anyway, hopefully there will be a transcript of that at some point on the web. It went so quickly, I can't really remember much! Except I remember they said they thought Maverick would be releasing 'Loveboat' in January in the US and someone asked what they thought of Napster and Vince said 'never heard of it'!! (make of that what you will!). And they said they would be releasing 3 singles from 'Loveboat' . I can't remember anything else. Andy and Vince looked like they were enjoying the chat.



New Single Release: *** ERASURE - FREEDOM *** All formats due out: October 9th

As previously announced, the first CD single of Freedom (CD MUTE 244) contains:

1. Freedom
2. Better
3. Freedom (Acoustic version)

The second CD of Freedom (LCD MUTE 244) contains:

1. Freedom - Motiv 8 Radio Mix
2. Freedom - JC's Freedom of Flight Remix
3. Freedom - MARK'S Guitar Vocal

'JC's Freedom Of Flight Remix' is by Jason Creasey, one of Vince's collaborators on the Family Fantastic album. 'MARK'S Guitar Vocal' mix is by Mark Picchiotti.

The 12" of Freedom (12 MUTE 244) contains:

a1. Freedom - Quake Vocal Remake
a2. Freedom - Untidy Dub
aa1. Freedom - MARK'S Jail Term Dub

The 'Untidy Dub' is by Paul Janes, and 'MARK'S Jail Term Dub' is again by Mark Picchiotti.

The vinyl edition of 'Loveboat' (STUMM 175) will include a free poster.


A short feature about the Loveboat Launch Party is available at: the Billboard site


Some new publicity photos of Erasure are now viewable at the EIS web site

You will need to have Javascript enabled to view them. Some excellent photos from the Irregular concert will be added shortly, (with many thanks to Susan O'Brien and Ian Stafford).

All info from Jonny EIS


12th of September

Erasure on National Lottery Show

Erasure will be appearing on the National Lottery Show on BBC1 on September 23rd.

News from the latest EIS Update

11th of September

Erasure article at Dotmusic

Dotmusic is probably the biggest UK music site on the web (I visit almost every day) and at last they have an article on Erasure!. They were lucky enough to be at the Loveboat launch party on Friday and there's a bit of an interview with Andy too (and some pics). Check it out here.


8th of September

Mute's Erasure Site

Mute's Erasure page has been updated to feature news of the 'Freedom' single


EIS Update

Another new Andy interview!

Andy's been very busy this week!. There's an interview at discussing the new album, what he's been up to in the last 3 years etc... I noticed he says here that they wrote the songs nearly 2 years ago, instead of nearly 3 years ago, like he said in the last couple of interviews. This would make more sense to me - I think Vince said in an interview that they wrote the songs January last year?. Some people have been a bit concerned that these songs were written just after Cowboy and are already "old". Not that that would matter, but I'm pretty sure they're not that old! :)

Erasure Licensees

News for people not in the UK now... All the following record companies will be releasing Loveboat in their respective countries. The ones marked with a * have also definitely confirmed that they will be releasing the single, Freedom (though ones not marked with a * may also end up releasing it too). As far as we know, they will all be following the UK release dates for the album and single (that's 9th of October for Freedom and 23rd for Loveboat).

Germany - Mute Germany * , Switzerland - Musikvertrieb * , France - Virgin Labels * , Belgium - PIAS * , Holland - PIAS * , Spain - Caroline * , Italy - Virgin Extra Labels * , Scandinavia - Playground * , Greece - Virgin * , Czechoslovakia - Mute Czechoslovakia , Slovenia - Dallas , Hungary - HMK , Portugal - Zona * , Israel - NMC * , Poland - Polstar , Australia - Mushroom * , SEA - Rock , South America - Sum , South Africa - Gresham * , Brazil - Sum

The licensees for Austria, Turkey and Japan are still to be confirmed. At the moment, no firm decision has been reached over Loveboat's release in the USA, though it is probably not going to be released there this year.

I'd be really interested to know how Freedom and Loveboat are received in all these countries. Specifically chart positions. If, when Freedom and Loveboat are released, you could email me with how the single and album are doing in your country, I will include it on the site. Maybe I could make up a chart with different countries' chart positions. If you'd like to help with that, remember to email me ( when they're released. I'd also be interested in hearing if Erasure visit your country to promote Loveboat and any interesting stories you might have. Thank you!.


7th of September

Andy Bell interview

There is a short interview with Andy at NME's website here.

Deo website

I visited the site earlier and noticed they'd updated their site to include a review of the 'Irregular' night (a very nice review of Erasure's acoustic set) and if you enter Deo's Mute site they have updated it to include some pictures of the evening (there's a couple of Erasure) and backstage pictures (one of Andy and the backing singers), plus a comment from Andy in the Feedback section. It also says in the webcast section that they'll be archiving some of the best bits of the 2 'Irregular' nights. Hopefully they'll be some Erasure included in there!.


September 6th

RainbowNetwork interview and competition

An interview with Andy is now available to read at RainbowNetwork Their competition to win tickets to the Loveboat Launch Party has now closed. But there is now a new competition to win an acoustic Loveboat promo CD, featuring 4 songs - Freedom, Alien, Where In The World and A Little Respect. They have 10 to give away!. Check out the Andy interview (plus another new picture!) and the compy here. Thanks to Simon Clarke.


EIS Update - September 6th


This is an v. nice E-postcard from the EIS to promote Erasure's Loveboat playback nights. Pass it on to your friends!

Mute Records are pleased to announce a series of regional playbacks for the forthcoming new album from Erasure, entitled Loveboat. This is an exclusive opportunity to hear Loveboat in its entirety, as well as other classic Erasure tracks. Oh, and there might be a few free drinks too!

All the events start at 7pm, and the schedule runs as follows:

Monday Sept 11th - GLASGOW King Tut's

Tuesday Sept 12th - MANCHESTER Mutz Nutz*

Wednesday Sept 13th - NOTTINGHAM RKO Media Bar

Thursday Sept 14th - LEEDS Cockpit*

Monday Sept 18th - BIRMINGHAM Medicine Bar

Tuesday Sept 19th - BRISTOL Cafe Blue

* In association with leading club Poptastic. These events will also include a special Erasure-themed club night after the playback.

The EIS have 25 pairs of tickets for each of the playback nights to give away. If you would like two tickets to one of the playback nights, simply email with the City of the playback night you would like to attend in the 'Subject Line' of your message. Please note that Vince and Andy will not be appearing in any capacity at any of the playback nights.


From today, people in the UK can listen to the new Erasure single Freedom by dialling: 0808 108 1450 calls are free!


A short article about Erasure's 'secret' appearance at Mute's Irregular night can be found at:

Thanks to Jonny EIS


EIS Update - 4th of September


I've already mentioned this, but here's a short excerpt from Jonny's update: "Vince and Andy certainly appeared to be quite taken aback by the warmth and enthusiasm of the reception they received. Accompanied by Nic Johnston, and with backing vocals from Valerie Chalmers and Emma Whittle."


Erasure's appearance on this ITV (UK TV channel) special (to be screened later this autumn) has now been confirmed. They will be performing an acoustic version of a well-known Motown hit. Details of the exact broadcast date will follow as soon as possible.


The promotion-only 'Advance 2000.3' CD contains the 'Radio Mix' of Erasure's new single 'Freedom', alongside tracks from Mute artists Goldfrapp, Add N To X, Echoboy and Recoil, amongst others. Although this CD was available for sale at the Irregular concert, there are no plans for it to be made commercially available through the Mute Bank or the EIS. The 'Radio Mix' of Freedom is essentially just an edit of the album/single version - it's six 'doo-wahs' shorter!

Thanks to Jonny EIS


2nd of September

Erasure acoustic set at the ICA

As you all know, last night Erasure played a short acoustic set at the ICA in London as part of Mute's 'Irregular' night. If you weren't able to attend (like me), the Irregular night was webcast live on the internet at The set lasted about 20 minutes - they played 4 acoustic songs - Freedom, Alien, Where In The World and A Little Respect. They all sounded excellent. You'd never guess that was their first live performance in nearly 3 years!. I hadn't listened to the tracks that have been leaked on the internet, apart from Freedom, which I heard for the first time on the deo site, so it's difficult to remember the new songs after just one listen, but I think Alien was the stand out track for me. I'm just really thrilled I had the opportunity to hear this acoustic set (via the web) - a band that sound this good live should play live a lot more often! :). There are some excellent pictures of the gig online now at Briony's site Loveboat competition

I received an email update from Virgin.Net and in the music section, there is also a competition to win one pair of tickets to attend the Launch Party. If you visit this site, it does give away where the Launch Party takes place. They also have other prizes including 5 copies of the acoustic Loveboat promo, Freedom singles and, what I think is the top prize, 5 sticks of Erasure Rock!!?. If you'd like to enter that compy, click here. I think you have to be in the UK to enter this compy, btw.


28th of August


Andy was interviewed today (28th of Aug) on Radio 2 by Steve Wright. A full transcript is available here. Unfortunately, not much of a mention about the new material. The program was about the 90s.

No 'Erasure night' at G.A.Y

Due to a change in Erasure's schedules, Andy will no longer be appearing at G.A.Y at London's Astoria on September the 30th. This means there will no longer be an 'Erasure Night'. Thanks to Jonny EIS for correcting me on that.



The Freedom video is the work of a previously unknown pop promo director called Vince Clarke. The director will not be appearing in the video, except perhaps in 2-dimensional form.


In addition to the above, various other plans are taking shape, with Erasure provisionally booked to appear on (all UK TV and radio shows by the way) - (TV) VH1 (Kate & Jono, Talk Music, 10 Of The Best + acoustic session), Top Of The Pops 3, GMTV (+ acoustic session), The Lily Savage Show, Motown Mania, Liquid News, TFI Friday and (Radio) Jonathon Ross and Nicky Campbell. All of these appearances are still very much subject to change however - more details will follow as they are confirmed.

They are also going to undertake a promotional tour of local radio TV and Radio stations, which are likely to include - Scotland Today (TV), S2 Live (TV), Radio Forth & Clyde, On The Town (TV), What's On (TV), Metro FM, TFM, Viking FM, Key 103, Red Rose FM, City FM, Hallan FM, Aire FM, Signal One, BRMB, The Wave, Red Dragon, GWR, Power FM, Southern FM, Fox FM, Mercury FM, Invicta FM. Again all of these appearances are subject to change - more details will follow as they are confirmed.

There are also plans for Erasure to make promotional visits to Hamburg, Copenhagen and Sweden during September / October.

From the week beginning Monday 11th September, there will be Erasure playback nights at various bars and venues up and down the country, with previews of the new album and special Erasure giveaways. The band themselves will not be appearing at these nights. The current schedule is likely to be:

Monday 11th September - Glasgow
Tuesday 12th September - Manchester
Wednesday 13th September - Leeds
Thursday 14th September - Nottingham
Monday 18th September - Birmingham
Tuesday 19th September - Bristol

Details of the venues and times will follow shortly as they are confirmed.


Apart from their appearance at Irregular it looks extremely unlikely that Erasure will be touring to promote Loveboat this year.

 Brand new publicity photo!

A brand new publicity photo of the band is now available at the EIS site!

News from latest EIS update


15th of August

New Release: *** ERASURE - LOVEBOAT *** Due out: October 23rd (date change)

1. Freedom

2. Where In The World

3. Crying In The Rain

4. Perchance To Dream

5. Alien

6. Mad As We Are

7. Here In My Heart

8. Love Is The Rage

9. Catch 22

10. Moon & The Sky

11. Surreal

All songs written by Clarke/Bell

Published by Musical Moments Ltd./Minotaur Music Ltd./Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.

Produced by Erasure and Flood

Recorded by Ebby Acquah at 37B and Son Ripoll

Additional engineering by Ben Hillier

Mixed by Rob Kirwan at Windmill Lane and The Instrument,

assisted by Ebby Acquah and Kieran Lynch

Mastered by Ray Staff at Whitfield St.

The album will be available on CD, Cassette, MiniDisc and Vinyl formats and is likely to be released in other European territories on the same date. Although Erasure remain signed to Maverick in the USA, it looks extremely unlikely that Maverick will release the album in the USA until next year at the very earliest.


New Release: *** ERASURE - FREEDOM *** Due out: October 9th (date change)

There will be two CDs and a 12". The first CD will contain:

1. Freedom
2. Better
3. Freedom (Acoustic version)

The tracklistings for the second CD and the 12" have not yet been finalised, but are likely to include mixes of Freedom by Motiv 8, Quake, Picchioti, Tidy Trax and Jason Creasey. The artwork for the single and album can be seen at the EIS site. A second single is provisionally planned for next year.

Promo postcards

There was a Loveboat postcard sent out to people on the Mute Bank mailing list. This postcard features a logo which was rejected by the band and also some incorrect release dates!. You can see a scan of the postcard here. EIS members will be receiving promotional postcards for the album and single in due course.

Erasure MiniDiscs

The release date for the Erasure Minidiscs (reissues of Pop! The First 20 Hits and The Innocents) has now been changed to September 18th.

Erasure Information Service

At the moment the EIS is undergoing substantial changes to its organisation. One result of these changes is that we will no longer be accepting new membership applications or membership renewals, because in future we intend to make membership completely free of charge. The EIS is planning to modernise the services it offers and is not going to close down. Those who are already members of the EIS do not need to renew their memberships (even if they are due to expire or have recently expired), and any outstanding subscriptions will be honoured. (Go and fill in the form on the EIS page if you aren't an EIS member or they don't already have your email address)

All info from the latest EIS Update


22nd of July

CDNow music update

This news is from CDnow's daily music update - some of you might already have seen it...

Erasure Preps Loveboat For Fall Release

"Electronic dance duo Erasure has decided on a title for its upcoming 10th full-length studio LP (9th actually -Jackie), Loveboat, and will see the album hit stores on Maverick Records in the fall. Songs that could end up on the album include "Alien," "Precious Time," "Freedom" (possible first single), "Perchance to Dream," "Where," "Catch 22, "Crying in the Rain," "Moon and the Sky," "Spanish," "Love is the Rage," and "Mad As We Are." Loveboat follows 1997's Cowboy, which represented a bit of a return to form for the duo, which experimented with more lush arrangements and grand orchestrations on 1995's Erasure."

Are Maverick getting a bit behind with this?. A Mute advance promo CD with the tracklisting has already been revealed on the internet! (not by Mute, but still...). If you were wondering, "Spanish" was a working title for "Here In My Heart" and "Precious Time" was a working title for "Surreal". Info from Jonny EIS.


20th of July

New release dates/album tracklisting

According to Jonny's Erasure Page, the release date for the new single Freedom is now scheduled for 25th of September (two weeks later than the last provisional date) and the album Loveboat is now scheduled for the 9th of October. The tracklisting and front and back album covers (obtained from an advance promo CD) for the new album has appeared on They are a German synthpop site and often have news before it is officially announced. If you can't read German (like me - I used the Altavista translator) the other info is that there are 3 Mute promo 12"s for the new single...catalogue numbers are: P12Mute244, PL12Mute244 and PXL12Mute244. So all you collectors will have to keep an eye out for those!.

The tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

1.Freedom, 2.Where In The World, 3.Crying In The Rain, 4.Perchance To Dream, 5.Alien, 6.Mad As We Are, 7.Here In My Heart, 8.Love Is The Rage, 9.Catch 22, 10.Moon And The Sky, 11.Surreal

More news to follow!


30th of June

Five tracks from the new album leaked on the internet

As you probably all know by now, 5 tracks from the forthcoming album 'Loveboat' have ended up on the web to download in Real Audio format. How this person's got hold of these tracks, I don't know, though they are the same titles that were leaked a couple of weeks ago on the ISayISayISay mailing list. These tracks have been illegally obtained and put on the web without the consent of Andy and Vince. The sound files are apparently in very poor sound quality and so, won't do the songs justice. So if you are going to listen to them please don't judge the album on these files. Also, most of the song titles are not accurate (apart from Freedom). They are only 'working titles'. I know it's really tempting to go and listen to these songs and it seems like most fans on the internet already have. Why haven't I?. Read this message I posted on the bulletin board earlier. The site isn't working any more, so we'll all have to wait until the album is released now!.

New Clarke and Ware Experiment album?

According to Lexicon magazine, The Clarke And Ware Experiment are to release a 2 x CD ambient instrumental album called 'Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle' soon.... Don't know how accurate that is or how long 'soon' is. There'll probably be more news soon (er, whenever that is).


2nd of June

New Erasure Mailing List

Jonny EIS has set up an email mailing list for Erasure fans to chat about the band's music and Vince and Andy's careers called 'ISayISayISay'. The mailing list is moderated (ie: all messages are checked before being sent to the list to avoid any abusive/insulting etc.. messages getting through). The list is open to all Erasure fans, and is not exclusive to current EIS members. Join here, or send an email to You don't need to write anything in the message.


24th of May

Erasure album news

According to Jonny EIS' page, Vince hopes to record some Pretentious-style B-sides with Andy. For a bit more news on the album, visit Jonny's Erasure page.
And contrary to some rumours you might have heard, unfortunately Erasure have no plans to tour this year.

Private Ear

The next issue of the EIS newsletter will be out shortly; as you might imagine, whilst Erasure have been recording there hasn't been that much news to report on, so Jonny is waiting until there's something exciting to announce.

EIS Web Page

Jonny is currently working on a new-and-improved version of the EIS's web pages, and would be interested to hear any suggestions for content that you may have.

Erasure tribute album

There's a new Erasure tribute album, titled 'Under The Covers', available from Twelfth Of Never Productions. For tracklisting and ordering information, visit the Twelfth Of Never site.

Most of this news is from the latest EIS update.


20th of April


Erasure were on TOTP2 in the UK on the 19th of April on BBC2. The old Top Of the Pops appearance they showed was Take A Chance On Me, complete with Andy dressed as a bride groom with a bit too much black eyeliner!, and Vince dressed as... the bride(!) in a lovely wedding dress of course! - "Steve Wright presents the fast-moving music show mixing today's hits with classic performances from the `Top of the Pops' archives. Artists include the Cure, Peter Frampton, Erasure, Barbra Streisand, Lulu and Manic Street Preachers"

Erasure box sets

The Mute Bank now have a *very limited amount* of the two Erasure singles box sets (EBX1 and EBX2) back in stock. (For tracklisting information, please see the bottom of this page). If you haven't ordered them already, this is your last chance before they sell out!. Please visit the Mute Bank

Info from Jonny EIS



This album was released April the 4th in the US on Cleopatra Records. No news of a release date anywhere else in the world at the moment, though it can be ordered from CDNow at this address There are also some sound clips available too. To see a picture of the inlay card click here (Check out Vince's garb!).

Catalogue number CLP 0769-2

1: Get Up
2: Treat Yourself
3: Funky Feet
4: Spread Your Love
5: Hey Nu Nu
6: Halfway To Heaven
7: One Love, One Life
8: Better Days
9: Soy La Reina
10: Doin' This Thing
+ bonus tracks
11: Hey Nu Nu (Trance)
12: Get Up (Bleep)
13: Better Days (Acoustic)

Family Fantastic

The album consists of out-an-out pop songs written and recorded in a pastiche late 70's disco style, but with a modern twist. "...Nice!" was co-written and co produced by *Vince Clarke* with Phil Creswick and Jason Creasey. Vocalists include Val and Emma (from Erasure's Innocents and Wild! tours) and brief contributions from several famous pop personalities. A video has been recorded for 'Get Up', filmed in Vince's lounge.

A full article on this album will appear in Private Ear issue 31, along with interviews with Vince Clarke and Phil Creswick.

Cleopatra will be releasing the album in the USA; it looks likely it will be available in the rest of non-UK Europe on another label, and may also be available for download on the internet. A web site for Family Fantastic is in preparation.

For more information check out Cleopatra's web site - and there is also a press release available here

Check out the e-lectric site for a scan of the promo CD (click on the Vince Clarke link).

Info from the latest EIS update


The Clarke And Ware Experiment album - Pretentious, will be released in the US by Mute on the 18th of April (read further down this page for more info).


News updated 25th of March

Another Allstar daily news update from CDNow:

Tori Amos, Cindy Wilson Get Funky On Family Fantastic Album

Tori Amos, Cindy Wilson (the B-52's), and Reeves Gabrels are among the guests on the disco/funk outfit Family Fantastic's Cleopatra Records debut, Nice! The album, produced, written, and arranged by Erasure's Vince Clarke (co-written and co-produced by Vince with Phil Creswick and Jason Creasey - Jackie) is due April 4. Don't be misled, however, as the contributions are minimal. Both Amos and Wilson's contribution are mere snippets, both less than one sentence each.

Family Fantastic is hosting a record release party for Nice! at Bang in New York City on April 4th. At the party, fans will be given digital video cameras, the footage from which will be used to film the video for the band's debut single, "Funky Feet." -- Kevin Raub

21st of March

An Evening With Erasure

The EIS members-only CD, 'An Evening With Erasure' has now *sold out*. All outstanding orders (including those with new memberships) will receive the CD, but they won't be taking any new orders. The CD has been available for a good 18 months now, so hopefully everyone who could have possibly wanted a copy will have bought one by now. The CD will not be re-released in any way, shape or form, and, if the previous EIS CD 'Buried Treasure' is anything to go by, could become something of a collector's item.


I received this from CDnow's Allstar daily news update:

Erasure Preps New Studio Album; Clarke Produces Family Fantastic

Erasure are currently working on the follow-up to 1997's Cowboy in songwriter/programmer (co-songwriter - J) Vince Clarke's London studio. The as-yet-untitled effort is tentatively set for a summer release on Maverick Records. Meanwhile, Clarke has produced (co-produced- J) Family Fantastic's Cleopatra Records debut, Nice!, set for release on April 4. The album features several special guests, which will form the basis for a contest sponsored by Cleopatra where fans can guess what artists are featured on each track and win loads of cool prizes. The album's first single, "Funky Feet," should hit a club near you soon. -- Kevin Raub


On New Year's Eve between 8pm - midnight, Vince had a live show on the internet from his shed in his back garden!. Unfortunately the website is not working anymore. A website featuring all the shed show films is located here. Some of the films feature Vince or pieces of music composed by Vince ('Memories' is the only one I can hear a Vince instrumental on).


CD: The Fall Of The House Of Usher - Peter Hammill - FIE9121

Originally released in 1991, this opera has now been re-worked and reissued on Fie! Records. Much of the instrumental backing has been re-recorded and greatly improved, using guitars instead of synthesizers. The vocalists remains the same, however, consisting of Peter Hamill (the composer of the opera), Lene Lovich, Sarah-Jane Morris, Herbert Gronemeyer and our very own ***Andy Bell***.

For more details on this new CD, visit

The original release (on Some Bizzare, previously available from EIS but now deleted) was featured / reviewed in issue 10 of Private Ear:

"...a superb production and, though you may be unsure of buying something

so unlike Erasure, this album is a fine place to start broadening

anyone's musical taste." Len Burnette 2302

Q: When was your part recorded, and where?

Andy: "It was recorded in Peter's own studio in Bath, WAY BACK, just

before the Wild! tour."

Q: Is there anything else you can tell us about the collaboration?

Andy: "Usher was the result of twelve years of work for Peter. He was

once in a group called Van der Graaf Generator and still has a healthy

fan base. Usher is from a work by Edgar Allen Poe..."

The CD should be available from most major record stores and online mail order companies, but if there is sufficient interest we may also try to make copies available through the EIS.

Info from Jonny EIS


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